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Building A Global People’s Movement To End US Imperialism

Following a two-year organizing effort, the International People’s Tribunal on US Imperialism will launch in New York City on January 28. The People’s Tribunal will focus on US sanctions, blockades and coercive measures and how they impact people in the targeted countries. Clearing the FOG speaks with Helyeh Doutaghi, a co-chair of the Tribunal, a doctoral student at Carleton University in Ottawa, and an anti-imperialist activist, about why this is an opportune time to build a global movement focused on the United States, how the Tribunal will be structured and how the testimony will be used to hold the US accountable for its violations of international law. Doutaghi also explains how people in the United States are being misled so they will support the use of these illegal actions, if they are even aware of them.

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Helyeh Doutaghi is an adjunct professor and a doctoral candidate in Law and Legal Studies at Carleton University. Prior to her doctoral studies, she completed her LLM in Transnational Law at King’s College London. Her research explores the intersections of sanctions regimes, imperialism, and international law. Helyeh is the co-chair of the International People’s Tribunal on US imperialism, and an anti-imperialist organizer in the student movement on the traditional unceded Territory of the Anishinaabe Algonquin Nation. Helyeh’s work has appeared in Leiden Journal of International Law, The Conversation,, Black Agenda Report, and others.

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