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‘Carnival Of Resistance’ Trump Protests Largest Since The Iraq War

President Trump is being met by mass protests in Great Britain. Everywhere he is expected to go, including London, have held or are planning massive demonstrations. Today, Friday, July 13, 2018, the largest weekday protest in eleven years is taking place in London. The last one was a protest against the Iraq War.  The president avoided directly seeing the protests as his schedulers made sure all of his events were outside of the city.

The London protests involved hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets to protest Trump, showing historic opposition to a sitting president of the United States.

Protesters were outside of the US Embassy when Trump arrived in Great Britain. And, they lined the road to Blenheim Palace when Trump attended an event yesterday evening.

Protesters were also lined up around Windsor Castle to protest his meeting with Queen Elizabeth.

People in Scotland are preparing for Trump’s visit to Glasgow where he is scheduled to arrive this evening. They are building a “Wall of Resistance”, which will surround a stage where community and political leaders will give speeches. Protests are planned in Edinburgh at Trump Turnberry, a golf course he owns in Ayrshire, where he is expected to play golf on Saturday.  Protesters wanted to fly the baby balloon Trump blimp over the golf course, but were not allowed to do so. The blimp may still make an appearance. Trump is not scheduled to meet Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who has spoken out against the President numerous times.

The building of the anti-Trump Wall of Resistance in Scotland from Huffington Post


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