Brazil World Cup Website Hacked, Replaced with Protest Footage

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Protestors march in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Monday(Credit: AP)

The cyberattack symbolized growing rage against a status quo crystallized in World Cup, Olympics spending

Evidencing (as if it were really necessary) that the ongoing mass protests and riots in Brazil are about much more than the latest public transport fare hike, hackers have attacked the Brazil 2014 World Cup website with protest footage. While the World Cup and the Olympics are lauded as emblems of sporting prowess and global unity, they are understood to be working vectors and reproducers of neoliberal hegemony, with concomitant city-restructuring, government spending and displacement of the poor in favor of massive stadiums and tourist facilities.

The FIFA website was (and, stunningly, remains) replaced with footage of protesters marching then meeting a vicious police response:

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  • Lea

    Couldn’t get much clearer, the people are speaking!

  • BLM

    FIFA – you disgust me – Blatter your a corrupt fool – this nation has social ills and the money taken away from more pressing needs to pander to the elite of the world is a disgrace – you new this country had systemic long term corupyion and in the wake of these mass protests you silence speaks volumes!
    Sepp Blatter you are fils de pute!