#BlackLivesMatter Convening Responds To State Of Emergency

| Resist!

As the movement continues to grow, the freedom fighters will meet in Cleveland for the first ever Movement for Black Lives Convening to create a collective mission through months of action.

The conference will take place from July 24-26 to “build a national community dedicated to permanently changing the country.”

“We have established a decentralized, but coordinated, movement that has already changed the discussion about racial justice and police violence; and now it is important that we gather, continue the discussion and build alignment,” Maurice Mitchell, organizer with the Movement for Black Lives, said in a press release “At the Convening we hope to see a collective vision emerge to build meaningful power and agency in the Black community.”

Not only is the conference an opportunity to address the ongoing state of emergency, it comes at a “time of concern for Black communities who are reminded of the impact of vigilante violence.”

“At the Movement for Black Lives Convening, we will share the organizing history of Cleveland and plans for direct actions to support our city,” said Malaya Davis, organizer with The Ohio Student Association, “We will also begin a conversation about other cities’ organizing efforts that will continue across the country and build lasting collaborations.”

#BlackLivesMatter participants have have taken to the streets and social media in protest to the ; marched in protests to the continued police murders of Black people and now they are demanding an end to racist policies.

“Open, and created by many voices, The Movement for Black Lives Convening will be a space to realize that promise fully on our terms as Black people. We invite all Black people invested in this movement to join the convening to shape our present and chart our future.”