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5 Apr 2018 – PALESTINE, that enclave of humanity occupied, brutalised and totally without any form of military defence against any and all aggressors is conveniently perceived as a threat by the Jewish state, Israel, the undeclared, sole nuclear power in West Asia and North Africa (WANA). This latter entity, the occupying power, is a usurper legitimised by imperial Britain and today unconditionally supported and armed by the United States of America (USA). Such is the irony of the geopolitical construct that terrorises Gaza, virtually an open prison, and the West Bank, perpetually. Abandoned by the so-called international community, Palestinians draw inspiration from the defeat of the ‘mighty’ by the ostensibly ‘powerless’ at various points in history. It is that spirit which keeps the flames of resistance burning.

Demanding for the right of return to the homeland by the Palestinian diaspora of refugees, the on-going Great March of Return, a peaceful protest bringing out thousands of Palestinians marching along the Israeli border, is but the most recent show of this spirit with numbers symbolising strength. And, Israel not wishing to disappoint the world met this peaceful demonstration with such disproportionate violence that at least 18 Palestinians were killed and almost one and a half thousand injured because live bullets were fired into the crowd and drones flew overhead dumping tear gas on the marchers. That this degree of violence, which included a row of a hundred snipers on the ready, on the part of the occupiers was planned made it all the more galling. Tel Aviv knew they could perpetrate this act of inhumanity with impunity as it became obvious only too quickly. Calls for an investigation by the seemingly outraged international community were immediately quashed by a US veto in the UN Security Council, even as the martyred were being buried.

Long suffering, the Palestinians cannot any longer hope to find a solution through established institutions like the United Nations, now more than ever nothing but an instrument for legitimising the interests of the powerful member states. The time has come to unmask the futility of the two state solution used merely to prolong negotiations while enabling Tel Aviv to pursue its genocidal agenda. As Richard Falk insists the time for goodwill has “long passed”. It is time to pressure Israel into a settlement. Individuals and state actors alike must intensify the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel. In the name of justice let us isolate Israel. Support the BDS Movement and intensify the siege.


    The U.S. is the great enabler of Israeli crimes against Palestinians, so the U.S. is deeply complicit in those crimes. As long as U.S. politicians allow the Zionist Lobby to tell them how to vote on Israel, nothing will change.

  • Robert H. Stiver

    A spot-on post. I’m pleased to note the inclusion of a personal hero, Prof./Dr. Richard A. Falk, into this commentary.

    Redpilled, your comment below is on point and much appreciated! The USrael “entangling alliance” is bad for all rational and decent human beings but especially so for the hapless, defenseless population of Illegally Occupied Palestine. Palestine Is Still THE Issue!

  • richardprofumo

    BDS will free us all!

  • Jahar Saddles

    We here at JaHar Saddles are dedicated to assisting the Boycott, Divest, Sanction (BDS) movement, and a long with that we also are introducing another concept that many are beginning to embrace.
    “LTG-TCO-HCO”, OR “Let Their God Take Care of His Chosen Ones”. “If the ‘Jews’ are the ‘chosen ones’ of the deity that THEY introduced to humanity in their narrative fiction contained in the Torah; then those who believe this, should be called to task and reveal their TRUE faith simply by withholding ANY cash/military aid/assistance to what now has been revealed to be THE “criminal nation of Israel”. Indeed, the “Jewish State of Israel” is NOW committing against the Palestinian people, many of the same crimes they often lament were committed against them in WWII; and it seems the rest of the world is largely silent about it.

    If “the Jews” are indeed the “chosen ones” then THEY themselves should be called to task and expected to ‘reveal their own strength of faith’ and indeed should be completely ASHAMED to accept ANY money or other aid in the establishment of their “Homeland” and simply “Let Their God Take Care of His Chosen Ones”—–if HE chose them, then HE should be expected to ‘take care of them”………….

    So; “let us ALL celebrate TRUE FAITH—AND “Let Their God Take Care of His Chosen Ones” or “LTG-TCO-HCO”……………………

    The “Jews” of the world should be ashamed of themselves for displaying such “weak faith” in accepting assistance from so many of the “unchosen ones’; but then we MAY asking be far TOO much from them in the first place.

    It just may be a fact when Mark Twain wrote “Faith is believing in something you know ain’t true”…………………….