Blacks Need An Anti-War Movement; Not Anti-Russia Hysteria

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Black Agenda Report Radio:

The Democrats seem to have an objective interest in having us focus on Donald Trump, the person, as opposed to this system, itself,” said Ajamu Baraka, the former Green Party vice presidential candidate, a founder of the U.S. Human Rights Network, and an editor and columnist for Black Agenda Report. In this environment, anti-war views are regarded as suspect. “I’m involved in building a Black Alliance for Peace, to try to revive the Black anti-war movement — the Black anti-war consciousness,” he said. “We think we have a perfect opportunity, now that people are waking up out of this eight-year stupor, to bring the Black community back to where we used to be, as the most consistent anti-war population in this country. But, it’s difficult to do this when our people are getting caught up in this anti-Russian hysteria, too,” said Baraka.

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  • il corvo

    Listening to this insightful interview with Ajamu Baraka by Glenn Ford I was struck by this seemingly endless struggle between citizens of conscience and government. MLK said so many of the same things, about the Vietnam War, as Mr. Baraka is now saying. This struggle by citizens trying to gain justice from government seems to go back to the very beginning of this country. Why must citizens have to fight a government that is suppose to be serving them? Why must a government have to continually create paper dragons to deflect examination of government policies? How many citizens want an Imperialistic government fighting wars all over the world? Why are there two systems of justice, one for you and I and one for folks in power positions? Why is the distance between government and citizens so vast?

    My only conclusion is that government might start out with good intentions but ultimately government and the people running it become isolated, self serving and all powerful. This puts government at odds with the wishes of you and I. What then must change for peace to sweep through this country, this world? My answer, is that each of us must stop believing in this system of governance and begin to ask the question, what do we, the citizens, want as our collective mission statement? Should government be concerned with serving the elite money interests by taking away the voice of the people or should government be a loose framework where people can have the freedom to live peaceful, caring lives? The heads of state are the symptoms, the disease is the belief in this institution.