Brutal US-Colombian-Israeli Coup And Massacre Foiled By Venezuela’s SEBIN

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Above: A protest outside the United States Consulate in Sydney on January 23 to demand no US intervention in Venezuela. Photo: Peter Boyle

Note: The article below describes a new stage in the escalation of the consistently failing US coup attempts in Venezuela. Every coup attempt has failed thus far but the US is not giving up. This most recent coup attempt involving the US, Colombia and Israel would have been a bloody massacre of civilians and government leaders. They intended to kill President Maduro and his wife, the President of National Constituent Assembly Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, generals, leaders of social movements and civilians. The 14-month investigation that uncovered and stopped this coup is another coup failure by the US but it shows how violent the US is willing to become to take over the Venezuelan government and steal Venezuelans impressive wealth in natural resources. It is important to note, that once again this has not been reported in the US media but has been widely reported in Venezuela and other Latin American countries. The media and political establishment are doing an excellent job of keeping much of the US public misinformed and uninformed. PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE TO BREAK THE MEDIA BLOCKADE ABOUT THE TRUTH IN VENEZUELA. WE NEED YOU TO BE THE MEDIA. KZ

With the assistance of recently arrived Russian Intelligence Specialists, Venezuela’s Intelligence Service SEBIN (Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia Nacional) has foiled yet another coup attempt.

The plan, scheduled to be executed on 23-24 June, was to be tightly choreographed in rapid fire with many separate attacks initiated simultaneously. If successful, it would have been, by some accounts, a “brutal massacre”, targeting many thousands of civilians, President Maduro, the first lady of Venezuela, Cilia Flores, Assemblyman Cabello, and other government officials who openly support President Maduro and the Bolivarian movement begun by Hugo Chavez.

Thanks to ongoing intelligence gathering by SEBIN, with the assistance of recently arrived Russian Intelligence Specialists (24 June), the plot was foiled with many of the malign actors and their associates either captured or under pursuit or surveillance. This latest attempt, as all of them thus far have been, was funded by the US through the CIA with tactical and logistical support provided by Colombian President Ivan Duque and his government. As always, the installation of Juan Guaido as president was the object, with one major distinction with this attempt.

Not only was Nicolas Maduro to be removed from power, he was to be brutally murdered, much in the same manner as Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi was, courtesy of CIA-backed Libyan mobs and then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and shared below on Twitter by the sick and twisted US Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio. The brutal Murder of Gaddafi and what they had in store for Nicolas Maduro is par for the course for them.

As an aside and to better understand US aspirations, hegemony and their NeoLiberal policy towards other governments who don’t share their world view or who have natural resources the US is determined to appropriate by any means necessary, read Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine“. The test case for their “new economic model”, exported to this hemisphere by Margaret Thatcher and implemented in the US by Ronald Reagan, was the coup that saw the death of the widely popular and democratically elected Chilean president Salvadore Allende and the installation of the all-time War Criminal and genocidal monster, Augusto Pinochet. If successful, this latest coup attempt in Venezuela would have been the next chapter in “Shock Doctrine”!

In addition to President Maduro and the First Lady of Venezuela, Cilia Flores, loyal Assemblyman Diosdado Cabello was also targeted. Concurrent with the planned assassination of the Venezuelan heads of state and government officials were direct and crippling attacks on the country’s infrastructure. This, combined with the planned simultaneous theft of arms at one or more of the military’s weapons caches, known only to active personnel, gives a sense of the treachery and depth of corruption (of Guaido and his “Opposition” party) and the lengths they’re willing to go to succeed. The question begs to ask when is the next assault on the country and what is planned then?

In addition to the regular Military traitors and Guaido’s hired thugs, among the belligerents were 100 Israeli Defense Force (IDF) “special operators”, on station in neighboring Colombia, awaiting the green light. Commanding the whole operation was Guaido’s recently freed mentor and “traitor-in-arms”, Leopoldo Lopez.

What is remarkable about this latest attempt, aside from the scale and scope of the planned attack, was the depth of the hate and racism, racism whose ugly tentacles reach all the way back to the Miami office of Senator Marco Rubio and the disaffected white minority Venezuelan population he represents. That Rubio’s manifest hatred towards Nicolas Maduro and all that he represents, along with his open racism towards the Venezuelan Mestizo population, from whom Nicolas Maduro and Hugo Chavez before him, come from, is just fine with his Florida supporters speaks volumes about their character, the darkness of their souls and a new level of depravity not seen before.

It was insufficient to just topple the elected government of 67% of the population, the goal was to destroy the Chavista movement and, along with it, to brutally murder as many of its adherents as possible. A recent ad hoc interview of some members of the “Opposition” and their supporters on the streets of Caracas made vague references to “Operation Freedom”, perhaps referring to this latest attempt at “Venezuela Libre”.


  • History301

    Foiled again. Too bad this isn’t a joke instead of standard U.S. foreign policy and that is something most Americans have little knowledge about in it’s actual workings, but the same can be said about U.S. domestic policy too. On perhaps the saddest of holidays, many Americans will be celebrating an independence that never happened for the common man and woman. Only the faces of the elities changed.

  • Neville

    What’s the possibility Hollywood picks up the script for the attack ?

  • mwildfire

    It’s possible some of this is propaganda from the Maduro camp. They likely benefit from being seen as besieged (well they ARE besieged). 100 Israelis in Colombia? That is so illegal–at least I hope it’s illegal. Credible, though–seems Mossad has had a hand in ugly backroom deals for decades. It’s ironic how much racism there is in the Israeli right, given that Israel’s existence is based on sympathy after a horrific holocaust based on ethnicity in which they were the victims.

  • Günther Rückl

    Racism or not… to me, Israeli Zionists’ involvement in the alleged coup simply represents a quid pro quo action. Israel and the US are conjoint twins in evil. You help me in my plan to extend my territory by whatever means and I help you whatever your political and military pursuits are. Not complicated, really.

  • Günther Rückl


  • kevinzeese

    Nonsense. There is evidence that has been publicly presented. Hopefully, there will be a public trial. The coup plotters have been very close to Israel, flying the Israeli flag at their rallies. This is consistent with how the US, Israel and Colombia behave.

  • squanto pilgrim

    I knew the world controlling Jew were behind this and every other bad thing that happens, thanks for pointing this out

  • mwildfire

    You’re likely right, in dismissing the theories that the US is Israel’s puppet or vice versa, versus the two acting conjointly without worrying about who’s boss. However, I think it necessary to note that “Israel and the US” refers to the governments, not necessarily the people. Though I’ve seen pretty horrifying poll numbers for Israelis, on things like approving of slaughter of Palestinians.

  • kevinzeese

    The idea that Israel controls the US is absurd. Look at how much money and weapons the US provdes Israel every year. Alexander Haig told the truth when he said Israel is our unsinkable aircraft carrier in the Middle East. It is one big military base for the US that does US dirty work in the Middle East and around the world.

  • Günther Rückl

    However, I think it necessary to note that “Israel and the US” refers to the governments, not necessarily the people.” I tend to agree. But my experience of 30 years in this country – I am a German citizen – taught me that neoliberal, jongoistic US government positions propagated by the MSM have been fully adopted by the bulk of Americans, to a degree that I still crave for finding a few more people to discuss US policy much of which I disagree with. Americans are a fully indoctrinated populace, comparable to the indoctrination Germans have experienced during the Nazi years (needless to say, the science of indoctrination is wildly more sophisticated and perfected during the past few decades). I recommend reading:

    Our nation’s massive ignorance and lack of curiosity have led us into crisis. Are we just too dumb for democracy? –

  • rgaura

    Not sure its absurd, Kevin. I would like to see a list of dual citizens in office, and involved with national security and military. Pro palestinian congresspeople have been run out by AIPAC, and I think this is part of why Congress is so paralyzed and gutless. Also Israeli security officers have been hired as executives in all the Alphabet companies. Who is to say where their loyalties lie? Maybe a symbiosis, but certainly not healthy for our democracy.

  • rgaura

    Mint Press revealed the ex Israeli operatives have been caught running `holiday´ camps in Argentina and Colombia for IDF soldiers, specializing in underage prostitution. It is disturbing to see their involvement in the Americas.

  • rgaura

    You might be interested in Mike Gravel´s new book. Sounds like you have similar ideas about the restoration or renewal of democracy!

  • Thanks, I did find his website but didn’t find his book or a way to send a note to see if he is interested after testing

    I’ll keep my eyes open.

  • Tedder

    Be careful there. The “world controlling Jew” is not ethnic, nor religious, just one of the many faces of neoliberal capitalistic hegemony.