Bolivia Coup Led By Christian Fascist Paramilitary Leader And Millionaire – With Foreign Support

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Bolivian coup leader Luis Fernando Camacho is a far-right multi-millionaire who arose from fascist movements in the Santa Cruz region, where the US has encouraged separatism. He has courted support from Colombia, Brazil, and the Venezuelan opposition.

When Luis Fernando Camacho stormed into Bolivia’s abandoned presidential palace in the hours after President Evo Morales’s sudden November 10 resignation, he revealed to the world a side of the country that stood at stark odds with the plurinational spirit its deposed socialist and Indigenous leader had put forward.

With a Bible in one hand and a national flag in the other, Camacho bowed his head in prayer above the presidential seal, fulfilling his vow to purge his country’s Native heritage from government and “return God to the burned palace.”

“Pachamama will never return to the palace,” he said, referring to the Andean Mother Earth spirit. “Bolivia belongs to Christ.”

Luis Fernando Camacho Bolivia palacio dios
Far-right Bolivian opposition leader Luis Fernando Camacho in Bolivia’s presidential palace with a Bible, after the coup

Bolivia’s extreme right-wing opposition had overthrown leftist President Evo Morales that day, following demands by the country’s military leadership that he step down. 

Virtually unknown outside his country, where he had never won a democratic election, Camacho stepped into the void. He is a powerful multi-millionaire named in the Panama Papers, and an ultra-conservative Christian fundamentalist groomed by a fascist paramilitary notorious for its racist violence, with a base in Bolivia’s wealthy separatist region of Santa Cruz.

Camacho hails from a family of corporate elites who have long profited from Bolivia’s plentiful natural gas reserves. And his family lost part of its wealth when Morales nationalized the country’s resources, in order to fund his vast social programs — which cut poverty by 42 percent and extreme poverty by 60 percent.

In the lead-up to the coup, Camacho met with leaders from right-wing governments in the region to discuss their plans to destabilize Morales. Two months before the putsch, he tweeted gratitude: “Thank you Colombia! Thank you Venezuela!” he exclaimed, tipping his hat to Juan Guaido’s coup operation. He also recognized the far-right government of Jair Bolsonaro, declaring, “Thank you Brazil!”

Camacho had spent years leading an overtly fascist separatist organization called the Unión Juvenil Cruceñista. The Grayzone edited the following clips from a promotional historical documentary that the group posted on its own social media accounts:

The Grayzone@GrayzoneProject

The rich oligarch leader of Bolivia’s right-wing coup, Luis Fernando Camacho, was the leader of an explicitly fascist paramilitary group.

Here are some clips from a promotional historical documentary it published: 

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While Camacho and his far-right forces served as the muscle behind the coup, their political allies waited to reap the benefits.

The presidential candidate Bolivia’s opposition had fielded in the October election, Carlos Mesa, is a “pro-business” privatizer with extensive ties to Washington. US government cables published by WikiLeaks reveal that he regularly corresponded with American officials in their efforts to destabilize Morales.

Mesa is currently listed as an expert at the Inter-American Dialogue, a DC-based think tank funded by the US government’s soft-power arm USAID, various oil giants, and a host of multi-national corporations active in Latin America.

Evo Morales, a former farmer who rose to prominence in social movements before becoming the leader of the powerful grassroots political party Movement Toward Socialism (MAS), was Bolivia’s first Indigenous leader. Wildly popular in the country’s substantial Native and peasant communities, he won numerous elections and democratic referenda over a 13-year period, often in landslides.

On October 20, Morales won re-election by more than 600,000 votes, giving him just above the 10 percent margin needed to defeat opposition presidential candidate Mesa in the first round.

Experts who did a statistical analysis of Bolivia’s publicly available voting data found no evidence of irregularities or fraud. But the opposition claimed otherwise, and took to the streets in weeks of protests and riots.

The events that precipitated the resignation of Morales were indisputably violent. Right-wing opposition gangs attacked numerous elected politicians from the ruling leftist MAS party. They then ransacked the home of President Morales, while burning down the houses of several other top officials. The family members of some politicians were kidnapped and held hostage until they resigned. A female socialist mayor was publicly tortured by a mob.

Max Blumenthal


The squalid US-backed fanatics of the Bolivian right ransack the house of the country’s elected president, Evo Morales. And the havoc is just beginning. Let no one call them “pro-democracy.”

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Following the forced departure of Morales, coup leaders arrested the president and vice president of the government’s electoral body, and forced the organization’s other officials to resign. Camacho’s followers proceeded to burn Wiphala flags that symbolized the country’s Indigenous population and the plurinational vision of Morales.

The Organization of American States, a pro-US organization founded by Washington during the Cold War as an alliance of right-wing anti-communist countries in Latin America, helped rubber stamp the Bolivian coup. It called for new elections, claiming there were numerous irregularities in the October 20 vote, without citing any evidence. Then the OAS remained silent as Morales was overthrown by his military and his party’s officials were attacked and violently forced to resign.

The day after, the Donald Trump White House enthusiastically praised the coup, trumpeting it as a “significant moment for democracy,” and a “strong signal to the illegitimate regimes in Venezuela and Nicaragua.”

Emerging from the shadows to lead a violent far-right putsch

While Carlos Mesa timidly condemned the opposition’s violence, Camacho egged it on, ignoring calls for an international audit of the election and emphasizing his maximalist demand to purge all supporters of Morales from government. He was the true face of the opposition, concealed for months behind the moderate figure of Mesa.

A 40-year-old multi-millionaire businessman from the separatist stronghold of Santa Cruz, Camacho has never run for office. Like Venezuelan coup leader Juan Guaidó, whom more than 80 percent of Venezuelans had never heard of until the US government anointed him as supposed “president,” Camacho was an obscure figure until the coup attempt in Bolivia hit its stride.

He first created his Twitter account on May 27, 2019. For months, his tweets went ignored, generating no more than three or four retweets and likes. Before the election, Camacho did not have a Wikipedia article, and there were few media profiles on him in Spanish- or English-language media.

Camacho issued a call for a strike on July 9, posting videos on Twitter that got just over 20 views. The goal of the strike was to try to force the resignation of Bolivian government’s electoral organ the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE). In other words, Camacho was pressuring the government’s electoral authorities to step down more than three months before the presidential election.

It was not until after the election that Camacho was thrust into the limelight and transformed into a celebrity by corporate media conglomerates like the local right-wing network Unitel, Telemundo, and CNN en Español.

All of a sudden, Camacho’s tweets calling for Morales to resign were lighting up with thousands of retweets. The coup machinery had been activated.

Mainstream outlets like the New York Times and Reuters followed by anointing the unelected Camacho as the “leader” of Bolivia’s opposition. But even as he lapped up international attention, key portions of the far-right activist’s background were omitted. 

Left unmentioned were Camacho’s deep and well-established connections to Christian extremist paramilitaries notorious for racist violence and local business cartels, as well as the right-wing governments across the region.

It was in the fascist paramilitaries and separatist atmosphere of Santa Cruz where Camacho’s politics were formed, and where the ideological contours of the coup had been defined. 

UJC Union Juvenil Cruceñista Bolivia
Cadres from the Unión Juvenil Cruceñista (UJC), the Bolivian fascist youth group that Luis Fernando Camacho got his start in

Cadre of a Francoist-style fascist paramilitary

Luis Fernando Camacho was groomed by the Unión Juvenil Cruceñista, or Santa Cruz Youth Union (UJC), a fascist paramilitary organization that has been linked to assassination plots against Morales. The group is notorious for assaulting leftists, Indigenous peasants, and journalists, all while espousing a deeply racist, homophobic ideology.

Since Morales entered office in 2006, the UJC has campaigned to separate from a country its members believed had been overtaken by a Satanic Indigenous mass. 

The UJC is the Bolivian equivalent of Spain’s Falange, India’s Hindu supremacist RSS, and Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov battalion. Its symbol is a green cross that bears strong similarities to logos of fascist movements across the West.

And its members are known to launch into Nazi-style sieg heil salutes.

The Grayzone@GrayzoneProject

Here is another video posted by Bolivia’s fascist opposition Santa Cruz Youth Union.

Coup leader Luis Fernando Camacho @LuisFerCamachoV previously helped lead this sieg-heiling group.

These are the people who overthrew elected President Evo Morales. 

Embedded video

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Even the US embassy in Bolivia has described UJC members as “racist” and “militant,” noting that they “have frequently attacked pro-MAS/government people and installations.”

After journalist Benjamin Dangl visited with UJC members in 2007, he described them as the “brass knuckles” of the Santa Cruz separatist movement. “The Unión Juvenil has been known to beat and whip campesinos marching for gas nationalization, throw rocks at students organizing against autonomy, toss molotov cocktails at the state television station, and brutally assault members of the landless movement struggling against land monopolies,” Dangl wrote.

“When we have to defend our culture by force, we will,” a UJC leader told Dangl. “The defense of liberty is more important than life.”

Armed members of the Unión Juvenil Cruceñista
Armed members of the Unión Juvenil Cruceñista

Camacho was elected as vice president of the UJC in 2002, when he was just 23 years old. He left the organization two years later to build his family’s business empire and rise through the ranks of the Pro-Santa Cruz Committee. It was in that organization that he was taken under the wing of one of the separatist movement’s most powerful figures, a Bolivian-Croatian oligarch named Branko Marinkovic.

In August, Camacho tweeted a photo with his “great friend,” Marinkovic. This friendship was crucial to establishing the rightist activist’s credentials and forging the basis of the coup that would take form three months later.

Luis Fernando Camacho@LuisFerCamachoV

Hoy cumple años un gran líder cruceño y expresidente del Comité pro Santa Cruz pero todo un gran amigo, Branko Marinkovic, quien entregó todo, su libertad y su vida, por su pueblo.

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Camacho’s Croatian godfather and separatist powerbroker

Branko Marinkovic is a major landowner who ramped up his support for the right-wing opposition after some of his land was nationalized by the Evo Morales government. As chairman of the Pro-Santa Cruz Committee, he oversaw the operations of the main engine of separatism in Bolivia. 

In a 2008 letter to Marinkovic, the International Federation for Human Rights denounced the committee as an “actor and promoter of racism and violence in Bolivia.” 

The human rights group added that it “condemn[ed] the attitude and secessionist, unionist and racist discourses as well as the calls for military disobedience of which the Pro-Santa Cruz Civic Committee for is one of the main promoters.” 

In 2013, journalist Matt Kennard reported that the US government was working closely with the Pro-Santa Cruz Committee to encourage the balkanization of Bolivia and to undermine Morales. “What they [the US] put across was how they could strengthen channels of communication,” the vice president of the committee told Kennard. “The embassy said that they would help us in our communication work and they have a series of publications where they were putting forward their ideas.”

In a 2008 profile on Marinkovic, the New York Times acknowledged the extremist undercurrents of the Santa Cruz separatist movement the oligarch presided over. It described the area as “a bastion of openly xenophobic groups like the Bolivian Socialist Falange, whose hand-in-air salute draws inspiration from the fascist Falange of the former Spanish dictator Franco.”

The Bolivian Socialist Falange was a fascist group that provided safe haven to Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie during the Cold War. A former Gestapo torture expert, Barbie was repurposed by the CIA through its Operation Condor program to help exterminate communism across the continent. (Despite its antiquated name, like the German National Socialists, this far-right extremist group was violently anti-leftist, committed to killing socialists.)

The Bolivian Falange came into power in 1971 when its leader, Gen. Hugo Banzer Suarez, ousted the leftist government of Gen. Juan Jose Torres Gonzales. The government of Gonzales had infuriated business leaders by nationalizing industries and antagonized Washington by ousting the Peace Corps, which it viewed as an instrument of CIA penetration. The Nixon administration immediately welcomed Banzer with open arms and courted him as a key bulwark against the spread of socialism in the region. (An especially ironic 1973 dispatch appears on Wikileaks showing Secretary of State Henry Kissinger thanking Banzer for congratulating him on his Nobel Peace Prize).

The movement’s putschist legacy persevered during the Morales era through organizations like the UJC and figures such as Marinkovic and Camacho. 

The Times noted that Marinkovic also supported the activities of the UJC, describing the fascist group as “a quasi-independent arm of the committee led by Mr. Marinkovic.” A member of the UJC board told the US newspaper of record in an interview, “We will protect Branko with our own lives.”

Marinkovic has espoused the kind of Christian nationalist rhetoric familiar to the far-right organizations of Santa Cruz, calling, for instance, for a “crusade for the truth” and insisting that God is on his side.

The oligarch’s family hails from Croatia, where he has dual citizenship. Marinkovic has long been dogged by rumors that his family members were involved in the country’s powerful fascist Ustashe movement.

The Ustashe collaborated openly with Nazi German occupiers during World War Two. Their successors returned to power after Croatia declared independence from the former Yugoslavia – a former socialist country that was intentionally balkanized in a NATO war, much in the same way that Marinkovic hoped Bolivia would be.

German Fuhrer Adolph Hitler meets Ustashe founder Ante Pavelić in 1941

Marinkovic denies that his family was part of the Ustashe. He claimed in an interview with the New York Times that his father fought against the Nazis.

But even some of his sympathizers are skeptical. A Balkan analyst from the private intelligence firm Stratfor, which works closely with the US government and is popularly known as the “shadow CIA,” produced a rough background profile on Marinkovic, speculating, “Still don’t know his full story, but I would bet a lot of $$$ that this dude’s parents are 1st gen (his name is too Slavic) and that they were Ustashe (read: Nazi) sympathizers fleeing Tito’s Communists after WWI.”

The Stratfor analyst excerpted a 2006 article by journalist Christian Parenti, who had visited Marinkovic at his ranch in Santa Cruz. Evo Morales’ “land reform could lead to civil war,” Marinkovic warned Parenti in the Texas-accented English he picked up while studying at the University of Texas. 

Today, Marinkovic is an ardent supporter of Brazil’s far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro, whose only complaint about Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet was that he “didn’t kill enough.”

Marinkovic is also a public admirer of Venezuela’s far-right opposition. “Todos somos Leopoldo” — “we are all Leopoldo,” he tweeted in support of Leopoldo López, who has been involved in numerous coup attempts against Venezuela’s elected leftist government.

While Marinkovic denied any role in armed militant activity in his interview with Parenti, he was accused in 2008 of playing a central role in an attempt to assassinate Morales and his Movement Toward Socialism party allies. 

He told the New York Times less than two years before the plot developed, “If there is no legitimate international mediation in our crisis, there is going to be confrontation. And unfortunately, it is going to be bloody and painful for all Bolivians.” 

An assassination plot links Bolivia’s right to international fascists

In April 2009, a special unit of the Bolivian security services barged into a luxury hotel room and cut down three men who were said to be involved in a plot to kill Evo Morales. Two others remained on the loose. Four of the alleged conspirators had Hungarian or Croatian roots and ties to rightist politics in eastern Europe, while another was a right-wing Irishman, Michael Dwyer, who had only arrived in Santa Cruz six months before. 

Alleged assassination plotter Michael Dwyer with his weapons

The ringleader of the group was said to be a former leftist journalist named Eduardo Rosza-Flores who had turned to fascism and belonged to Opus Dei, the traditionalist Catholic cult that emerged under the dictatorship of Spain’s Francisco Franco. In fact, the codename Rosza-Flores assumed in the assassination plot was “Franco,” after the late Generalissimo. 

During the 1990s, Rosza fought on behalf of the Croatian First International Platoon, or the PIV, in the war to separate from Yugoslavia. A Croatian journalist told Time that the “PIV was a notorious group: 95% of them had criminal histories, many were part of Nazi and fascist groups, from Germany to Ireland.” 

By 2009, Rosza returned home to Bolivia to crusade on behalf of another separatist movement in Santa Cruz. And it was there that he was killed in a luxury hotel with no apparent source of income and a massive stockpile of guns. 

The government later released photos of Rosza and a co-conspirator posing with their weapons. Publication of emails between the ringleader and Istvan Belovai, a former Hungarian military intelligence officer who served as a double agent for the CIA, cemented the perception that Washington had a hand in the operation.

Rosza and Dwyer with their arms cache in Bolivia

Marinkovic was subsequently charged with providing $200,000 to the plotters. The Bolivian-Croatian oligarch initially fled to the United States, where he was given asylum, then relocated to Brazil, where he lives today. He denied any involvement in the plan to kill Morales.

As journalist Matt Kennard reported, there was another thread that tied the plot to the US: the alleged participation of an NGO leader named Hugo Achá Melgar.

“Rozsa didn’t come here by himself, they brought him,” the Bolivian government’s lead investigator told Kennard. “Hugo Achá Melgar brought him.”

The Human Rights Foundation destabilizes Bolivia

Achá was not just the head of any run-of-the-mill NGO. He had founded the Bolivian subsidiary of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), an international right-wing outfit that is known for hosting a “school for revolution” for activists seeking regime change in states targeted by the US government.  

HRF is run by Thor Halvorssen Jr., the son of the late Venezuelan oligarch and CIA asset Thor Halvorssen Hellum. The first cousin of the veteran Venezuelan coup plotter Leopoldo Lopez, Halvorssen was a former college Republican activist who crusaded against political correctness and other familiar right-wing hobgoblins.

After a brief career as a firebrand right-wing film producer, in which he oversaw a scandalous “anti-environmentalist” documentary financed by a mining corporation, Halvorssen rebranded as a promoter of liberalism and the enemy of global authoritarianism. He launched the HRF with grants from right-wing billionaires like Peter Thiel, conservative foundations, and NGOs including Amnesty International. The group has since been at the forefront of training activists for insurrectionary activity from Hong Kong to the Middle East to Latin America.

Though Achá was granted asylum in the US, the HRF has continued pushing regime change in Bolivia. As Wyatt Reed reported for The Grayzone, HRF “freedom fellow” Jhanisse Vaca Daza helped trigger the initial stage of the coup by blaming Morales for the Amazon fires that consumed parts of Bolivia in August, mobilizing international protests against him. 

At the time, Daza posed as an “environmental activist” and student of non-violence who articulated her concerns in moderate-seeming calls for more international aid to Bolivia. Through her NGO, Rios de Pie, she helped launch the #SOSBolivia hashtag, which signaled the imminent foreign-backed regime-change operation. 

Courting the regional right, prepping the coup 

While HRF’s Daza rallied protests outside Bolivian embassies in Europe and the US, Fernando Camacho remained behind the scenes, lobbying right-wing governments in the region to bless the coming coup.

In May, Camacho met with Colombia’s far-right President Ivan Duque. Camacho was helping to spearhead regional efforts at undermining the legitimacy of Evo Morales’ presidency at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, seeking to block his candidacy in the October election.

Camacho with Colombian President Ivan Duque in May

That same month, the rightist Bolivian agitator also met with Ernesto Araújo, the chancellor of Jair Bolsonaro’s ultra-conservative administration in Brazil. Through the meeting, Camacho successfully secured Bolsonaro’s backing for regime change in Bolivia.

This November 10, Araújo enthusiastically endorsed the ouster of Morales, declaring that “Brazil will support the democratic and constitutional transition” in the country.

Then in August, two months before Bolivia’s presidential election, Camacho held court with officials from Venezuela’s US-appointed coup regime. These included Gustavo Tarre, Guaido’s faux Venezuelan OAS ambassador, who formerly worked at the right-wing Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) think tank in Washington.

After the meeting, Camacho tweeted gratitude to the Venezuelan coup-mongers, as well as to Colombia and Brazil.

Luis Fernando Camacho@LuisFerCamachoV

No vamos a parar hasta tener una democracia real! Seguimos avanzando!

Vamos sumando apoyo… ahora lo hace Venezuela…Gracias a Dios.. hay esperanza!

Gracias Colombia!
Gracias Venezuela!
Gracias Brasil!

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Mesa and Camacho: a marriage of capitalist convenience

Back in Bolivia, Carlos Mesa occupied the spotlight as the opposition’s presidential candidate. 

His erudite image and centrist policy proposals put him in a seemingly alternate political universe from fire-breathing rightists like Camacho and Marinkovic. For them, he was a convenient front man and acceptable candidate who promised to defend their economic interests.

“It might be that he is not my favorite, but I’m going to vote for him, because I don’t want Evo,” Marinkovic told a right-wing Argentine newspaper five days before the election.

Indeed, it was Camacho’s practical financial interests that appeared to have necessitated his support for Mesa. 

The Camacho family has formed a natural gas cartel in Santa Cruz. As the Bolivian outlet Primera Linea reported, Luis Fernando Camacho’s father, Jose Luis, was the owner of a company called Sergas that distributed gas in the city; his uncle, Enrique, controlled Socre, the company that ran the local gas production facilities; and his cousin, Cristian, controls another local gas distributor called Controgas. 

According to Primera Linea, the Camacho family was using the Pro-Santa Cruz Committee as a political weapon to install Carlos Mesa into power and ensure the restoration of their business empire. 

Mesa has a well-documented history of advancing the goals of transnational companies at the expense of his own country’s population. The neoliberal politician and media personality served as vice president when the US-backed President Gonzalo “Goni” Sanchez de Lozada provoked mass protests with his 2003 plan to allow a consortium of multinational corporations to export the country’s natural gas to the US through a Chilean port. 

Bolivia’s US-trained security forces met the ferocious protests with brutal repression. After presiding over the killing of 70 unarmed protesters, Sanchez de Lozada fled to Miami and was succeeded by Mesa. 

By 2005, Mesa was also ousted by huge demonstrations spurred by his protection of privatized natural gas companies. With his demise, the election of Morales and the rise of the socialist and rural Indigenous movements behind him were just beyond the horizon.

US government cables released by WikiLeaks show that, after his ouster, Mesa continued regular correspondence with American officials. A 2008 memo from the US embassy in Bolivia revealed that Washington was conspiring with opposition politicians in the lead-up to the 2009 presidential election, hoping to undermine and ultimately unseat Morales.

The memo noted that Mesa had met with the chargé d’affaires of the US embassy, and had privately told them he planned to run for president. The cable recalled: “Mesa told us his party will be ideologically similar to a social democratic party and that he hoped to strengthen ties with the Democratic party. ‘We have nothing against the Republican party, and have in fact gotten support from IRI (International Republican Institute) in the past, but we think we share more ideology with the Democrats,’ he added.”

wikileaks bolivia carlos mesa

Today, Mesa serves as an in-house “expert” at the Inter-American Dialogue, a neoliberal Washington-based think tank focused on Latin America. One of the Dialogue’s top donors is the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the State Department subsidiary that was exposed in classified diplomatic cables published on Wikileaks for strategically directing millions of dollars to opposition groups including those “opposed to Evo Morales’ vision for indigenous communities.” 

Other top funders of the Dialogue include oil titans like Chevron and ExxonMobil; Bechtel, which inspired the initial protests against the administration in which Mesa served; the Inter-American Development Bank, which has forcefully opposed Morales’ socialist-oriented policies; and the Organization of American States (OAS), which helped delegitimize the Morales’s re-election victory with dubious claims of irregular vote counts.

Finishing the job

When Carlos Mesa touched off nationwide protests in October by accusing the Evo Morales government of committing electoral fraud, the right-wing firebrand hailed by his followers as “Macho Camacho” emerged from the shadows. Behind him was the hardcore separatist shock force that he led in Santa Cruz.  

Mesa faded into the distance as Camacho emerged as the authentic face of the coup, rallying his forces with the uncompromising rhetoric and fascist symbology that defined the Unión Juvenil Cruceñista paramilitary. 

As he declared victory over Morales, Camacho exhorted his followers to “finish the job, let’s get the elections going, let’s start judging the government criminals, let’s put them in jail.”

Back in Washington, meanwhile, the Trump administration released an official statement celebrating Bolivia’s coup, declaring that “Morales’s departure preserves democracy.”

  • Excellent reporting.

    Clearly the Bolivian army have just committed treason by launching a violent coup.

    the Donald Trump White House enthusiastically praised the coup, trumpeting it as a “significant moment for democracy,

    Trump as per usual hasn’t got a clue as to what actually constitutes a functioning Democracy – Instead the complete and utter moron congratulates the fascist on their violent coup.

    Bolivia was enjoying a healthy economy with an annual growth rate.

    Clearly and just like Libya – Socialism isn’t allowed to be successful and reach it’s full potential.

    Reminds me of corporate takeovers and asset stripping [on steroids]

    Unless Evo morales and his supporters are able to reverse this far right coup – extreme austerity will soon become the norm in Bolivia while state owned assets will be privatized.

  • subcomandante Felix

    If you want to know more of what kind of people got rid of the “dictator” and now rule over Bolivia see:”The Bolivian Coup What the Mainstream Media Don’t Tell You” by Francisco
    Dominguez, Morning Star.

    Bolivia’s oligarchy launched an orgy of racist and fascist violence to oust president Morales. Social media has been full of horrible images of racist violence against indigenous women and men, such as the case of the MAS Mayor of Vinto, in Cochabamba, Patricia Arce, who was detained by thugs who shaved her hair, doused her with red paint (the colour of the right wing in Bolivia), forced her to walk barefoot through the city, kneel down by and ask for forgiveness for supporting Morales’s government.

  • mmckinley

    Yes, brilliant reporting. Watch out, Max, this kind of reporting is exactly what prompted Trump to go after you for throwing bananas, which of course is the epitomy of treason. The reporting of truth, that is. Can’t have that. You are a priceless treasure, Max. You have our eternal gratitude and support.

  • chetdude

    ONE Excellent program on “public” radio is covering the Bolivian Coup as the coup it really is: The Takeaway…

  • milo

    Impossible to ignore the blatant racism Camacho and Trump hold in common. This is clearly a revolt of the white European element against sharing their fortunes with the poor brown indigenas. Racism and fascism always seem to go hand in hand. Only we light-skins are deserving of God’s grace. And we intend to enforce it with club-wielding gangs of thugs.

  • milo

    Democracy is easy to define. It’s when the right people win, and are able to put the hungry rabble back in their place.

    Socialism is when the rabble demand their rights to live as human beings.

  • mmckinley

    Yes. It’s nowhere so true as in Bolivia. But Venezuela, too, is a racist battle. And Ecuador. And Brazil. Never reported as such in the MSM. Except to mention once in a while that it’s the indigenous poor and descendants of slaves who are the troublemakers.

  • Even though the word is used often enough, a true democracy is not all that common but an illusion.

    Socialism requires an entirely different economic model than that of the present one dedicated to perpetual economic growth.

  • milo

    I agree. Socialism, not being predatory, aims to achieve a steady state. To create a sustainable ecosystem where it does not constantly need to expand to devour fresh resources.

    Neoliberal capitalism has a compulsive drive to expand until it has eaten its planet bare. And there are already many who anticipate that, and look forward to the conquest of other planets.

    They’ll be surprised when they get to Mars. They’ll find out that they ate and then discarded the best home they’ll ever have.

  • milo

    Centroamerica, home of the Fourteen Families, has traditionally been thought to be the worst of these old land-based oligarchies. The fourteen families, of course, are the ones who used to own the entire region, from Guatemala down to Nicaragua. The rest of the population was somewhere between being their sharecropping tenants and their slaves.

    It was a serf system, like old Russia. The word for it comes from the Romans, latifundismo.

  • Note that this coup in Bolivia showed that even though Bolivia re-elected a Socialist President with a clear majority of the votes [600K] in what was considered a fair election – what ultimately brought this people’s government down was the greed low morals of the high army command who after being paid $50K turned on Evo Morales.

    At the same time Morales should have been aware exactly which members of the Bolivian army had been to the school of the America’s – and what to expect – they never should have been allowed to remain in the positions they were in.

    As for mining the Moon -there are a couple of podcast covering that topic right now – overall I think its completely pointless how public funds are completely and utterly being wasted for the sole benefit of the financial elite – as always the seedy element of greed is lurking just around the corner and many a high flying public servant are really biding his or her time as a steppingstone up to the main event – to be catapulted into a lucrative corporate career – In the end there is no oversight and accountability of whoms interest are really being served while supposedly under oath with the implications of catering to corporate agenda.

    The recent batch of trade agreements appear to have faded away from the limelight – The point is that they have been introduced by stealth – In the end they were all about the merging of government and the corporate world – which is by its very definition fascism.

    Russia has been accused of many things for which no evidence was presented yet that was no deterrent to impose unjustified economic sanctions – European economy needlessly suffered and many export jobs were lost – [while the US benefited]

    Strangely enough and at the very same time – In a display of the utmost hypocrisy the US continued to import Russian made RD180 rocket engines for its militaristic space program – strangely while Russia was under no obligation to have continued the supply – anyone can figure out that the final product will only be turned against them in the end – or will they – are we all being played played?

    Since this was brought to their attention the importation of Russian rocket engines has ended.

    Going to Mars makes no sense to me at all – the resources and public funds required to make that happen is yet another clear indication how the needs of ordinary working class people simply do not matter, there are over 70 million refugees scattered around the world and they’re still wasting trillions on lie based wars for corporate profits while overthrowing peaceful Socialist governments and threatening the ICC for daring to investigate US warcrimes.

  • Well stated – it’s indeed all about attaining full spectrum control which can only be ended by ending US exceptionalism.

    The US keeps on borrowing money – the means to print money are privately owned thus while the US continues to borrow more and more it sinks deeper and deeper into debt – [have a look at debt clock] – No link – a number of my comments that include links have been lingering in moderation for the last 4 days while the oldest has been there for 6 effing months – yours was approved in under 24 I’m almost getting the impression that I’m not appreciated here and I know that it’s possible to simply whitelist someone’s account.

    The Fed has proven unable to pass an audit – there was 9 trillion missing.

    The defense forces are the largest employer in the US and the worlds biggest greenhouse gas polluter – infrastructure and social welfare projects are way beyond neglected – while there’s alway’s plenty to continue funding the war industry – As for failing to pass audits – The Pentagone [pun intended] has proven unable to account for an absolutely staggering 21 trillion.

    US public funds should never have been wasted on the truly astronomical scale that the US politicians have seen fit to approve over the last 20 years – out of that $21 Trillion dollars is unaccounted for by the Pentagone works out at $65000 for each and every US citizen using a population of 320 Million – And all that because of lie based wars while over 20 Million people are on food stamps and the financial elite have never had it this effing good and that’s why it this continues.

    The working class needs to embrace socialism as if their lives and that of their offspring depended on it, coz it does.

    However Socialism has a Social stigma attached to it and I ain’t referring to the Bernie Sanders type of fake Socialism.

  • milo

    You raise two issues, both of them interesting.

    First, why is it that when I post links they are approved and taken out of moderation within hours… while yours sit there in limbo indefinitely?

    I find that annoying. I have to assume your links are to informative web pages, and are not just ads for your weight-reducing pills. So you should gain approval in the same time I do. Meanwhile, reissue anything that’s being held up– without the links.

    The second issue– no less important– is, how come the military and the Fed seem to have no regard for the value of a dollar?

    Easy answer. Because both of them understand the dollar has no intrinsic value. For them there’s an infinite amount of theoretical dollars out there in the ether, just waiting to be created in the spending of them. All they have to do is grab them off the money tree, as needed. Then if they need to give someone some kind of accounting, they just make stuff up.

    Naturally their accounting is trillions of dollars off. But the same used to be true of Washington DC. The city used to not just spend money but actually give it away. There was a phone number you could dial if you needed “emergency funds”, I poop you not. And the outside accounting firm that was eventually called in to sniff around for graft reported back that DC’s books were “inauditable”.

    There’s also some degree of need for actual dollars, to use for operational purposes. That’s why our CIA runs an opium trade in the side. It’s where they get their untraceable dollars from, so they don’t have to be run through the books. Because you really do not want to have to submit a reimbursement form to GSA for ten million dollars, cash, paid to some sheikh or home styled “colonel”.

    Dollars spent on food assistance, OTOH… those dollars are very expensive and hard to find. Poor people spend way too much on food anyway. They should wean themselves from that indulgence, it’s just an ugly habit.

  • Within hours, wow they must really like you.

    From the last podcast I got the impression that KZ & MF had travelled to Palestine – at the same time both their accounts have not been active until very recently – so I hope that doesn’t mean they were delayed on their return to the US – that’s the important part – We live in seriously questionable times – I would expect that the Deep Sate would have organized a very serious search upon their return to the US – after all – they have just returned from occupied Palestine – From the aspect of the sadistical Deep Sate one can safely assume that their luggage would have been something of interest – It’s safer still to only bring carry on luggage

    I don’t know who does the moderation or posts the articles while they’re out and about – I’m confident that they’ve taken all security precautions such as carrying the minimum amount of electronic devices – so they would not have been able to moderate – then who did, since all links around here trigger moderation.

    The reason I did not include the video’s in my comment is because I knew they would trigger moderation, so I posted them on their own but intact since visually they are far more appealing than just a chopped up blur of numbers and letters

    Still pending 5 day’s ago – Link to video – Who’s behind the Bolivia coup? With Max Blumenthal, Aaron Maté, Ben Norton”

    Link to video – Urgent update on the coup in Bolivia from Anya Parampil.

    Link to Global research – Action/Solidarity alert !

    On the heels of a successful emergency demonstration held Monday, November 11th at cities throughout the US against Washington’s sponsored coup in Bolivia, a second larger event is scheduled for Saturday afternoon on November 16th to coincide with worldwide actions in support of Evo Morales rightful presidency.

    Unfortunately that day has come and gone and none here have been able to read my action alert.

  • milo

    It’s only going to get worse. This sudden worldwide swing into fascism parallels the swing back in the 1930s. As the world gets more crowded and more used up, people will only be getting more resentful of the millions of New Refugees fleeing disaster. They bring disease. They take our jobs. Paradoxically, they just come here to live off our welfare. And most insidiously, they dilute our Nordic culture.

    I can see this complaint, when it’s coming from the Hungarians. They only have this little patch of Europe to call their own. They want to keep it Hungarian– not Syrian, not Eritrean, not Afghan, not Libyan. Why not let them put up a wall?

    But for America the bountiful? This just shows bad character, that we’ve been fortunate enough to have more than everybody else on the planet… and aren’t willing to share any of it.

    You look for sharing people, look for those who have little. Back in my hitchhiking years I mostly just got black or Mexican rides. Or po-whites. The rich whites were afraid to stop, or just didn’t like the looks of me. Must be something wrong with him, if he doesn’t have his own car. Lock your door, Irma. He might try to get in.

  • I’m not and I hope we’re not resentful of people fleeing disasters into the West since I’m fully aware that they were created as a result of Western foreign policy.

    Hence – My acronym for ‘the West’ is Washington’s Economically Submissive Territories – It’s rather appropriate.

    If we should be alarmed about anyone taking our jobs then we might be well advise by focusing on the introduction of robots and robo debt collector cop and driverless vehicles and especially the latest batch of trade agreements which are no longer the topic of the day, yet with alarming recurrence I’m noticing how many things that were leaked have suddenly become the new normal.

    The 1930’s was the prelude to the second WW – the economy only started to improve when public funds were diverted towards the MIC and I hope you’re up to date to the rest of the story since the US was heavily involved in providing material support to the Nazi’s all the way to operation paperclip when Prescott Bush who was the Nazi’s banker helped Nazi’s war criminals escape to the US and helped set up what is now known as the CIA – RT On contact latest podcast is right on topic.

    The plot thickens when you include the Zionist frequently communicating with the Nazi’s during the 1930’s but also way way after that, the one thing they had in common was that they both wanted the Jew’s out of Europe…whether they liked it or not.

    Don’t ask where I got these text – If you know them you’d recognize them.

    …. Readers, too, will be surprised to learn, that after the Nuremberg Anti−Jewish Race Laws were enacted in Sept., 1935, that there were only two flags that were permitted to be displayed in all of Nazi Germany. One was Hitler’s favorite, the Swastika. The other was the blue and white banner of Zionism. The Zionists were also allowed to publish their own newspaper. The reasons for this Reich−sponsored favoritism was, according to the author: The Zionists and the Nazis had a common interest, making German Jews emigrate to Palestine

    virtually no Americans are today aware of the close Nazi-Zionist economic partnership of the 1930s that played a crucial role in the establishment of the State of Israel.
    there seems a good likelihood that the Jewish Holocaust of the Second World War is either substantially or almost entirely fraudulent.

    After Hitler had been named Chancellor in 1933, outraged Jews worldwide had quickly launched an economic boycott, hoping to bring Germany to its knees,

    between 1933 and 1939 over 60% of all the investment in Jewish Palestine came from Nazi Germany. [the Ha’avara Agreement]

    During the first, the second and now hopefully not again the third WW the grnd prize was always Mother Russia.

    My worst fear is that it will be used as a mass extinction with the working class as cannon fodder to prevent a nuclear wipeout.

    That was always the thing about fascism there is no room for the individual, it all for the corporate good.

    As for America the bountiful – the rest of the word would very happy the day the US stopped sharing what they have an abundance of, war and corrupt politicians and a military that’s afraid to disobey unlawful orders, after all they too are under oath to protect from enemy both foreign and from within.

  • milo

    This is a very serious misreading of history. You should widen your sources. There may very well have been discussions between Zionist leaders and the N*zi government about relocating Europe’s Jews back in the 1930s. I recall that Madagascar was suggested as a new home for them. But I assure you, the Holocaust most certainly happened. You need to read up on events in Germany between 1934 and 1941.

    Also unlikely that the US working class will be fed into the maw of the war machine. American kids coming home in caskets is the only thing that could turn the voting public against the Forever War, Post-Iraq and Afghanistan we’re using foreign proxy troops, using our weapons, our training & expertise and our satellite intel. As long as people aren’t seeing flag-draped caskets on the news, the war is just an abstraction… something that only happens to Other People. They will readily swallow the lie that these wars are necessary to keep them safe. So the profit flows going into the MIC and the National Security State will continue.

    Another subject you might want to research is Military Keynesianism (Wiki has a good introductory article on it). The military buildup necessitated by the US joining WWII di what none of the New Deal programs could do. It gave good paying jobs to every American who needed one.

    Then after the war was over, half of this industrial complex returned to peacetime production, cranking out Studebakers and Kelvinators for people to spend their money on. But only half the factories were needed to saturate consumer demand. So the other half continued to produce aircraft carriers and atom bombs.

    That’s the reason we can’t do without war. Peace would induce a terrible systems-wide depression. This country can;t afford to stop making weapons of war, they are vital to our continuing prosperity. It would never occur to any of those corporate and military heads for one moment to instead turn our productive powers over to providing low-cost healthcare and education to the developing nations of the world. That would make total economic sense, to replace all the useless & destructive war toys with things humanity needs for its well being…

    …but that just not the way these people think. So when desperate refugees from a Central America this country destroyed show up at our gates, we separate the mommies and their babies, put the babies in concrete prisons and send the mommies back home to places where there’s no law but gang rule.

    Yay Team America!

  • Talk about misreading history.

    Contrary to what you’re suggesting – No one here is in denial about the holocoast – It’s definitely misleading to suggest that I did.

    Nobody with a grasp of historical truth denies the Jewish experience in WW2 – However the Jews weren’t alone in that… Christian Poles, Gypsies… communist and dissenters and many others regarded as “inferior” were also murdered. It wasn’t an experience unique to European Jewry.

    Instead of suggesting that I need to read up on the second world war – I simply shared the results of my readings – my source is genuine and its accuracy has long ago been verified.

    That the US provided material support for the Nazi’s during the second WW is embarrassing – however – Its happened again by providing material support for terrorist operating in the ME.

    As for the MIC providing much needed well paid jobs – that’s the kind of logic employed by HRC who considers weapon exports and associated jobs far more important than the harm and destruction that those exports bring upon the world – and then she still has the audacity to suggest that the MIC could sue for loss of their own and imagined income – strange that isn’t it that the Neocons are pretending to be afraid of being sued by the MIC yet do not hesitate to commit one war crime after another.

    Times of peace are far more profitable for the working class, after all the best thing a soldier can hope to get out of war is to return home alive, and in one piece.

    Times of peace are far more profitable since public funds can be allocated to fund much needed infrastructure projects – instead of ending up in private hands.

  • milo

    Mea culpa. I misread this as being your comment, and not a quote:

    there seems a good likelihood that the Jewish Holocaust of the Second World War is either substantially or almost entirely fraudulent.

    I was too hurried, and trying to get out the door. You are correct in saying that the N*zis divided humanity into two camps. Those worthy of living and those not. To be chosen, of course, by select members of the Master Race.

    Technically speaking, it was not the US– as in “US government”– that was providing material support to the N*zis. It was trans national bankers on both sides of the Atlantic who conducted business as usual up to the initiation of hostilities. And even during the war, Swedish and Swiss entities profited from the war. That in fact was the reason their neutrality was respected. They were worth more as neutral brokers than as unwilling subjects.

    As for the MIC providing much needed well paid jobs – that’s the kind of logic employed by HRC who considers weapon exports and associated jobs far more important than the harm and destruction that those exports bring upon the world…

    Well of course. Duhh… I see you have been following the exploits of the Clinton Foundation, in putting weapons mfrs and weapons buyers together.

    Times of peace are far more profitable since public funds can be allocated to fund much needed infrastructure projects – instead of ending up in private hands.

    The question is… more profitable for whom? Humanity at large? Or those few who make things happen.

  • That triggered an alarm, if you’re somehow still in doubt that times of peace are far more profitable for the working class as opposed to those few who make things happen.

    The few who make things happen are war-criminals who have made a career out of organizing crimes against humanity…and getting away with this since the US claims to be exceptional, accountable to none but whomever controls her illogical foreign policy which thrives on killing people all over the planet with impunity and reckless abandon.

    None of this would have come to pass for the lying in response to 9=11 in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq [have you ever seen Cheney’s oil maps? even the Russians and the Chinese signed up way back in ’97]

    The way things turned out has already been attributed to none other than the Deep Sate and the entire supporting act that goes with it.

    The US is a military dictatorship with a revolving chair dance every now and then just to keep up the illusion that all is well when in fact the US has become everything that it claims to be fighting against.

  • After WWII began, the English became angry about U.S. shipments of strategic materials to Nazi Germany. So Standard changed the registration of their entire fleet to Panamanian to avoid British search or seizure. These ships continued to carry oil to the Nazis.

    Source – Global research – Secret History: The U.S. Supported and Inspired the Nazis – [Washington Blog]

  • milo

    Good article. The definitive work on the subject is by Edwin Black, in his IBM and the Holocaust.

    A few years back Sunday Morning did a puff piece on the history of IBM, and the subject of N*zi collaboration came up. Their spokesman dismissed it as an unfounded rumor, saying the company had no control over who bought their machines, or how they were used. But the fact is, the early punch card machines required a trained operator. So all the actual data processing surrounding the concentration camp and death camp population transfers across occupied Europe was actually performed by IBM employees. Without their technical assistance the operation could probably not have been managed.

    And as your article mentions, the numbers tattooed onto prisoners’ arms were IBM file numbers, to facilitate record keeping.

  • larrymotuz

    The West: Washington’s Economically Submissive Territories

    Love it! May I borrow it?

  • It’s the perfect acronym, why not (^^,)

  • larrymotuz

    Thanks, Southern.

    And that it is!

  • Kapricorn4

    IBM supplied their Hollerith tabulating machines to the National Socialists during WW2 so that people of Jewish descent could be tracked down. The Ford Motor company kept producing vehicles in Germany, although its profits were blocked until the end of WW2. Ford also successfully sued the US government for the allied bombing damage to its German factories.

  • Yes US companies profited from supplying the Nazi’s, it was far more profitable to be dropping bombs than dropping food to a cold and starving Europe.

    I have a suspicion that there’s far more to this than what has floated to the surface so far.

    By now everyone know’s that AH simply wasn’t a Socialist and I’m a tad disappointed that you dare suggested it – the Nazi’s and Zionist had quite a few things in common – The Zionist banner was the only other flag to be on display in Nazi Germany, and was recently on display on a electronic bill boards during the failed coup in Venezuela!

    Yes, how often did they not turn up in huge numbers, those supporters of the Red Flag, all previously instructed to smash up everything once and for all and put an end to these meetings. More often than not everything hung on a mere thread, and only the chairman’s ruthless determination and the rough handling by our ushers baffled our adversaries’ intentions. And indeed they had every reason for being irritated.

    The fact that we had chosen red as the colour for our posters sufficed to attract them to our meetings. The ordinary bourgeoisie were very shocked to see that, we had also chosen the symbolic red of Bolshevism and they regarded this as something ambiguously significant.

    The suspicion was whispered in German Nationalist circles that we also were merely another variety of Marxism, perhaps even Marxists suitably disguised, or better still, Socialists. The actual difference between Socialism and Marxism still remains a mystery to these people up to this day. The charge of Marxism was conclusively proved when it was discovered that at our meetings we deliberately substituted the words ‘Fellow-countrymen and Women’ for ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ and addressed each other as ‘Party Comrade’. We used to roar with laughter at these silly faint-hearted bourgeoisie and their efforts to puzzle out our origin, our intentions and our aims.

    We chose red for our posters after particular and careful deliberation, our intention being to irritate the Left, so as to arouse their attention and tempt them to come to our meetings – if only in order to break them up – so that in this way we got a chance of talking to the people.

    [Mein Kampf Chapter 7]


    What if the Zionist conspired with the Nazi’s simply in order to get rid of their own undesirables – both disliked the hard left – one reason could be because it played straight into the game plan of both the Nazi’s and the Zionist – Europeans who were following the Jewish religion had absolutely no desire to pack up go leave Europe.

    Here’s the thing – they had to be made to leave – and without the Holocoast – The creation of a Zionist homeland could never have been realized.

  • Natural_Texan

    I have a book here (somewhere) authored by Henry Ford in the 30s. In it he praises the Kaiser and lauds the emerging Nazi model.

  • Kapricorn4

    I am well aware that Henry Ford was anti Jewish. He disliked usury and the way that Jewish banks controlled the US economy by the issuance of a privatized debt based currency, that was authorized by Congress in 1913.

    “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company.

  • Kapricorn4

    AH was a fascist rather than a socialist, but his political party called itself National Socialist as part of the great deception to get elected. The label on the can does not always describe the contents. The US uses similar propaganda, when it calls itself a democracy.