Victory For The Peace Movement: Military Parade Canceled, #AntiwarAutumn Goes Forward

By Popular Resistance. -

August 16 - As resistance to the November military parade, ordered by President Trump, was gaining momentum, the Pentagon announced tonight that the parade is being "postponed" into 2019, which [...]

Monsanto’s Loss Is Our Gain—Let’s Make The Most Of It

By Katherine Paul, -

Thank you to the 12 jurors who listened attentively and critically, during long days of testimony, then deliberated with care, and ultimately did the right thing. Thank you to the lawyers who [...]

Opposition to Trump Military Parade Grows, Cost Now Estimated At $92 Million

By No Trump Military Parade. -

A network of 187 organizations has come together to urge a mass protest against the military parade in November called for by President Trump. The military parade is widely opposed. Army Times [...]

Vermont’s Striking Nurses Want A Raise For Nonunion Workers Too

By Jonah Furman, -

Especially for professional workers, when your main strike issue is pay, attracting public support can be a challenge. Savvy employers paint union members as spoiled. They like to point out that [...]

How Tech Workers Are Organizing For Social Change

By Nithin Coca, -, a nonprofit based in the U.S. that enables workers to start campaigns to change their workplaces, received more inquiries from employees at tech firms about using the platform [...]

Prison Contracts Regularly Come Up For Reconsideration

By Beryl Lipton, -

Today’s immigration policies won’t necessarily keep detention centers in your community tomorrow. Over 200 privately-owned or privately-managed correctional facilities - jails, prisons, and [...]

Liberal Madness And The Anti-war Imperative

By Staff, -

The ongoing and deepening crisis of U.S. society has caused anger, fear and confusion. The precipitous decline of the standard of living for millions of people in the United States helped produce [...]

Campaign To Prevent A ‘Brave New World’ Privacy-Invading Education Profiteering

By Morna McDermott, Popular Resistance -

We are entering a very dangerous time in US public education that threatens the role of teachers, public schools and the privacy of students. The history of education reform is long and [...]

Navajo Nation Hosts Third Annual Youth And Elder Summit

By Staff, -

WINDOW ROCK—The Navajo Nation hosted the third annual Youth and Elder Summit on June 28-29 at the Navajo Nation Museum to help bridge the gap between youth and elders. “Our elders are so valuable [...]

Top Issue In The Elections Is Health Care

By Margaret Flowers, -

As it was in the 2008 election, health care is at the top of voter’s list of concerns. This means that we have the opportunity over the next few years to push National Improved Medicare for All [...]

Supreme Court’s Fatal Attack On Public Sector Workers

By Anthony DiMaggio, Counterpunch. -

The courts have always been an instrument of plutocratic power. But the war against American workers has intensified in Trump’s America. With its recent rulings, Harris v. Quinn (2014) and Janus [...]

Who Is Making A Killing On Killing?

By Jodie Evans and Andrew Behar, -

Our investments are funding war, guns, and militarism at home and around the world. From our personal investments to state pension plans to university trusts, the money that individuals and [...]

Mexicans Organize To Defend The Will Of The People And Impose Democracy

By Staff, -

 This massive support for AMLO reflects the people’s anger and despair after more than 30 years of policies that have handed over the nation’s wealth and resources to a handful of billionaires [...]

Poor People’s March To Arrive In DC, Set Up Resurrection City

By Poor People's Economic and Human Rights Campaign, Popular Resistance. -

Washington, DC - This summer marks the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Poor People’s March on Washington. This effort, organized by Martin Luther King, Jr., united poor people from around the United [...]

In Response To ICE Raids And Family Separation, Immigrant Communities Are Fighting Back

By Tanner Howard, -

Since May 19, a hotline dedicated to assisting families threatened by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been ringing nonstop. That same day is when ICE agents across the Chicagoland [...]