Black Alliance For Peace Calls On Public To Demand That All Elected Officials Address Issues Of War, Militarism And U.S. Intervention

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The Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) believes that along with the issue of climate change, the interlocking issues of war, militarism and normalized, illegal U.S. interventionism represent the main existential threats to global humanity. However, both mainstream elite political parties and the corporate media continue to minimize the impacts of morally indefensible and lawless interventions by the U.S. state, as well as the militarization of police forces nationwide and the obscene theft of public resources in the form of the Pentagon’s annual budget.

During the series of Democrat party “debates,” a mere 22 minutes were devoted to these issues under the rubric of foreign policy.

To address this dereliction of public responsibility, BAP is launching a petition campaign and candidate pledge process to demand that these issues receive the critical attention they deserve.  Going straight to the public, BAP is asking that the public demand that their representatives and all candidates for office address these issues by adopting a set of demands that we  believe represents a commitment to a “people(s)-centered human right framework.”


The BAP petition is calling on the public and all endorsing and participating organizations to demand that every candidate running for elected office, at every level of government,  sign our candidate pledge form that commits them to:  

Support efforts to cut the military budget by 50% as a first step in reducing military spending, and reallocate government expenditures to fully fund social programs to realize individual and collective human rights in the areas of housing, education, healthcare, green jobs and public transportation;

Oppose the militarization of the police and specifically the Department of Defense 1033 program that transfers millions of dollars’ worth of military equipment to local police forces;

Promote the closure of the more than 800 U.S. foreign military bases and the ending of U.S. participation in the white supremacist NATO military structure;

Call for and work to close the U.S. African Command (AFRICOM) and the withdrawal of all U.S. military personnel from Africa;

Demand that the Department of Justice document and investigate all instances of the use of lethal force by domestic police officers and agencies against non-white populations as demanded by various United Nations human rights treaty monitoring bodies;

Commit to passing resolutions at every level of government that commit the U.S. to upholding international law and the United Nations Charter, and to opposing all military, economic (including sanctions and blockades that are acts of war) and political interventions in the internal affairs of sovereign nations regardless of the political party controlling the office of the presidency; and

Sponsor legislation and/or resolutions at every level of government calling on the U.S. to support the United Nations resolution on the complete global abolishment of nuclear weapons passed by 122 nations in July 2017.

BAP believes that candidates who refuse to sign the pledge reveal to their would be constituents their complicity in upholding the U.S state as the premier interventionist of the global community, while also revealing their refusal to emancipate U.S. residents from militarized police states across the nation.


    Who runs the country? Wall St, The Pentagon, The White House, and the Judiciary. The schools back up anything they want, and teach kids to be aggressive and “kill” in video games, backed up by the corporations that want to raise children to become soldiers abroad and protect their profits. Nothing will be changed until the above is changed. The empire will be dismantled only by revolution.

  • il corvo

    BAP must look at what the DNC combined with MSN did to Tulsi Gabbard to understand that foreign policy will not be addressed in a specific policy driven way. Gabbard continues to be the voice for returning Vets plus alerting the public that our continued war efforts are driving us into a sever recession as well as murdering countless folks all over the world. And now we have the new Space Force which will bring war to outer spaces. We had a chance to support a peace candidate and we let the powers that be stop us in our tracks.


    Both of the above comments are correct. Nonetheless, the BAP proposals are excellent steps to take, in terms of what specific programs should be pursued. But in order to make them happen we’re going to have to fill the streets and jam the gears to where the power of the people can no longer be ignored. This is what Extinction Rebellion and several other groups are doing; each of us, if we possibly can, should join in these actions. It’s a damned shame that we have to inconvenience anyone but that’s the only option left to us by the powers that be (who should be fixing things but who are just making them worse); if we don’t, we’ll soon (terribly soon) see what real inconvenience is.

  • Jon

    She is far from giving up! She had achieved the 130,000 individual donations and had well over a dozen polls that showed her with the required 2% or more, but they were not the “selected” polls of the DNC, which may have indeed been manipulated.