‘Carnival Of Resistance’ Trump Protests Largest Since The Iraq War

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President Trump is being met by mass protests in Great Britain. Everywhere he is expected to go, including London, have held or are planning massive demonstrations. Today, Friday, July 13, 2018, the largest weekday protest in eleven years is taking place in London. The last one was a protest against the Iraq War.  The president avoided directly seeing the protests as his schedulers made sure all of his events were outside of the city.

The London protests involved hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets to protest Trump, showing historic opposition to a sitting president of the United States.

Protesters were outside of the US Embassy when Trump arrived in Great Britain. And, they lined the road to Blenheim Palace when Trump attended an event yesterday evening.

Protesters were also lined up around Windsor Castle to protest his meeting with Queen Elizabeth.

People in Scotland are preparing for Trump’s visit to Glasgow where he is scheduled to arrive this evening. They are building a “Wall of Resistance”, which will surround a stage where community and political leaders will give speeches. Protests are planned in Edinburgh at Trump Turnberry, a golf course he owns in Ayrshire, where he is expected to play golf on Saturday.  Protesters wanted to fly the baby balloon Trump blimp over the golf course, but were not allowed to do so. The blimp may still make an appearance. Trump is not scheduled to meet Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who has spoken out against the President numerous times.

The building of the anti-Trump Wall of Resistance in Scotland from Huffington Post


  • tibetan cowboy

    Hurrah for the courage and activism of Europeans against Trump / USA fascists. And we haven’t heard a peep from the citizens of the USA inside the USA after over 500+ days of Trump’s atrocities and outrages. Shows what kind of people inhabit the USA compared to Europeans, and that these ignorant cowardly USA citizens deserve every injustice levied upon them by their masters in Washington, DC.

  • Alan MacDonald

    Kevin, please look into the lag/loss of pending comments at your excellent and ‘leading the way’ Popular Resistance.

    There must be a better way of handling ‘approval’ for links in PR reader comments from ‘safe sites’ like the NY “Times” — which are certainly of no danger.

    Thanks greatly.

    As Dylan sang — “The ‘Times’ they are a changin”.

  • Lili-Ann Berg

    One thing that bothers me about this mass-protest is the motivation behind it. Do not for one minute think that the Brits are not racists – they are. Thousands of immigrants languish in UK detention centres, sometimes for years, and children are often separated from parents even there. People who have been living and working in Britain for decades are now being deported back to where they came from.(See the Windrush scandal).

    Brexit, in my opinion, was mainly brought on by a desire to control UK borders in order to stop a flood of migrants invading Britain,after their homelands had been destroyed by US/NATO’s illegal wars in Africa, Afghanistan and the MIddle East.
    The demonstration against Trump is more likely to be motivated by his obnoxious persona (hence the baby blimp) his misogyny, private wealth and power, than any of his destructive domestic policies or foreign interventions.

  • timmfr30

    making America great again? thanks trumptards…we, true American patriots, are ashamed of the monster you elected, as is the rest of the world….

  • kevinzeese

    As a former colonizer and major empire the Brits have lots of experience with racism and classism. It is built into their DNA and a lot of recovery is needed. With Trump, is he expresses his racism so brazenly, with name-calling and overtly abusive policies, that is why he brings out the protests.

  • Lili-Ann Berg

    I just watched Sky news (I’m ashamed to admit) and a woman in a protest march in Scotland was asked why she was taking part and she answered: “because he is a sexist, racist pig who hates women”. The reporter quickly moved on.

  • Alan MacDonald

    EXACTLY, Kevin!!

    The American colonists under the British EMPIRE used to be the most informed, unified, and EFFECTIVE Protestors in the WORLD during the later half of the 18th century (1763 to 1776) — when the underfunded, under-maned, under-equipped, and far less capable force successfully over-came and over-threw the most powerful EMPIRE in the world at that time, the almost ‘global’ British EMPIRE.

    WhatTF happened? to us (and the U.S.) now?

    The formerly domestic ‘subjects’ of the British Empire are now doing “Revolution Against Empire” better, more strategically, more creatively, more coherently, more effectively than ‘we the American people’ who once produced the most shocking “Revolution Against Empire” — in the modern world (or what was rightly called the “New World”).

    I’ll be writing a rather lengthy commentary on that question for my local Portland (Maine) Press Herald, the Maine based “Common Dreams”, and here at the most insightful populist-progressive (and educational) alt-media web-site in America — “Popular Resistance”.

    It will take me a while to compose and summarize my experiences from local protesting here in Portland over the years since my “Occupy” days, up to yesterday (nominally against Jeff ‘the racist’ Sessions — but really against Emperor Trump), and from my long fight (as a Bernie delegate) with Bernie himself, and with his ineffective strategy and inept/incomplete campaign two-word sound-bite slogan of merely “Political Revolution”.

    But the long slug of producing a sufficient commentary on this critical subject “On Revolution” [Hannah Arendt] will be worth the effort, because the old, long time, and -dead-wrong slogan “You can’t cure stupid” fails to tell the whole truth that “You can cure stupid — with education”

  • mwildfire

    Good points!

  • mwildfire

    Oh, don’t say “built into their DNA.” That implies it can’t be changed and can’t be helped. It isn’t biological, it’s cultural.

  • mwildfire

    Oh, great. As a West Virginian, I’m used to the “you deserve it” crap. In fact, there have been plenty of protests against Trump, including huge ones. Haven’t heard a peep, really? Do you get your info from Fox News? There were big protests of W, who was Trump Lite. But people get fatigued when we see that NONE OF IT MAKES ANY DIFFERENCE. A couple of hundred people were rounded up during the protest on inauguration day and charged with multiple felonies for being in the same place where minor crimes were committed–clearly unconstitutional yet the cases went forward. All eventually acquitted or dropped, but this after a year and a half of people’s lives being on hold, expense…it no doubt succeeded in intimidating people. There aren’t many days with no Trump protests in the US–but they’re usually small, as people are worn out with protesting a hundred outrages. And–it’s really discouraging that such a large minority still loves Trump no matter what he says or does. But it isn’t fair to say they represent the US people.