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Bolivia: Massive Six Day March To Defend Democracy

Above photo:  From Twitter, Evo Morales.


Bolivia – On Monday, November 29, the massive “March for the Country” led by social movements and indigenous peoples will culminate in the capital, La Paz, for a large rally in defense of democracy. Just over a year ago, the Bolivian people overthrew a violent US-backed coup regime at the ballot box with the election of President Luis Arce. The Bolivian people have continued to fight off attempts by the US government to undermine their restored government.

To raise awareness of the attack on democracy and to show the great support for the current government within the country, tens of thousands of people have been marching for the past five days. The total length of the march is 180 kilometers. Here is a series of tweets that tell the story of the march from Kawsachun News and others who are there:


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