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Education is the foundation of political change. In this section we provide news and analyses of current events that you won’t likely read or hear in the corporate media. Our sources are from organizations and independent media outlets free of corporate and government propaganda. We strongly encourage you to share these articles by email and social media so that together we create an echo chamber that overcomes the influence of the oligarchy. You will find large social media sharing buttons on the left side of each article when you open the article to read.

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 283: Israel Bombs Displacement Centers

Israeli forces have killed at least 131 Palestinians since Saturday in three separate targeted bombings on locations where displaced families had been taking shelter. On Saturday, Israeli fighter jets and armed drones struck a crowded tent city several times in the al-Mawasi area, west of Khan Younis, on Saturday morning. The army fired at least nine heavy U.S.-made JDAM missiles on the crowded tent area, according to survivors’ testimonies gathered by Mondoweiss. Al-Mawasi had been declared a “safe area” by the Israeli army in early May as it began its assault on Rafah, pushing thousands of families who had already fled their homes in the center and north of the strip to flee again to al-Mawasi.

Impunity In The West Bank

14 July—I had been back from the West Bank one month when I called a friend in al–Bireh, a friend I cannot name. It was Friday, 14 June. I had been worrying, and it was something of a relief to hear her voice. When I asked after her family she said, “We are as well as it is possible to be.” And then she added, “Things are worse here. Two hours ago they shot a young boy in  al–Am'ari. They haven’t left the city yet.” Al–Am'ari is a refugee camp within the municipality of al–Bireh. It is among the smallest camps in the West Bank. “They” are the Israeli Occupation Forces. Like all refugee camps,  al–Am'ari is officially under the control of the Palestinian National Authority.

Destabilizing The US-Russian Nuclear Balance

With the Biden administration having given Ukraine permission to use U.S.-made weapons to strike military targets inside Russian territory and Ukraine reportedly having hit a radar in southern Russia that is part of its nuclear early warning system at least once in recent weeks, a new level of escalation threat has aisen between the U.S. and Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin responded by warning that Russia will essentially consider the U.S.-led West to be a direct belligerent if it provides satellite, intelligence and military help to facilitate any long-range missile attacks by Ukraine on Russian territory.

Big Oil Is Pulling Out All The Stops To Block Lawsuits For Accountability

In the face of mounting scrutiny from local, state, and federal officials, fossil fuel companies and their allies are deploying a range of tactics to obstruct ongoing lawsuits and investigations concerning evidence that the industry has misled the public about the harms it knew its products would cause to the climate, environment, and human health. Far-right industry allies with ties to Chevron have mounted an “unprecedented” pressure campaign calling on the Supreme Court to stop a potentially historic climate deception lawsuit against oil majors from going to trial. Republican attorneys general are separately urging the Supreme Court to throw out similar climate fraud lawsuits from five states.

‘Project 2025’ Is Just ‘Project 1981’

“Dangerous, diabolical, and dastardly” is how Hakeem Jeffries, the House Democratic Leader, just described the so-called “Project 2025” planning document that all liberals have now been commanded to light their hair on fire about and run around in circles screeching how it portends some imminent apocalyptic MAGA takeover. First off, it’s the least surprising thing in the world that the preeminent DC think tank of the “Conservative Movement” would merge itself to the maximum extent possible with the branding and sensibility of Donald Trump, the current undisputed ruler of the “Conservative Movement,” such as it exists.

Yemen Warms To Russia, Plans For Scorched Earth Policy Against Israel

The election campaign between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump is heating up. Polls show that issues like the U.S. economy, immigration, whether Trump will be incarcerated and whether Biden is mentally fit for office are at the forefront of most Americans’ minds. Yet a significant issue that could have far-reaching consequences for the American people and the world is being almost entirely overlooked. Neither candidate has thoroughly addressed the risks of a new conflagration in the Red Sea, one which could rival the disastrous U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. While the issue of Gaza garnered predictable pledges from both candidates to protect Israel at all costs, little scrutiny has been given to the potential risk of a new U.S.-led war, nor the consequences it could have on American interests and the lives of U.S. service members.

The NATO Declaration And The Deadly Strategy Of Neoconservatism

In 1992, U.S. foreign-policy exceptionalism went into overdrive. The U.S. has always viewed itself as an exceptional nation destined for leadership, and the demise of the Soviet Union in December 1991 convinced a group of committed ideologues—who came to be known as neoconservatives—that the U.S. should now rule the world as the unchallenged sole superpower. Despite countless foreign policy disasters at neocon hands, the 2024 NATO Declaration continues to push the neocon agenda, driving the world closer to nuclear war. The neoconservatives were originally led by Richard Cheney, the Defense Secretary in 1992.

Boeing Pleads Guilty To Criminal Fraud: The Continuing 737 Max Saga

Boeing has agreed to plead guilty to a criminal fraud charge regarding the two crashes of 737 Max airplanes that caused the death of 346 passengers on two flights: a Lion Air flight out of Indonesia in October 2018 and an Ethiopian Airlines flight in March 2019. Though Boeing had tried hard to convince the world that these accidents occurred due to poorly trained pilots in the third world, there was overwhelming evidence that Boeing had made significant changes to the flight control systems while hiding them from the US Federal Aviation Administration and the concerned airlines. The Seattle Times, which has done the most work in detailing the cause of the crashes and the failure of Boeing and the federal aviation regulator, described the settlement, “The plea deal… calls for Boeing to pay an additional $243.6 million fine.

The Corporate News Media At Work

When all we have to rely on in understanding our relationship to the news media is the media’s self-proclaimed assessment of its own role, maybe it is no surprise that most of us assume the West’s “free press” is a force for good: the bedrock of democracy, the touchstone of a superior western civilisation. The more idealistic among us think of the news media as something akin to a public service. The more cynical of us think of it as a competitive marketplace in information and commentary, one in which ugly agendas are often in evidence but truth ultimately prevails. Both views are fanciful. The reality is far, far darker – and I speak as someone who worked for many years in The Guardian and Observer newsrooms, widely seen as the West’s most progressive newspapers.

The Old Evil

Ramallah, Occupied Palestine: It comes back in a rush, the stench of raw sewage, the groan of the diesel, sloth-like Israeli armored personnel carriers, the vans filled with broods of children, driven by chalky faced colonists, certainly not from here, probably from Brooklyn or somewhere in Russia or maybe Britain. Little has changed. The checkpoints with their blue and white Israeli flags dot the roads and intersections. The red-tiled roofs of the colonist settlements — illegal under international law — dominate hillsides above Palestinian villages and towns. They have grown in number and expanded in size.

Biden Or Not, US Policy On Palestine Stays The Same

With four months left until the elections in the United States, other issues are falling off the media radar. One might think that the genocide in Gaza had ended, as the coverage of it in mainstream media has fallen off dramatically. But Israel has been escalating its attacks, openly targeting schools, dropping bombs on children playing soccer, and moving hundreds of thousands of largely homeless Palestinians from one place to another and bombing all of it. Meanwhile, American attention has moved inward, debating whether or not the obvious mental incapacity of a man who holds the most powerful position in the world is disqualifying while his full partnership in a genocide of stunning magnitude is not.

Biden’s Aid Pier In Gaza To Shut Down After Two Months Of Operation

After less than two months since its installation, the United States is set to close Biden’s failed “humanitarian aid pier” in Gaza, which was first announced during the US President’s State of the Union address in March, amid heightened Palestine solidarity protests. The pier served as Biden’s response to growing outrage around the death toll of Israeli attacks in Gaza, the lack of humanitarian aid entering the enclave, and the United States’ sustained political and military support for Israel. The US has also faced accusations that the pier was used by Israeli forces to carry out the Nuseirat refugee camp massacre on June 8 after a video circulated showing an Israeli helicopter taking off near the pier.

Venezuelans To Vote On Continuing The Bolivarian Revolution

The future of Venezuela’s 25-year-old socialist movement will be decided in the upcoming July 28 election. Venezuelans will go to the polls knowing that a vote for incumbent President Nicolás Maduro means no relief from US unilateral coercive measures. These so-called “sanctions” have been central to Washington’s regime-change campaign explicitly designed to asphyxiate the Venezuelan economy and turn the people against their government; what Venezuelanalysis calls “a war without bombs.” Venezuela, with some 930 unilateral coercive measures imposed on it by the US, is the second most sanctioned country in the world after Russia.

NATO Summit: Collectively Losing Their Minds

On March 7, 2022, two weeks after Moscow entered the civil war in Ukraine, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told CBS News from Moldova that the U.S. would give NATO-member Poland a “green light” to send Mig-29 fighter jets to Ukraine. Within days the Pentagon shot down the idea. Then U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer also supported the Polish planes scheme, but the Pentagon rejected it because it “could result in significant Russian reaction that might increase the prospects of a military escalation with NATO,” according to then Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. 

Haiti May End Up Foiling US Plans For Kenya

Just over three weeks after he was sworn in on Jun. 3, Haiti’s de facto Prime Minister Garry Conille – without even the knowledge, much less the approval, of the Transitional Presidential Council (CPT) that appointed him – boarded a plane on Jun. 28 to visit Washington, DC, where he reported to his bosses in meetings with U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Brian Nichols, Deputy National Security Adviser Jonathan Finer, and paymasters from the World Bank and Interamerican Development Bank (IDB), among others. He then traveled to New York, where he addressed the UN Security Council on Jul. 3.
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