Building Clean Energy Project In Path Of KXL

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Above:  Ground breaking participants for the wind and solar project in the path of Keystone Pipeline Route

Nebraskans gather to build a wind and solar-powered barn inside the proposed Keystone XL route in Nebraska.

The Keystone XL pipeline is proposed to run through hundreds of Nebraska homes, farms and ranches, crossing the delicate Sandhills and putting the critical Ogallala Aquifer at risk. Nebraskans are standing up for their future by literally building the clean energy future they need. They are declaring their independence from dirty energy and challenging Big Oil to show their true stripes by constructing a wind turbine and solar-powered barn immediately in the path of the proposed pipeline, and using creative tactics to resist pipeline construction before it begins.

If President Obama approves Keystone XL, he’ll then have to tear down clean and locally-produced energy to make way for dirty and foreign tarsands.

Video Credits:
Animation created by Caleb Coppock
Video produced by Marty Steinhausen & Michael Semrad of Red Rebel Media

The Build Our Energy project — organized by Bold Nebraska, Sierra and Nebraska Farmers Union — will require us to raise $65,000 and recruit many volunteers who want to help out during several weekends of old-fashioned community barn-raising events to install this renewable wind and solar energy project, as well as to provide food and drinks for the accompanying BBQs.’

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Below is a photo essay of the Groundbreaking Day held on Saturday, Aug. 17, York Nebraska

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