Call To Action: Demand Democracy, Global Actions Against Toxic Trade Deals

Join the International Call to End the WTO and Stop the New Wave of Free Trade Agreements on December 3rd, the first day of the World Trade Organization meetings in Doha, Qatar. The Doha meeting will be followed by a 20th round of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) meetings in Kyodo, Singapore. Negotiations for the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TAFTA) are also underway.

u58All of these trade agreements share the same fundamental principle that profits are more important than the health and needs of people and the planet. They are destroying local economies and public infrastructure in order to establish a global neo-liberal economic system that privatizes all goods and services. These agreements grant transnational corporations the power to change laws even down to the local level and challenge court decisions in their own tribunal that operates outside of sovereign judicial systems and cannot be challenged by domestic courts.

On December 3, we call on all allies for fair trade, peace and justice to gather in a public space at noon and declare global resistance to these toxic trade agreements.We will not obey secret deals made by transnational corporations that defy public interests and desires and destroy hard-won protections of people, workers and the environment. We demand the rights of all people to live with dignity, to meet their basic needs and to build a 21st century sustainable green economy.

  • We are acting in solidarity with people all over the world to end the race to the bottom in jobs and wages.
  • We respect the right to have a job with a living wage and safe working conditions.
  • We want 21st century jobs that build a sustainable green energy economy.

ft158Communities in the United States are starting to pass resolutions to declare that they will not obey trade agreements that cause harm to their communities. To learn how you can do the same in your community, visit “Declare Your Community a TPP-Free Zone.”

To participate in the international day of action:

  1. Endorse the Call to End the WTO and Stop the New Wave of Free Trade Agreements by contacting Mary Lou Malig of La Via Campesina – Asia
  2. Register your action with Flush the TPP by contacting Cassidy
  3. Find tools for your day of action at
  4. Share photos, videos and reports about your day of action with Flush the TPP by contacting Margaret at