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Bradley Manning: July 27th Worldwide Call For Action

International day of action in solidarity with Bradley Manning. July 27th.

A thousand supporters marched on Fort Meade at the start of Bradley Manning’s trial. Now we are asking supporters to organize events in communities across the globe to do whatever possible to raise awareness about Bradley’s trial and to pressure the military to do the right thing.

Amnesty International issued a statement stating that the government must drop many of the charges against Bradley Manning based on a lack of evidence:

“We’ve now seen the evidence presented by both sides, and it’s abundantly clear that the charge of ‘aiding the enemy’ has no basis.  The government should withdraw that charge,” said Widney Brown senior director for international law and policy at Amnesty International.

Manning’s lawyers asked the judge to dismiss these and other charges in a motion filed over the weekend.

“The prosecution should also take a long, hard look at its entire case and move to drop all other charges that aren’t supported by the evidence presented,” said Widney Brown. (read more…)

The end of July also marks the third anniversary of the release of the Afghan War Diary which revealed the realities of pain and abuse suffered by many thousands in Afghanistan.

Looking for an idea for an event? Consider putting on this street theatre performance written by Claire Lebowitz which was performed at NYC Pride and other solidarity events. It only requires 2 performers and its a wonderful way to charge your event and catch peoples interest!

Contact campaign organizer Emma Cape at if you are interested in organizing a solidarity event or action in your community. Help us send a message to Judge Lind that millions stand with Bradley!

There are only a few days left before Saturday, July 27, our worldwide day of action to support Bradley Manning near the end of his trial!

Here are a few important things to keep in mind regarding your planned event:

1. Make sure you register your events on our website. if you haven’t already, here is the link to do so:

2. Publicize your event on Facebook, twitter, Tumblr, etc. Social media outlets are great tools to spread the word about your events and invite others to join you.

3. It’s a good idea to bring flyers and factsheets for those who are new to the issue, as well as petition you can ask people to sign. You print these materials out on your own here:

4. Make sure to take lots of photos and/or videos, and be sure to send them along with a brief description of your event to by Monday, July 29 so we can share media from all the events on our website. We encourage you to make a sign reading “Thank You Bradley Manning” or “I Am Bradley Manning” for people to take pictures with and send us those photos to be featured in campaign.

5. We also you encourage you to contact your local press and media outlets with a press advisory before the event, and to send out a press release afterward. Here is an online guide to writing press advisories:

Please contact our assistant campaign organizer Farah ( if you need help putting together a press release or contacting local media outlets in your city, or if you have any other questions or concerns regarding your upcoming event.

July 27th

Vancouver, BC. Rally and banner drop. (pdf poster)
Los Angeles, CA. Solidarity Rally.
Boston, MA. Solidarity with Bradley Manning Stand Out.
Portland, ME. Support Bradley Manning Rally.
Brussels, Belgium. March for Bradley Manning.
Minneapolis, MN  July 27th Solidarity Rally for Bradley Manning
Oklahoma City, OK Rally and Vigil to Honor Truthteller Bradley Manning
Berkeley, CA Join CODEPINK Women for Peace to say “Free Bradley”
London, UK. Peaceful vigil in front of the Amnesty International Secretariat office.
London, UK. International Day of Action for Bradley.
Peterborough, UK Standout in Solidarity
Fairford, UK. Air Warrrrrrr!
Perth, Australia. Education and Awareness-Whistleblowers.

View an up to date list of events here.

Raging Grannies perform for Bradley Manning.

Singing about his courage and the need to bring information to the public, the Santa Cruz Raging Grannies pay tribute to Bradley Manning.


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