All Laws That Make It A Crime To Be Homeless Should Be Repealed

By John Tharp and Maria Foscarinis, -

When San Diego resident Gerald Stark’s rent increased and he couldn’t afford another apartment, the retired union pipefitter moved into his RV. But because he lacked an address, San Diego law [...]

The Housing Revolution We Need

By Thomas J. Sugrue, -

Are we on the brink of a revolution in housing policy? In the three-quarters of a century since Franklin Delano Roosevelt promised Americans “the right to a decent home,” the housing market has [...]

Oh, Canada! Marijuana Is Now Legal In Great White North

By Phillip Smith, The Drug Reporter at Independent Media Institute - -

As of Wednesday, October 17, marijuana is legal in Canada. Our northern neighbor becomes the second country to fully legalize weed (after Uruguay led the way in 2013), and the first major [...]

Maine’s Radical Universal Home Health Care Proposition

By Naomi LaChance, -

A group of progressives in Maine has proposed a radical new solution to providing medical care for an aging, rural population. Question 1, a measure on the ballot in November, proposes universal [...]

That $3 Trillion-A-Year Clean Energy Transformation? It’s Already Underway.

By Phil McKenna, -

To keep global warming in check, the world will have to invest an average of around $3 trillion a year over the next three decades in transforming its energy supply systems, a new United Nations [...]

After Rahm’s Destruction, Can Chicago Creative A Cooperative Economy?

By Matt Stannard, -

When Rahm Emanuel announced last month that he would not seek a third term as mayor of Chicago, he broke no hearts among people opposed to neoliberal privatization and the power of finance [...]

Relatives Of Chile’s Disappeared Are Exposing Dictatorship-Era Torturers

By Ramona Wadi, Waging Nonviolence. -

The return of the right wing to power in Chile has come at the expense of those still seeking justice for crimes committed during the 17-year U.S.-backed dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, which [...]

Peak Carbon Emissions By 2020, Or Else!

By Robert Hunziker, -

That’s the message from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), which has come out from under the shadows of Paris 2015 swinging like a heavyweight champion boxer, and in fact [...]

A Global People’s Bailout For The Coming Crash

By Adam Parsons, -

A full decade since the great crash of 2008, many progressive thinkers have recently reflected on the consequences of that fateful day when the investment bank Lehman Brothers collapsed, [...]

The Insurgent Power Of The Commons In The War Against The Imagination

By David Bollier, Center for New Economics -

Thank you, Fred [Iutzi] and The Land Institute for inviting me to this wonderful festival! It’s a great honor to be speaking at an event at which so many illustrious thinkers, innovators, and [...]

End Of Hegemony: UN Must Reflect Changing World Order

By Ramzy Baroud, -

There is a rational explanation of why India and Brazil, two countries with vast populations and large and growing economies, are not permanent members of the United Nations Security Council [...]

Think From The Heart: Mexico’s Indigenous Congress

By Caitlin Manning and Joe Bender, -

Dispatches from Resistant Mexico is a series of short documentaries from southern Mexico, each depicting one of the thousands of pockets of resistance throughout Latin America that are in [...]

Enough Folded Flags: Military Families Speak Out Against The Afghanistan War

By Stacy Bannerman, -

You’d hardly know it from the news, but we’ve been continuously at war in Afghanistan since 2001. The war quietly turned 17 on October 7. Unfortunately, America’s amnesia didn’t prevent Command [...]

Call For The Convening Of A People’s Tribunal On US Crimes Against The People Of PR

By Staff, -

Puerto Rico is mired in the most momentous crisis in its history as a United States colony. Never before have converged so many edges that to follow the course imposed by imperialism, negatively [...]

The Co-op Farming Model Might Help Save America’s Small Farms

By Annelise Jolley, -

Across the U.S.—from New England to California—a small but growing movement of farmers is foregoing traditional farm ownership in favor of a cooperative model. In Maine, four Somali Bantu [...]