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Brussels: TTIP Game Over Actions Stop Negotiations

Brussels, Belgium – As the 14th round of TTIP negotiations commenced, fair trade activists began their ‘games’ to raise awareness of the anti-democratic nature of the agreement and to slow its progress.

Early on, there were actions to ‘rebrand’ the negotiations, a tactic also known as ‘brandalism.’


On the first day of negotiations, with the help of the animal kingdom, activists found that the negotiations had been moved.  

Nevertheless, hundreds of activists succeeded in making a lot of noise outside with a casserole demonstration.


Some of the negotiators unwittingly carried the TTIP Game Over message inside.  

On the second day of negotiations, activists were out early to make noise again!

They found bold and creative ways to reach people with their message.


Some were visual and some used other senses.

On the third day, activists succeeded in locking down the entrances to the building where the negotiations were being held and they stopped the negotiations from proceeding.  

With the negotiations shut down, it was time to celebrate!

A giant thank you to our allies in the EU who put themselves on the line to protect people, all living creatures and the planet! Thank you for your courage.

Solidarity outside the jail where the 40 who were arrested were held.

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