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Brazil: Journalist Arrested, Beaten, In Police Custody

UPDATE: After a day of being under arrest by the police of Belo Horizonte, and after her case became known to international audiences, the social media journalist was released, together with two other activists. See more here.

Translated press release from Midia NINJA

Karinny de Magalhães correspondent from Midia NINJA was arrested while working as a journalist covering the protests against the World Cup in the city of Belo Horizonte.

While live streaming the protest “Copa sem povo, tô na rua de novo” Karinny suffered a long series of outrages by the Military Police. In the live stream we saw a frame where she claimed she had been assaulted. The transmission was disconnected and Karinny stopped filming.

After being held for over an hour inside a police car, she was taken in secret to a police barracks where she was beaten by five policemen into unconsciousness. She was then taken to the 6th Regional Police Civilian Police – North West, where she was held overnight, and testified that tests were performed corpus delicti.

Karinny is accused of being part of the group that flipped a Civil Police vehicle during the protests. Another video shows the entire event and proves the accusations against her are false. Two other protesters were also arrested.

VIDEO: Midia NINJA journalist Karinny de Magalhães accused of flipping a car even though her live stream proves she was in another location at the time.

Expecting to be transferred at 5:30 in the morning to the penitential Relocation Center-South, Karinny has not yet arrived and is currently doing exams corpus delicti in the IML.

We ask everyone to share the case and report the atrocities.

Video showing when Karinny was approached and attacked by the police:

The arbitrary imprisonment of Karinny has mobilized people throughout Brazil. Human rights defenders, lawyers, parliamentarians and activists are in action to prevent the continuation of more absurdities committed by justice and by the Brazilian police.

Right now Karinny is in the Office of the Attorney State in Belo Horizonte which she is being heard by two advocates from the “Centro de Apoio Operacional de Direitos Humanos do MP” that are following the case. Her statement will be used by the Public Defender and the OAB to denounce police violence and will be included with the request for her freedom.

The imprisonment of Karinny de Magalhães while working as a media-activist at a protest shows explicit decay of a system of public security and the criminalization of social movements occupying the streets.

Midia NINJA continues to follow the case and will update shortly with more information.

Photo of Karinny from her facebook profile

Update: 2 more journalists from Coletivo Mariachi have also arrested in Copacabana. Video of the arrest of Wilson Ventura Júnior:

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