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Bolivian Unions Mobilize For President Luis Arce

Bolivia’s social movements have declared a state of emergency and permanent mobilization in support of President Luis Arce in response to riots in Santa Cruz by groups loyal to arrested coup leader, Luis Fernando Camacho. Social movements that made the declaration include the COB workers confederation, the campesino confederations (CSTUCB, Interculturales), and indigenous organizations (CONAMAQ, Bartolinas).

Executive Secretary of the COB, Juan Carlos Huarachi, held a press conference late last night after a meeting President Luis Arce, he said, “Today, all the social movements agree to declare ourselves in a state of emergency for everything that is happening in the department of Santa Cruz. It is also important to make the population aware of the report provided by the Interior Minister that details why the governor of Santa Cruz was arrested”.

Huarachi also stated that on Monday, the unions will announce the mobilizations in every region of the country, to support President Arce.

Since the arrest of coup Fernando Camacho, violent groups have been attacking public buildings in the city of Santa Cruz as revenge. Social movements say that the arrest was necessary and represents justice for the victims of the 2019 coup.

President Luis Arce also spoke at the press conference and announced additional mobilizations for January 22nd, to mark the anniversary of the Plurinational State, a product of the social struggles that introduced a new constitution in 2009.

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