Rosa Luxemburg and Revolutionary Socialism

By Scott Tucker, Popular Resistance -

“Freedom,” Rosa Luxemburg wrote, “is always freedom for those who think differently.” Those are certainly her most famous words, but they must not be mistaken for a general piety of liberalism. [...]

In Honor of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht (1871 – 1919)

By Scott Tucker, Popular Resistance -

Nearly one hundred years ago, Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht (both born in 1871, the year of the Paris Commune) were arrested and executed by ultranationalist members of the Freikorps during [...]

The United States Of Greed And Bullies

By Rivera Sun, -

A nation built on greed is not a nation; it is just a legal framework for rape and pillage, slavery and exploitation, theft, murder, and genocide. A nation whose primary function is to protect [...]

Neoliberalism: Free Market Fundamentalism Or Corporate Power?

By Richard Moser, -

I’ve been hearing about neoliberalism for a long time now and never could make much sense of it. It turns out the story we tell about neoliberalism is as contradictory as neoliberalism itself. [...]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Tax Proposal Could Raise $720 Billion Over The Next 10 Years

By Ruth Milka, -

Such a high tax rate is not unheard of and higher rates used to be the norm during a large portion of the 20th century. Why was this the case? Because higher tax rates on the wealthy generated [...]

The Return Of Reefer Madness

By Ari Paul, -

Nationwide, marijuana legalization is becoming more normal. Colorado’s dispensaries are hailed as an economic success story, and other states are following suit—New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has [...]

More Signs The US Is Losing Status As Global Reserve Currency

The US dollar may one day be rivaled by the Chinese national currency – the yuan – which is likely to become a major global reserve currency, according to the governor of the Bank of England [...]

The Influence Of Gandhian Socialism On Du Bois And King

By R. Divya Nair, -

Mohandas K. Gandhi began agitating for the independence of the Indian people from colonial rule in the early twentieth century. In 1921, he took leadership of the Indian National Congress, [...]

The 2018 Retail Apocalypse, In 6 Charts And A Map

By David Montgomery, -

One of the big trends of 2017 was the ongoing “retail apocalypse,” the apparent disaster of declining sales and store closures facing brick-and-mortar retailers. Well, 2018 was more of the same. [...]

United States Doesn’t Even Make Top 20 On Global Democracy Index

By Andrea Germanos, -

A new index released this week offers a sobering look at how democracy is faring in the United States. According to the 2018 edition of The Economist Intelligence Unit's Democracy Index, the U.S. [...]

Case Study: Reuters And US Media Urge Offensive Against Iran

By Ivan Kesic, -

Ever since the beginning of the Iranian Islamic Revolution, the United States has been leading a propaganda campaign against Iran, minimizing own harmful role in key historical events, justifying [...]

The Crash Of The “Everything Bubble” Started In 2018 – Here’s What Comes Next In 2019

By Brandon Smith, -

In 2018, a very significant economic change occurred, which sealed the fate of the U.S. economy as well as some other economies around the globe. This change was the shift of central bank policy. [...]

The US Conflict With China: China And The Uyghurs

By Godfree Roberts, The Unz Review  -

The US created the Uyghur problem in Xinjiang by sponsoring terrorists there–the same tactics it used in Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya. Groups like the World [...]

What Trump’s Syrian Withdrawal Really Reveals

By Stephen F. Cohen, Information Clearinghouse -

Trump’s decision on Syria, coupled with his order to reduce US forces in Afghanistan by half, has been “condemned,” as The New York Times approvingly reported, “across the ideological spectrum,” [...]

Smithsonian: US Is At Global War

By Stephanie Savell and 5W Infographics, Smithsonian Magazine -

More than 17 years later, the Global War on Terrorism initiated by President George W. Bush is truly global, with Americans actively engaged in countering terrorism in 80 nations on six [...]