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Black Lives Matter Activists March For Safety Of Women

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Weeks after a lawsuit was filed against Jared Williams, a Tacoma police officer, by 17 year old Monique Tillman, approximately 100 activists marched in protest of police violence. The “Black Girls Matter” rally and march was was attended by a spectrum of races and cultures. Security was provided by armed and unarmed members of the New Black Panthers. Family members of Jacqueline Salyers, a Puyallup Tribal member who was shot and killed by Tacoma Police in January were also in attendance, all seeking justice for family and community members. The march gathered at the Tacoma Police Department Headquarters and marched to the Tacoma Mall, approximately 1 mile away. The activists marched around the mall and to the parking lot where Monique Tillman was recorded on surveillance video being thrown by her hair to the ground and tasered by off-duty cop and security guard Jared Williams. The march ended back at the Tacoma Police Department Headquarters. Activists declared the march was to celebrate the life of young black girls in addition to protesting police brutality. Activists are also demanding that Jared Williams be fired from the Tacoma Police Department.

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