From Rikers To Santa Rita: Close The Death Camps!

January 27, 2022/25th Sh’vat 5782, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, is the 77th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps, where so many of our ancestors were [...]

Palestinians Continue Boycott Of Israeli Military Courts

By People's Dispatch. -

Around 500 Palestinians currently incarcerated in Israel under the illegal policy of administrative detention have been boycotting Israeli military courts to protest their detention since January [...]

Activists Target Public Relations Groups For Greenwashing Fossil Fuels

By Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, Inside Climate News. -

Duncan Meisel used to help climate activists tell their stories, as a communications adviser to environmentalists trying to convince the public that oil and gas companies must change to avert a [...]

Ukraine: Biden Administration’s ‘Wag The Dog’ Diversionary War?

By Black Alliance for Peace. -

The Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) along with the ANSWER Coalition, CODEPINK, Maryland Peace Action, Popular Resistance, and many other organizations will gather in Washington today at noon in [...]

The Surveillance And Policing Of Looted Land

By Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, Black Agenda Report. -

The Stop LAPD Spying Coalition is a community group rooted in the Skid Row community on Tongva/Gabrielino land, stolen territory known as Los Angeles. Over the past decade, we have been working [...]

76 Pro-Democracy Protesters Killed Since The Coup In Sudan

By Pavan Kulkarni, People's Dispatch. -

Three months after the military coup in Sudan on October 25, the military junta has failed to consolidate power in the face of country-wide mass protests recurring every few days. Deploying the [...]

It’s Time For Biden To Fulfill Pledge To End The Federal Death Penalty

By Alice Kim, Truthout. -

On January 17, 1977, Gary Gilmore was executed by firing squad, shot through the heart, at Utah State Prison. He was the first person to be executed after the death penalty had been reinstated in [...]

Bus Drivers Go On Strike To Protest Low Pay

By Magnolia State Live, Portside. -

Bus drivers in the Jefferson Davis County went on strike Friday morning after the school board approved paying $25 an hour to emergency drivers as an incentive to help with driver shortage. The [...]

Sudan’s Revolution Enters Its Second Phase: Disrupting The State

By Wini Omer, Open Democracy. -

A few hours after the military coup in Sudan on 25 October 2021, its leader, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, appeared on television to announce the dissolution of the Sovereign Council, the governmental [...]

Divestment Campaigns And Reinvestment Efforts Gain Strength

With over 80 percent of the world’s population experiencing extreme weather linked to climate change, university endowments have become a focal point for students, faculty, and community members [...]

Coalminers On Strike For 10 Months Vow Not To Be ‘Starved Out’

By Michael Sainato, The Guardian. -

About 1,100 coalminers in Alabama have entered 2022 still on strike, more than 10 months since they walked out back in April last year, making it the longest strike in the US since the Covid-19 [...]

The Jewish National Fund Does Israel’s Dirty Work—Again

By Nina Felshin and Donna Nevel, Popular Resistance. -

The JNF (Jewish National Fund) once again is in the news, this time for collaborating with the State of Israel in dispossessing Palestinian residents of the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh [...]

Trial Monitors Condemn Judges For Attacks On Donziger

By IMPETUS, Popular Resistance. -

This executive summary presents an overview of key findings of a international group of legal scholars and practitioners who conducted impartial monitoring of the case of United States v. Steven [...]

Tell Biden: No War! U.S./NATO Hands Off Russia And Donbass!

By Greg Butterfield, Struggle La Lucha. -

U.S. imperialism is playing with fire in Eastern Europe. U.S. officials are toying with the lives of millions of people in Europe, Asia and potentially the entire world with their unprecedented [...]

Police Arrest Seven Pro-Palestine Protestors In Washington D.C.

West Bank - The U.S. police in Washington D.C. arrested on Monday seven pro-Palestine protestors from organizations and associations supporting the Palestinian right during a peaceful [...]