Call In Day 8/1 & Action Steps to “Stop Grand Jury Repression in the Northwest”

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Portland Committee Against Political Repression Seattle Grand Jury
June 30, 2012
Date:  Wed, 2012-08-01 (All day)
Organized by:  Portland Committee Against Political Repression
Stop Grand Jury Repression in the Northwest: Take action
The Committee to Stop FBI Repression is circulating a statement from the Portland-based Committee Against Political Repression on how you can help the political activists who have been subpoenaed to appear before a Seattle Grand Jury August 2. If your group has not yet signed the solidarity statement linked at the bottom, please do so. We know that repression us growing in this country. It is vital that all progressive people unite and defeat this attack on the people’s movement.
From the Committee to Stop Political Repression:
What You Can Do This Week to Support Grand Jury Resistance!
Thank you to all the individuals who have reached out to us and the organizations who have signed our solidarity statement. More than 160 organizations have signed on to the statement. This has been an important first step in supporting those facing political repression in the Pacific Northwest. We have a long and rough journey ahead of us, but we are inspired by the outpouring of support that we have already received. Many people have asked what else they can do to contribute to this struggle so we have come up with a short list of options. Those resisting the grand jury will be making a statement later this week.
Call In Day- Wednesday, August 1st
We are asking for people to call the US Attorney for Washington, Jenny A Durkan on Wednesday, August 1st to demand an end to political persecution and that the grand jury and investigation be stopped. When you call the U.S Attorney’s office, please let them know that you are speaking for yourself and not the individuals resisting the grand jury subpoenas. Be aware of how the things you say will impact the people you are trying to help. Feel free to use our example to help you figure out what to say. If you make a call, please email us ( and let us know how what kind of response you got from the Attorney’s office.
An example of what you might say:
“Hi. I am Doug Brown. I am calling about the grand jury being impaneled in Seattle, Washington this Thursday, August 2nd. I am disgusted that the FBI and government are persecuting political dissent in our country. This group of people is being harassed and intimated for their political beliefs. I demand that the grand jury and investigation be ended immediately and that the governments repression of social movements stop. Thank you for taking my comments.”
Call US Attorney Jenny A Durkan
Telephone:  (206) 553-7970 or toll free at: (800) 797-6722      
Fax Line: (206) 553-0882
ISDN: (206) 264-2765      
Thursday, August 2: Come to Seattle
to stand against the Grand Jury witch hunt! There will be a demonstration in solidarity with those affected by the raids and subpoenas starting at 7:30am and throughout the day.
The demonstration will be at the
federal court house
700 Stuart St., in Seattle.
Can’t make it to Seattle?
Plan another event or demonstration in solidarity!
Please email us at to tell us about your event.
For more information and to support these efforts please visit