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Buses In US Capitol Thank Edward Snowden For Exposing The Truth

Snowden hero on DC bus

The Partnership for Civil Justice has organized a tremendous advertising campaign on buses in the nation’s capitol as you can see from these videos and photos.  The ad campaign highlights Edward Snowden for standing up and telling the truth despite the risk t his own freedom.  The campaign, which puts forward a message of opposition to the US surveillance state, is off to an excellent start and now they are seeking to expand it.

The Partnership writes: “The U.S. government is threatening to send whistleblower Edward Snowden to prison for life. But millions stand behind him. We thank him for standing up and telling the truth, at great personal cost. Join the movement to defend our constitutional rights and right to privacy.”

Now, they are raising money to expand this campaign:


Because of the enormous support this project has received from across the country, and worldwide, we have taken out ads on five additional buses!

Click here to make a donation!

Snowden hero on DC bus 2

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