International Day Of Campesino Struggle Marked In Latin America

By Staff, -

Every year, on April 17, social movements and Campesinos commemorate the International Day of Campesino Struggle to honor the 19 campesinos of Brazil’s Landless Workers’ Movement murdered by [...]

CIA’s Secret Torture Program Sparked Citizen-led Public Reckoning In North Carolina

By Alexandra Moore, -

President Donald Trump’s nominee for CIA director, Gina Haspel, is reported to have overseen a U.S. site in Thailand where torture of a suspected terrorist took place. Later she allegedly helped [...]

America’s Growing Military Footprint Is Sparking An Anti War Resurgence

By Cameron Orr, -

Trump’s new discretionary budget will shovel 61 percent of the country’s social oxygen into the Pentagon’s fiery furnace. That’s $727 billion worth of schools, libraries, green jobs and [...]

Event Marks Milestone For Fort Laramie Treaty Of 1868

By Richie Richards, -

The 150th anniversary of the signing of the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 is on April 29, 2018. The tribes of the Oceti Sakowin and surrounding areas are coming together to remember this important [...]

American Muslims Organize Grassroots Lobby For Palestine

By Wasan Abu Baker, Popular Resistance. -

This is the fourth year, American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) is holding its Palestine Advocacy Day and Training program in Washington, D.C.  This meeting started with a small number of attendees [...]

Meteorologists Have A New Strategy For Bringing Climate Change Down To Earth

By Jim O'Donnell, -

“Beer is mostly water, right?” the Springfield Missouri, reporter says. “One of our local breweries gets the water they use from a nearby lake. Well, because temperatures are going up there has [...]

ADAPT Occupies Space To Protest FDA Commissioner

By John Zangas, DC Media Group -

Disability rights activists have for the last two weeks made a tiny, nondescript park at 24th and I Street NW into a temporary base of operations. “ADAPT Freedom Park,” as they’ve christened it, [...]

Inspired By West Virginia, Teachers Spread Red For Ed Movement Across Arizona

By Rebecca Garelli, -

This all got started two Fridays ago, March 2. I had become friends with Jay O’Neal from West Virginia, who helped start the teachers and public employees Facebook group there, and he let me into [...]

Oklahoma School Funding Paves The Way To A Teacher Walkout

By John Thompson, -

Oklahoma is one of the states heading for a teachers walkout. Because of a complicated set of reasons, the political challenge facing Oklahoma educators is more formidable than the problems faced [...]

The West Virginia Option

The ongoing teachers’ strike in West Virginia is remarkable in many ways. Thousands of public workers are engaged in a grassroots rebellion, defying restrictions on their right to strike. They’ve [...]

Getting Beyond War And Militarism: The “To-Do” List

By Ed Kinane, -

Violence begets violence. War profits only the few, the rich, the powerful — the 1%. As moral beings and tax paying citizens we must vigorously oppose war. Especially those wars of aggression [...]

Raining On Trump’s Parade

By Ann Garrison, -

As far as the coalition goes, and this is still fairly young, we found that a number of organizations that Popular Resistance works with were organizing responses to the military parade. ANSWER [...]

Florida Farmworkers Push For Fairness In The Fields

By Negin Owliaei, -

South Florida was known as a hotbed for modern-day slavery. Now, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers are using their innovative model to bring dignity to the tomato fields. Immokalee, Florida, is [...]

To Save Chicago Public Schools, We Need A New Education Summit

C Tocci, -

Imagine 500 parents and educators in the UIC Forum cheering on the mayor as he announces a new future for Chicago Public Schools. I can’t. I am the parent of a CPS student as well as an education [...]

It’s Time To Show Up For An Open Internet

By Gabriella Anaïs Deal-Márquez, -

I am grateful to the elders in my family line that have taught me the power of telling our stories.  As a daughter of artist activists I was raised knowing that the resistance in your art and [...]