Bolivian Senate’s Leader Attacked By Police And Coup Supporters

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Above Photo: The new Military High Command, the commander in chief, Carlos Orellana Centellas; Pablo Arturo Guerra; Ivan Inchauste; Orlando Álvarez and Moisés Mejía Heredia, swear in the new position this Wednesday, at Palacio Quemado, in La Paz (Bolivia) | Photo: EFE

The Bolivian people are mobilizing to restore Evo Morales to the presidency and reverse the US-supported coup, but the police are responding with violence. They aided in preventing the Senate President, who is constitutionally next in-line to be the interim president, from entering the legislature. She is with the majority party, Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), the party of Evo Morales. A pro-coup mob assaulted her and kept her from entering the legislature to fulfill her constitutional responsibility. On Thursday at 4 pm the legislature meets and legislatures from Morales party, who control the legislature will move to block false interim president from taking power.

Evo Morales is blaming the US: “We condemn Trump’s decision to recognize the de facto, right-wing self-proclaimed government. After imposing Guaidó, he now proclaims Yañez. The coup d’état that provokes the deaths of my Bolivian brothers is a political and economic conspiracy coming from the United States.” The Grayzone reports that top Bolivian coup plotters were School of the Americas graduates who served as attachés in FBI police programs and were critical to the coup. They helped plot the coup and guaranteed its success.


This news feed is for activists who want to know about resistance to the US-backed coup in Bolivia. We will publish the stories and videos directly from the front lines in Bolivia that the corporate press doesn’t want you to know – both the successes and failures of the popular movements’ efforts to restore their indigenous-led democracy.  Most of the posts will be in Spanish. A good translation program is DeepL at

Be careful with pro-coup tweets. There seem to have been 4,000 new Twitter accounts set up to support the coup and publish false information. As Vijay Prashad reports in this Twitter feed, there seems to be a lot of confusion on the left about what is happening in Bolivia with many seeming leftists saying things that support the coup.


Meanwhile, thousands of Bolivians are still demonstrating against the coup, which was orchestrated by opposition leaders Luis Fernando Camacho and Carlos Mesa.

The legitimate President of the Senate, Adriana Salvatierra, was violently assaulted by the police as she was trying to enter the Senate on Wednesday in order to comply with the constitutional rule that automatically proclaims the head of the upper chamber the Interim President when the President steps down, after Evo Morales was forced to resign on Sunday.

In a press conference that followed the attack, Salvatierra told reporters that she was ready to open the parliament session and assume the presidency of the Plurinational State of Bolivia as mandated by law.

“After the attack, we can observe that we have no guarantee for us to fulfill our legislative mandate,” she said from her office at the Legislative Assembly in La Paz, as she suffers from minor injuries from the attack.

She recalled that ousted President Evo Morales’s instructions were very clear about avoiding violence and clashes between supporters and opponents of the socialist party.

She lamented the violence of the attack by security forces and condemned the radicalization growing across the country, after Morales’ resignation left a political vacuum that the conservative opposition was quick to fill.

On Tuesday, opposition Senator Jeanine Áñez declared herself president of Bolivia.

However, she made the move without meeting with the constitutional requirements, as the Parliament did not reach the legal quorum since the lawmakers of the Movement to Socialism (MAS), who represent the majority in Congress, could not attend the session due to a lack of guarantees for their security.