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resist-iconStrategic direct action and civil disobedience such as strikes, sit-ins and occupations can expose injustice, slow down or stop harmful practices and win specific demands. Below is an archive of articles covering resistance groups in the United States and internationally. If you are inspired by a campaign, perhaps you will join or support it. If you like the tactics being used, you can adapt them for your own struggle. Check out our Resources Page for links to tools that may be helpful in your resistance.

Defunding UNRWA Makes United States Complicit In Genocide

Earlier this year, the International Court of Justice ruled that Israel’s actions in Gaza plausibly constitute genocide. The world’s most influential judicial body ordered Israel to stop killing civilians and to admit more humanitarian aid. Unfortunately, Israel was having none of it. Israel’s killings have continued, with over 30,000 Palestinians in Gaza now dead and tens of thousands more at risk of dying from hunger and disease. Precious little aid is getting in. And worse, the U.S. has joined Israel’s efforts to incapacitate Gaza’s most important relief agency.

New Yorkers Demand Their City Council Call For A Ceasefire

From February 28 to 29, New Yorkers held a 24-hour vigil outside of City Hall to demand that the New York City Council pass a resolution to call for a ceasefire in Israel’s genocide in the Gaza Strip. The vigil was organized by the NYC 4 Ceasefire coalition, composed of several pro-Palestine organizations in the city including Adalah Justice Project, the NYC Democratic Socialists of America, VOCAL-NY, Desis Rising Up and Moving (DRUM), and NYC Dissenters. At least 70 US cities have passed resolutions calling for a ceasefire, according to Jewish Voice for Peace.

Complicity In Genocide: The Case Against The Biden Administration

Early this month, a federal judge dismissed a case brought by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) charging U.S. President Joe Biden, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken with complicity in the Israeli-led genocide in Gaza. But while many media outlets were quick to report on the case not moving forward, they largely missed a key aspect of the ruling: the judge did not dismiss the case on its merits but rather because it fell ​“outside the court’s limited jurisdiction,” therefore rejecting it on technical grounds.

Hundreds Of Lawmakers Worldwide Demand Cutting Arms Sales To Israel

Over 200 MPs from 12 states signed a letter urging their governments to impose a ban on weapons sales to Israel. In the letter, organized by Progressive International and signed on 1 March, the MPs say they refuse to be complicit in “Israel’s grave violation of international law” in Gaza. The organizers believe that certain governments supplying arms to the Israeli military could be held legally accountable, given the scale of death and destruction in the Gaza Strip. Those who signed the letter are all MPs of states that supply Israel with military aid. Nine are current or former party leaders.

The Cuban People Will Join March 2 Global Day Of Action For Palestine

The people of Cuba will join millions across the world in taking to the streets on March 2 to demand that Israel immediately cease its genocidal war on Gaza and stop its planned March 10 invasion of Rafah. Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel announced the call for mobilizations on X stating “Cuba joins the global mobilization this March 2 in support of Palestine. In all of the provinces and in Havana, we will be on the streets in solidarity with our brother people and to condemn the holocaust that Israel seeks to provoke in Rafah. Everyone for Gaza!”

Chris Hedges: Aaron Bushnell’s Divine Violence

Aaron Bushnell, when he placed his cell phone on the ground to set up a livestream and lit himself on fire in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C., resulting in his death, pitted divine violence against radical evil. As an active duty member of the U.S. Air Force, he was part of the vast machinery that sustains the ongoing genocide in Gaza, no less morally culpable than the German soldiers, technocrats, engineers, scientists and bureaucrats who oiled the apparatus of the Nazi Holocaust. This was a role he could no longer accept. He died for our sins.

Inside The Historic Student Protests For Palestine

Every day, Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza continues to erase whole families, communities, and neighborhoods off the face of the earth. We are recording this on Thursday, February 22nd, and just three days ago, Gaza’s Health Ministry reported that Israel has killed more than 29,000 Palestinians since October 7th, around two thirds of them, women and children. More than 69,000 Palestinians have been wounded in that time. As a full scale ethnic cleansing unfolds before our eyes, as the slaughter continues, as Israel’s government vows to continue the slaughter until quote, “total victory is achieved,” and as the US continues to be the number one supporter of this humanitarian calamity, people of conscience around the world continue to take direct action, with increased urgency.

International Coalition To Stop Genocide In Palestine Denounces Starvation As Genocide

The International Coalition to Stop Genocide in Palestine (ICGSP) encourages social movements worldwide to take urgent action to stop the intentional starvation of people in the Gaza Strip and to participate in upcoming global days of action in March aimed at raising awareness of and pressuring governments to stop the famine. In January of this year, the World Court ordered the state of Israel to cease all activities consistent with genocide. This includes actions that would threaten the well-being of Palestinians, such as the withholding of basic necessities: food, water, medicines and fuel, to name a few. 

Southern Lebanon Stands With Resistance Despite Israeli Terrorism

The principles of the people of southern Lebanon remain unchanged since the 90s when it comes to the Resistance, as they stand in the face of Israeli terrorism and declare their unwavering support for the Resistance. Numerous villages in southern Lebanon mourned in early February more than a dozen civilian martyrs who were killed by the Israeli occupation. There was also a large number of casualties, including 14 people who were injured in two Israeli airstrikes that targeted the Ghazieh area (south of Sidon). Three days earlier, the towns of Nabatiyeh and al-Sawaneh buried 10 martyrs in a magnificent procession.

Palestine Action US Activists Hit With Felony Charges Over Elbit Protest

Three activists have been indicted for participating in a protest at Elbit Systems of America in Merrimack, New Hampshire last November. Elbit is Israel’s largest private arms supplier. Sophie Ross, Bridget Shergalis, and Calla Walsh are facing charges of riot, conspiracy to commit criminal mischief, burglary, and conspiracy to commit falsifying physical evidence for climbing onto the company’s roof and defacing the building with paint. Each charge is a Class B felony and could carry a three-and-a-half to seven-year prison sentence. A fourth woman, Paige Belanger, was arrested in January over her involvement in the protest.

How To Resist The Deliberate Medical Neglect Of Our Political Prisoners

Dr Joy James asked a crucial question on a Guerilla University podcast which she co-hosted with Kalonji Changa on February 13th, 2024: " How does one organize a resistance against the medical assassination of our elders behind bars?" As abolitionists, we believe that there is no resistance without testimony and in this case without first person singular testimony about the reality of the hidden and daily torture of death by incarceration that Mumia Abu-Jamal calls slow death row. The common denominator that links all our political prisoners is slow death row.

Indigenous Human Rights Hearing In DC Scrutinizes Uranium Industry

Washington, D.C. — Members of the Navajo Nation, Ute Nation and Oglala Lakota Nation will testify on Wednesday during a thematic hearing on the impacts of uranium exploitation on the human rights of Indigenous peoples in the United States. The hearing is being held by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and will “allow Native communities who have lived for generations with the waste from historic uranium mining and milling to hold U.S. government officials to account in a public forum,” according to a press release.

‘Move The Money’: Detroit Votes For Slashing Bloated Pentagon Budget

Detroit, Michigan - Following in the footsteps of neighboring Hamtramck, Detroit has become the biggest U.S. city so far to pass a “Move the Money” resolution. The measure, approved unanimously by City Council on Tuesday, calls on the U.S. Congress and the president to shift public money away from the military to fund social services. The Michigan Peace Council, a major backer of the campaign to win the resolution, praised the council vote, which came on the same day that nearly 101,000 Michiganders voted “Uncommitted” in the Democratic primary to oppose President Joe Biden’s support for Israel’s brutal war against Gaza.

U.S. AFRICOM Airstrikes Feared To Have Killed Two Cuban Doctors

The National Network on Cuba, The Black Alliance for Peace, and Lowcountry Action Committee strongly condemn the US Africa Command (AFRICOM) airstrikes in Somalia reported to have killed 2 Cuban doctors. We demand the U.S. release all information about the bombing to Cuba and the victims’ families. Cuba has deployed more than 600,000 health workers to 165 nations over the last six decades on medical missions. Two Cubans serving in Kenya, Dr. Assel Herrera Correa, a specialist in general medicine, and Dr. Landy Rodriguez Hernandez, a surgeon, were kidnapped there in 2019 and held in Jilib, southern Somalia.

Argentinian Working People Fight Milei Government With A General Strike

More than 1.5 million people took part in a general strike in Argentina on January 24 against a new president and his aggressive anti-union “reforms.” Self-described “liberal-libertarian” Javier Milei, who won the November 22 presidential elections, is an economist who became popular as a panelist on a TV show. He advocated for ending the “privileges” of the “casta”—defined as corrupt politicians and social and union leaders taking advantage of “good people.” With a new party, Freedom Advances (La Libertad Avanza), Milei won the votes of a range of people, from working-class people disappointed and angry with the incumbent Peronist government to the middle and ruling classes opposed to state intervention in the economy and income distribution.
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