Brazilian Military Curtails President Bolsonaro’s Power Over COVID19 Dispute

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Above: Bolsonaro with generals, from Brazil Wire.

Note: On April 4 there were reports that General Walter Braga Netto was now the “operational president” of Brazil, with President Jair Bolsonaro effectively stripped of his decision-making powers. Netto, an Army General, had been the chief of staff for Bolsonaro. He was put in power by the Armed Forces’ high command after Bolsonaro was isolated by his cabinet, governors and other political leaders over his response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Initial reports came from Argentine investigative journalist Horacio Verbitsky. A high-ranking official of the Brazilian Army told his Argentine counterpart that Bolsonaro is no longer involved in decision making. Verbitsky said, “There was a telephone communication from a high ranking Brazilian army official with one from Argentina, in which the Brazilian informed them that they had taken the decision to circumvent President Bolsonaro in all important decisions.” Bolsonaro is described as a “monarch without effective power.”

DefenseNet also reported that Netto is now the “Chief of Staff of the Planalto,” (the presidential palace) corroborating the Argentine journalist’s claims. They reported that on March 30, 2020, Netto opened the press conference in a new role in politics while continuing his position as Chief of Staff of the Army Command.

They let Bolsonaro keep his title but he no longer has any decision making power.  Keeping him in office avoids an uprising by the extreme right and low ranking members of the military who support him. There has not been a public announcement that General Netto is the “acting president” as there is no such position in the Brazilian Constitution.

Bolsonaro’s downfall was the result of his stance on COVID-19. Bolsonaro’s disapproval rating surged as he took a vocal stance against coronavirus containment measures. He compared COVID-19 to a “bit of sniffles” and criticized the “hysteria” around it. Polls showed his popularity dropping with only a 33 percent approval rating.  

Bolsonaro was in conflict with Health Minister Luiz Henrique Mandettar over COVID-19. The health minister’s approval surged from 21 percent to 76 percent as he stood by international recommendations for taking aggressive measures to contain the coronavirus. 

Bolsonaro held a meeting with all the ministers and they all sided with the health minister. Bolsonaro was isolated. He threatened to fire the health minister if he criticized Bolsonaro publicly. Bolsonaro minimized the virus but also said “Some will die. I’m sorry. That’s life.” Mandetta said: “Are we ready for the worst-case scenario, with army trucks transporting bodies through the streets? And cameras live streaming that on the internet?”

Leaders of multiple progressive parties called for his resignation. In an open letter signed by 16 legislators, governors, and former candidates, they described Bolsonaro as the biggest obstacle to sensible policy on the virus and said: “Bolsonaro is unable to continue to govern Brazil and face this crisis, which jeopardizes health and the economy.” They put forward a national emergency plan to contain COVID-19 and protect the economic security of the people.

Bolsonaro’s efforts to undermine regional governments’ efforts to enforce such shutdowns sparked a political rebellion by the governors of nearly all of Brazil’s 27 states. Governors were ignoring Bolsonaro’s orders on COVID-19.

International Business Times reported: “Bolsonaro has faced nightly protests for weeks in some of Brazil’s biggest cities for his handling of the coronavirus crisis. Confined residents bang pots and pans out their windows, shouting, “Get out, Bolsonaro!’”

This led to the military chiefs replacing Bolsonaro with General Netto and removing his decision-making authority. Bolsonaro is now only a figurehead with no power.

Members of the military held nine of the top 22 positions in Bolsonaro’s government. Bolsonaro appointed the 62-year old general as his chief of staff in February. Netto’s military career began in 1975. Among his roles were serving as the commander of the military intervention in Rio de Janeiro in 2018. In 2011, he was designated military attaché of the Army to the Brazilian Embassy in the United States, also accredited to Canada. On March 29, 2019, took office as Staff-Chief of the Army.

Bolsonaro has been neutralized but Military eyes 2022

“Bolsonaro made threats he couldn’t carry out about replacing the Health Minister and reopening commerce. Now he is isolated and everyone has turned on him, as General Villas Boas admits. He’s been reduced to impotence.” writes sociologist Emir Sader.

The new right wing strategy is a perversion of liberal democracy that relies on the media and the Judiciary. It is a coup cloaked in an institutional form that destroys democracy from the inside, and establishes another armored institutionality within, to prevent the left from returning to power. This name of this strategy is hybrid war.

In Brazil, the first act of this hybrid war was the coup against Dilma Rousseff, which took the form of an impeachment. There was no legal justification, but it was enacted with the complicity – the complicit silence – of the Judiciary. Democracy was broken as a means to take the PT out of the government and resume the neoliberal model. After four consecutive electoral defeats, Conservatives bet on the the shortcut of a coup.

The second act was the arrest and conviction of Lula without any proof, and the barring of his candidacy at a moment when he was expected to win the 2018 presidential election in the first round. The PT’s return to government through these elections was prevented by preventing Lula from running for office.

The third act was the monstrous operation over WhatsApp, which prevented Fernando Haddad from being elected president in a manner that was absolutely illegal according to Brazilian law. The right promoted Bolsonaro to the presidency in a shameful way.

Since Bolsonaro proved to be a good candidate for such an election, but a bad president, they had to solve the problem of governance. Bolsonaro has increasingly surrounded himself with both active and reserve military officers as key staff in his government. Many of them have found him incompetent, or have come into conflict with him.

The armed forces, instead of fulfilling its constitutional duty to guarantee national sovereignty,  transformed into an alternative power reserve for conservatives at a moment when their traditional political parties went into crisis. This also happened in 1964 and it lasted for more than two decades.

The military has participated in the Bolsonaro government since the beginning, occupying positions increasingly close to the presidency, and taking part in everything the government does, from its radicalization of the neoliberal model, to the privatization of public assets centered around the attacks against Petrobras. It waited for the government to weaken and surrounded Bolsonaro, initially putting limits on certain excesses and, finally, building an institutional siege.

There were those who spoke of Congress implementing a ‘white parliamentarism’, (a switch to a parliamentary system that would reign in presidential power) but what lies ahead is ‘olive green parliamentarism’. We now have a kind of prime minister in General Braga Netto, who has taken on the role of coordinator of all ministries and, especially, health policy, to prevent Bolsonaro from committing any more acts of madness.

The military coordination circling around Bolsonaro has already deflated his institutional importance. This group is already operating, as it did to prevent the firing of Health Minister Mandetta, and as it is doing to try to neutralize damage to relations with China, caused by the disastrous statements of Bolsonaro’s sons and ministers.

Bolsonaro made threats he couldn’t carry out about replacing the Health Minister and reopening commerce. Now he is isolated and everyone has turned on him, as General Villas Boas admits. He’s been reduced to impotence. It remains to be seen how he and his children will react.

The hybrid war now reaches a new stage – that of the government armoring itself to prevent the PT from winning the 2022 presidential elections. This is the next goal.

But they do not play alone. There are other players on the field, with their own contradictions. The maintenance of the neoliberal model, even more so in the midst of an economy which will be in hard recession by the end of this year, will lead to mass popular mobilizations in defense of the interests of all – most importantly, jobs. The government will be tempted to harden further and engage in open repression against popular protests.

And the left will benefit from the strengthening of the State, the public sector, the public health system, universities, public research centers, and feelings of solidarity with the most deprived, to propose that the reconstruction of our society can only take place with the protagonism of the public sphere, strengthening not weakening democracy and popular participation.

It will be a period of great political and ideological disputes, which will define Brazil’s horizons for several decades. Redemocratization will come with the defeat of this militarized government and the restoration of truly democratic elections.

  • voza0db

    It’s going to be a good entertainment watching the Brasileiros being treated AGAIN like they were in the XX Century…

  • John R.

    Wonderful news ! Now if only the US would come to its senses and dump tRUMP who really blew it on Covid-19, then blamed everyone else for his blunder – typical of this idiot genius. But, this is very unlikely to happen. What is likely to happen is that his approval rating will go up — go figure ! You can’t fix stupid and we (the US) have lots of that.

  • John R.

    After reading about this here I could find no mention of it anywhere else on the Internet – not even from the Intercept (Glenn Greenwald lives in Brazil). ?????

  • 0040

    In South America tyrants come and go at the whim of the generals and ruling elites In North America the El presidente role is ceremonial making removal somewhat unnecessary.

  • 0040

    Bad to worse is hardly wonderful news ?

  • Stansfield Smith

    I don’t read anywhere that Bolsonario is not president.

  • kevinzeese

    We link to various sources in the Note at the beginning. Brazil Wire has a handful of articles.

    It seems like the strategy of those now in charge is not to publicize it. They do not want a pro-Bolsonaro backlash or anti-military backlsh so they are not saying “we are in charge.” People know it because countries have been called and told to ignore Bolsonaro as he is not in charge any longer, and it has been evident at press conferences, as we report in the note

    It will be interesting to see how this develops. The generals are not bragging that they gook over and they have left Bolsonaro with his title but he is treated as a figurehead. He is likely to fight back so this may not be over

  • 0040

    I don’t read anywhere that Justin Trudeau is not longer Canada’s PM either , but clearly he is not ? Chrystia Freeland an American stooge is now clearly in charge.

  • Debra Legorreta

    Finally the grown ups dispensed with Falsonaro.

  • 0040

    I similar thing has been going in America since Trump was appointed POTUS, I’m far more concerned about how that is going to turn out based on what happened to JFK and Nixon during my lifetime.

  • 0040

    Generals as grown ups ! Naivety thy name is Debra…

  • kevinzeese

    It seems there was a widespread revolt against Bolsonaro over his mishandling of COVID-19 — governors, national politicians, people, generals and the courts.

    The generals being in charge may not be a good thing. As the article below the note talks about their plans to prevent a progressive government from taking power.

    An unconstitutional takeover is not a good thing. He should have been forced to resign and an election scheduled.

    By making no pronouncements and not taking away his title of president, they can stay in power until the next election.

  • Although I’m not a fan of the military taking over for an elected leader, sometimes it is necessary- and enviable. Oh that we could do this with Trump. No, we’re too democratic for that, the will of the people be damned!

  • Kevin, an odd pairing, JFK and Nixon. What do you mean?

  • Nylene13

    What about what happened to Bernie here?

    How come Bernie won in Nevada and it went downhill from there?
    I no longer have any faith that our elections are not rigged by the rich.

    Trump or Biden?

    Why bother?

  • Nylene13

    Why does Popular Resistance not publicize what happened to Bernie?

  • John R.

    Do we have enough grown-ups to do that too ?

  • John R.

    Perhaps each of us can figure that out for ourselves about how and why Bernie went down. We all saw and heard the same tired DNC shit show and now we get Joe.

    From my POV, Bernie was the only one talking about the need to change the status quo that is not working for the majority of the people or the planet. So the MSM and all of the former D-candidates got behind the idea that Bernie was a threat to life as we know it and all decided at the same time / same day too, that he had to go. Gone -bye bye Bernie.

    Now we’ve got a demented candidate that spent his career serving his masters / our corporate overlords – same as it ever was.

    As a result, I hate the DNC even MORE than I did before this selection fiasco. I also know that when they lose to the orange baby it will be my fault once again because I did not support the spineless Democrats.

  • chetdude

    “How come Bernie won in Nevada and it went downhill from there?”

    In a word — Elizabeth Warren.

    If she had NOT been in the race with her theft of Bernie’s Agenda and dilution of the Progressive vote with the poison of “identity politics”, Bernie would have had a commanding lead in the polling from the very beginning – even against that gaggle of corporate-fluff that the DNC allowed the race to be filled with and would have swamped Biden and the rest in the primaries so far — with the possible exception of a few of the states of the Confederacy that will never vote Democrat anyway.

    Ah, my friend, when did you have any “faith that our elections are not rigged by the rich”? I was hoping (ah, there’s that word again) that Bernie’s unique fund-raising strategy and popularity would overcome the normal campaign bribery (as Trump did in 2016 – faux-populist defeats status-quo corporatist using 1/2 the money)…but then Black Monday, March 2, the day before “Super Tuesday”, when the DNC sprung their trap — implemented the March Surprise and Warren remained “in the race” and silent, I knew we’d probably been outflanked again.

  • chetdude

    You don’t really mean that you would like to see right-wing generals overthrowing Trump and the civilian control of the government in USAmerica, do you?

  • chetdude

    Ironically, Donald Trump, the stopped clock was 100% accurate about the major factor in blocking Bernie.

    Search “Trump Tells Truth About Bernie Dropping That Democrats Won’t”

  • John R.

    Thanks for shedding light on this Kevin – we’ll be watching this story moving forward.

    Thank you for this fabulous web-site and for now carrying Chris Hedges, Lee Camp and others from TD.

    I will make a donation to PR today and urge others over from TD to do the same.

  • kevinzeese

    We tend to stay away from electoral politics, but we will be publishing about the Sanders campaign. The defeat of the campaign by a coordinated attack by the DNC, Obama and Clinton sujpporters and corporate Democrats is an important lesson on the limits of electoral politics in our mirage democracy.

  • John R.

    Nice to see you here sk. I really appreciate your contributions.

  • Nylene13

    And who owns the DNC?

    What is the point of voting?

    Clearly the rich get their pick of whatever two they want to run against each other.

    Trump VS Biden is no choice at all.

    Or is Hillary going to step in over Biden?
    It does not matter.

    I remember an old protest sign from the 60’s-


  • Nylene13

    Thank you.

  • Nylene13

    Everyone should watch that.

    If Bernie feels he can’t win, then why not quit the Democrats and go back to being an Independent or join a Socialist Party?
    I don’t see what he thinks trying to “influence” the Democrats at the convention will do.

    The best thing Bernie can do now is work to build a strong Progressive/Socialist/ Environmental 3rd Party.

    At this point, Bernie is just sleeping with the enemy.

    I won’t be going to the next Nevada Dem. Convention.

    I quit.

  • Nylene13

    Watch Chetdude’s linked video above.

  • 0040

    JFK was assassinated and Nixon scapegoated and driven out of town with all of Americas crimes at the time including JFKs murder on his donkey.

  • No, certainly not the military . The people creating change yes.

  • s k
  • 👍👍👍 This is the best news I’ve heard this YEAR! Good for the Brazilians! 😊🌞

    Jail that Bolsonaro Bastard!

  • WE are left without any choice but the Green Party. Bernie got ROLLED by the neoliberal, fascist enabling bastards in the DNC. They prefer a Trump win to a Bernie win, period. Sanders is history. He did not have the guts to make clear how SIMILAR Biden is to Trump. Therefore, Sanders is NEVER to be trusted again, for ANY REASON.

    The Green Party is the ONLY Progressive Party there is in the USA. VOTE GREEN PARTY!

  • Well said. ANYONE who calls themselves a “Democrat” now is nothing but fascist enabling scum not worthy of any respect whatsoever.

    The DNC ROLLED Bernie, PERIOD. I am DONE with ANYTHING from the “Democratic” Party TRUMP ENABLERS who forced Bernie out for Biden, who is Trump’s FALL GUY. Biden is nothing but a Fascism ENABLING NEOLIBERAL CON ARTIST, JUST LIKE TRUMP!

    We Bernie supporters will NOT accept some craven urging by Bernie to back Biden simply BECAUSE we supported Bernie based on ISSUES, not on some stupid “identity” politics. That is why Biden is Lying his ASS OFF NOW with disingenuous happy talk about “what a great movement” Bernie “has”. We Bernie supporters KNOW that as soon as Biden became the candidate, ALL THOSE ISSUES ARE EFFECTIVELY DEAD. Anything Biden says to the contrary is a LIE. Biden is as much of liar for corporate hire as Obama, if not MORE SO. Biden is a DINO (i.e.🐘), like all those other bastards in the Corporate OWNED 😈 🎩 DLC! 😠

    The Green Party is the only Progressive Party in the USA now. Tell the 🐍 “Democratic” Neoliberal fascist enablers to POUND SAND! Vote Green Party!✨🗽🌞

  • Exactly right! After reading the above article describing the “hybrid” war in Brazil, I couldn’t help but conclude that hybrid war is what has been going on in the USA since at least 2000, when the Supreme (Fascist) Court handed the election to George Bush under the crooked color of law.

    Of course It was oligarchy bad before that, but it went fascist downhill FAST after that.

    “The new right wing strategy is a perversion of liberal democracy that relies on the media and the Judiciary. It is a coup cloaked in an institutional form that destroys democracy from the inside, and establishes another armored institutionality within, to prevent the left from returning to power. This name of this strategy is ihybrid war.”

  • Bernie won’t do it. He will bend over backwards to help is friend Biden. Bernie is done. It’s about who champions the right issues now. It is wishful thinking to believe that biden will give the manything but lip service.

  • Agreed. It seeems that right wing hybrid war they use in Brazil has been used against Sanders and all progressives here.

    “The new right wing strategy is a perversion of liberal democracy that relies on the media and the Judiciary. It is a coup cloaked in an institutional form that destroys democracy from the inside, and establishes another armored institutionality within, to prevent the left from returning to power. This name of this strategy is ihybrid war.”

    That’s how they kept Sanders locked out both in 2016 and just now. 😠

  • Southern

    This article has nothing to do with Sanders.

  • Nylene13

    I would like to see a list of The Issues that Biden and Trump agree on.

    I tried to find one on line..but interestingly all there were- were lists comparing Issues of Trump and Bernie and Bernie and Biden…not ONE comparing Trump and Biden could I find……

  • Nylene13

    There is no Green Party in Nevada. I think they all moved to CA or quit to support Bernie. Maybe one can start up again now….

  • Jimmy Dore is one of the most honest journalists we have these days, and his analysis is invaluable. And he doesn’t even consider himself a journalist.

    The saddest part of the video was the clip of Sanders from 25 years ago. I think Dore’s take on why Sanders is doing what he’s doing now is spot-on. Ralph Nader is still credited with handing the 2000 election to W., all evidence to the contrary disregarded–and there’s a lot of evidence, from thousands of registered Democrats in Florida jumping ship to vote for W., to Al Gore’s lacklustre campaign as a “mainstream” (i. e. conservative) Big Money-friendly, technocrat Dem that couldn’t even win him his own home state of Tennessee.

    The Democratic Party is the most effective progress and progressive-killing machine out there today–it killed Bernie Sanders.

  • Alice X

    As Lambert Strether would say: that’s a damn shame.

  • Nylene13

    I will never vote Democrat again. I may never vote again at all.

    Until we have a truly Progressive/Socialist/Environmental 3rd Party, what is the point?

    (I am waiting for Hillary to be Biden’s VP and then take over when Biden is too frail to continue) After all, she already owns the DNC.

  • You have got to be kidding me!


    Corporate welfare just now. CHECK
    Subsidies for Fossil Fuel Industry POLLUTERS CHECK
    FRACKING support CHECK
    New “chained” CPI (i.e gamed formula to UNDERCOUNT INFLATION) CHECK
    Endless foreign wars for MIC SWAG CHECK

    I can go ON, and ON and ON. Biden is a DINO. Trump is a FAKE “populist”. It’s the same God Damned THING!

    Please do your own research into Bidens horrendose oligarchy ass kissing record in the Senate. It is ALL THERE. Trump has simply been less subtle about his in-our-faces worship of the 1% prasites, that is all. In actual policies, they are nearly identical.

  • Nylene13

    I am looking for a list of The Issues and the comparison regarding Trump and Biden on Issues.

    I have not been able to find one-only lists of Issues comparing Trump and Bernie. Would you like to make up -or find a list of Issues comparing Trump to Biden ?


  • Nylene13

    There is no Green Party here in Nevada. I don’t see the point. We could not even get Bernie nominated as a DEMOCRAT.

  • Nylene13

    Thank you!

    Please continue with your list.

    Such lists may be the One Thing that will get people to listen.

  • Well then, I suggest you start one there now. There is a Green Party in Vermont. We know the score with Bernie. We are with him only to the point that he walks the talk. He ain’t doin’ that no more. And therefoh we ain’t with him no more. Like I said before, it is about issues, not leader worship.

  • Nylene13

    I don’t see the point. Seems it is time for Revolution, not small political groups that argue with each other.

    We couldn’t even get Bernie nominated.

    “When in the course of human events, it becomes Necessary….”
    Thomas Jefferson

  • chetdude

    Well, on the Federal political level again, the People Creating Change have been well and truly f*cked in the a** again…

  • chetdude

    I’ll be candid with you, the MAJOR (and main) reason I supported Bernie was that once upon a time in an interview or two he mentioned the REAL path to systemic change — organizing a massive, militant People’s Lobby to directly confront Congresscritters where they work and directly oppose the paid lobbyists from the Oligarchy and corporate America.

    I’m not looking for a savior, I’m looking for someone highly placed with a massive media platform who would HELP organize that People’s Lobby.

    Biden is not it…

  • chetdude

    🙂 Don’t Vote it only encourages them. I’d forgotten that one, thanks…

  • Collectivist

    “The best thing Bernie can do now is work to build a strong Progressive/Socialist/ Environmental 3rd Party.”


    If Sanders goes for the “We will incorporate some of Bernie’s ideas and proposals into the DP platform” garbage, again, he deserves what he WON’T get. The DNC has no intention of accepting ANY significant aspect of Bernie’s social democratic agenda. That’s how capitalist-controlled they are.

    Barring a total collapse of the economy – which, in this multifaceted crisis could possibly occur – The Party’s Over.

    Time for a new party.

  • I’m reposting this without the link (this web site flags links as “spam” for some reason). I wish they would white list me but I do what I can.

    Well, there are are some really people crushing policies that Biden supported over the last three decades that, though certainly a benefit to Trump and his 1% parasite pals, cannot be exclusively attributed to Trump.

    Biden’s corporate friendly, people screwing track record is all there in the Senate. Trump can pretend he didn’t actively help BUY politicians like Biden to do that, but it is a pretense, nothing more. However, Trump has the advantage that you cannot objectively and irrefutably “say” that Trump “specifically supported” all the SWAG GIVEAWAYS to the 1%, from legal tax loopholes to special bankruptcy favors to the money laundering fun and games the Congress aided and abetted, even though Trump was certainly part of the 1% crooks that DID “lobby” for all of that THEFT.

    I’m sure Trump smiled broadly when then Senator Biden shut the door to student bankruptcy protection. Yeah, they were BOTH on EXACTLY THE SAME BANKSTER PLEASING PAGE, long before Biden became Obama’s VP.

    But, of course, what we have here is a contest of polished con artist liars, so both of them will claim they are “champions of the people” against the, uh, “DC swamp”. They will shout until they are hoarse that they have “always defended the will of the American People”…

    I was born in the dark, but it wasn’t last night.

    Remember that Trump gave most of his “political contributions” to the “Democratic” Party until Obama got there. The Clintons and Trumps were great pals and went to parties and weddings together. Maybe that is irrelevant to most casual observers, but Trump wasn’t sending money to “Democrats” out of the goodness of his heart.

    Nylene13, the important thing for all of us who see a bit of a problem with the Fascist Tyranny in the USA goes WAY BEYOND the Dictatorship Cruelty and Despotism thing, as bad as THAT is.

    It’s the Catastrophic climate Change that BOTH Biden and Trump will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to address, except to, maybe, fund bunkers for the 1% where they can watch the rest of us go the way of all flesh (they might call it something like Save the “Job Creators” Act). That is not hyperbole. Most of the funds coming out of government now go to the 1%, so I would not put it past them to “legalize” another in-our-faces outrage.

    These psychopaths really and honestly believe that they can beat this climate change thing with perception management (SEE; The Strength of the Will – a Fascist Fairy Tale those arrogant bastards believe in with all their might).

    They just cannot wrap their greedy heads around the concept that humans cannot industrially defecate where they eat without eventually going extinct. We can expect no rational actions from them for the purpose of preserving the biosphere out of sine qua non human species survival necessity.

    “For most of my adult life I’ve railed against “corporate capitalism”, “consumer capitalism” and “crony capitalism”. It took me a long time to see that the problem is not the adjective but the noun.” — George Monbiot

    “… the bad freedoms to exploit those around us and extract huge profits without regard to the common good, including what is done to the ecosystem and democratic institutions. These bad freedoms see corporations monopolize technologies and scientific advances to make huge profits, even when, as with the pharmaceutical industry, a monopoly means lives of those who cannot pay exorbitant prices are put in jeopardy. The good freedoms—freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, freedom of meeting, freedom of association, freedom to choose one’s job—are eventually snuffed out by the primacy of the bad freedoms.” — Chris Hedges

    The story of fossil fuel consumption growth is a story of technologies used, misused and moulded by the corporations that control them; of capitalist expansion, particularly after the second world war; and of government complicity — Simon Pirani

    “When we are swiftly shuttling ourselves down the path of irreversible climate cataclysm, the only unreasonable option is to double down on the status quo.”

    That ideological alignment between Biden and Trump is a death sentence for we-the-people in the USA, and possibly the entire human species. For that reason alone, no rational person can support either one or the Profit Over People and Planet Duopoly they serve.

    I’m going to repost now some quotes I posted less than year after Trump came to power. Notice what has nauseatingly come to pass, despite scientists shouting from the rooftops that it is suicidal to continue ‘business as usual’ (a term near and dear to both the “Democrats” and the Republicans):

    “Subsidizing fossil fuel companies in the face of rapid climate change is like spraying jet fuel on a burning home. To put out the fire, we must first stop making the problem worse,” Doukas continued. “Ignoring the problem just because fossil fuel industry mascots like Trump demand it is like agreeing to take the warning labels off of cigarettes because they offend Joe Camel. Our leaders must act now to stop burning our tax dollars and stop trashing the climate.”

    “To say that Fossil Fuel Industry 🦕🦖 😈 disinformation isn’t the whole story is to knock down a straw man: the fact remains that it is a major–and perhaps the most important–part of the story.”

    “Amid the din of grinding gears, midnight tweets, intrigue and White House infighting comes the sound of old wheels rolling backward, of laws and protections being rescinded and redacted, of a rapid retreat away from any pretense of concern for the environment, the elderly and the vulnerable, and toward even taller profits for a select few. They’re coming for our friends, family and neighbors, and they’re coming for the loot too. They want your money, and will have it if they can get it.” — Truthout, William Rivers Pitt, Columnist and Editor

    The above was predicted over three years ago. Today, April 4, 2020, we know it will only get worse, no matter which of the two Oligarchic TOOLS, Biden or Trump, wins the November 2020 election.

    We either get off this dead end track by silent, total 100% rejection of our Profit over People and Planet MORON FASCISTS, or we are all toast.

    Sure, if we break the back of the “Democratic” Party by moving massively to the Green Party, we may all die from Trump inaction on climate anyway after he wins in November in a landslide. But, moving massively to the Green Party is the only, not simply ethical, but also rational, choice we have before us at this time.

    If we swallow the Bernie pro-Biden BULLSHIT and choose to be “lesser” evil quislings for the “Democratic” Party, we are going to die just as quickly from the Catastrophic Climate Change now arriving that neither Biden nor Trump will try, beyond lip service and perception management legerdemain, to mitigate.

    Human Inequity is directly proportional to the amount of human iniquity. – A. G. Gelbert

  • Southern

    From my perspective – It’s not only about which issues the purported candidates are said to be supporting – both Obama and Trump campaigned on an anti war platform and look where we are today.

    Change cannot occur from within the corporately controlled duopoly.

    Third parties can be written in.

    You’ve even given yourself an upvote – that’s scary.

  • Southern

    I don’t know of any informed person whom insist on referring to the US electoral quagmire as Democratic – in fact the word isn’t even mentioned in the US constitution – not even once.

  • Nylene13

    When I went to hear Bernie speak in 2916 and he said “The Environment must become our Priority” he brought tears to my eyes.

    To hear a politician running for President from the Democrat Party say such a thing, was just such a Relief, such an Amazing thing.

    Finally -someone who GETS IT!

    But Trump and Hillary and Biden do not get it. They understand nothing about the Environment, and they don’t care.

    The people in power are Rich Sociopaths.

    They are not capable of Love, and so they do not love our Planet, nor all the people and other creatures on it. They do not Love the oceans or the rivers or the land.

    They only love Wealth and Power.

    And they control the Game, and as we Nevadan’s know, the House always wins.

  • Nylene13

    Green Party is good, what we need is to Organize, and organize all the small Environmental and Socialist groups together.

    And remember our sacred founding words….

    “When in the course of human events, it becomes Necessary….”
    Thomas Jefferson

  • 👍 I firmly believe in giving upvotes to people I respect. 🌞

  • True.

    The 😈 oligachy’s rule (known in your neck of the woods as ‘The House’) in the USA over government is obvious and can no longer be kept hidden. And, they are really, really STUPID PEOPLE.

    Call now: 1-800-NOPLANET

  • Nylene13

    What is that about?

  • Nylene13

    I would say now- ‘Don’t Vote Two Party, It only ENCOURAGES THEM. ‘