Can An Economic Stat Help Narrow Our Grand Economic Divide?

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Above Photo: Tony Smith (LRPS)/Flickr

  • voza0db

    How! Really? GDP 2.0?!

    Is this what’s going to SOLVE THE ROOT CAUSE of our collective utter misery?

    In your language I can say that GDP means Gross Delusion Product, so you guys want to go full dementia and delusion but tuned up to 2.0?

    Just dandy…

    And no matter the number of versions you guys want to invent, a failed sub-system cannot be fix, only destroyed.

    And by the WAY, we (not many but…) already know WHO BENEFITS!

    If you want names I can write some!

  • Steven Berge

    Cooking the books. It’s not just for corporations!

  • chetdude

    “Cooking the books” is to hide reality.

    The metrics being described in this article are designed to REVEAL reality.

  • Steven Gaylord

    Ya might recall Reagan’s “trickle down economy” theorem. Well, it’s more like “tinkle down” as in, we’re being pissed on by this uber rich cabal and I like many millions more are outrageously pissed off.

  • Ophita

    And this version of GDP might help more people realize who benefits and who doesn’t. While ‘they’ are at it, a better measurement is needed of which factors GDP is constituted. War armaments shouldn’t be included, nor should grossly polluting industries, as examples of what not to count but rather dis-counted.

  • voza0db

    Hello Ophita.

    If we want to keep this moronic indicator the best thing is to assign to “war armaments” and “grossly polluting industries” a negative value.

    I wrote this because you said first “shouldn’t be included” and in the end “rather dis-counted”.