Gilets Jaunes: Catalyst For A Global Movement?

By Gilbert Mercier, -

France is at a crossroad. A fairly benign bread-and-butter protest has turned into a major popular dissent putting in question France’s political system. It is new, unheard of, and because we [...]

Youth Climate Leaders Occupy Schumer’s Office To Demand Support For Green New Deal

By Jake Johnson, -

"Real climate leadership means a commitment to bold climate action and a just transition. It means a Green New Deal." Keeping up the pressure on the Democratic leadership to embrace bold and [...]

Thousands Participate In Youth-For-Climate March In Brussels

By Staff, -

Some 12,500 demonstrators participated in a march organised in Brussels by students who stayed away from school on Thursday to press for a more ambitious policy on climate change, according to [...]

See You In Court, Citizens Tell Governments On Climate Change

By Megan Rowling, -

BARCELONA, Jan 17 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Environmentalists in France and Ireland are pushing forward with legal cases aimed at forcing their governments to step up action on climate [...]

The Scott Warren Case Is Part Of A Crackdown On Aid To Migrants

By James Goodman, -

He offered food, water, and clothing to migrants on a deadly stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border. Now he’s facing twenty years in prison. Humanitarian groups fear the situation will only get worse. [...]

Mexico Faces Largest Strike In North America, 70,000 Sweatshop Auto Workers

By Staff, -

As new manufacturing plants join the growing strike in Matamoros, Mexico, over 70,000 workers are confronting threats of mass firings and plant closures by the employers and advancing their fight [...]

L.A. School Board Member Breaks Ranks To Support Striking Teachers, Blames Beutner As District Losses Mount

By Erick Galindo, -

The teachers strike is happening because of Superintendent Austin Beutner and School Board policy of not contradicting him publicly during the negotiations, according to L.A. Unified School Board [...]

Open Letter: Chiefs Call Out RCMP For Misinformation And Invasion

By Union of BC Indian Chiefs, -

The Union of BC Indian Chiefs has issued an open letter dealing with the misconduct of the RCMP and attempts to absolve its responsibility regarding its forcible intervention against the [...]

Corporate And Banking Interests Profit From Desecration Of Black Maryland Graveyard

By Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, -

In the grand scheme of things it didn’t even register a blip. Four people arrested in an obscure auditorium in a place whose name has a certain regal air to it -- Kensington. But this wasn’t [...]

Unauthorized Special Edition Of The Washington Post: “Trump Flees White House”

By Andy Bichlbaum, -

Early this morning, thousands of commuters in Washington, D.C. were handed a spitting image of the Washington Post. But this one was dated May 1, 2019 — and in lieu of the Post’s usual tagline, [...]

French Worker Sentenced To Six Months’ Jail Over Facebook Call For Demonstrations

By Will Morrow, -

On Tuesday, January 8, 28-year-old protester Hedi Martin was sentenced to six months’ jail without parole at a correctional tribunal in the southern town of Narbonne. His sole “crime” was to have [...]

Earth Strike Protests Build Toward Sept. 27th General Strike On Climate Change

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

Climate protests under the label #EarthStrike were held all over the world on January 15. Earth Strike is a grassroots movement that focuses on building toward a general strike to tackle climate [...]

Brazilian Indigenous Respond To Bolsonaro: ‘We Are Not Animals In Zoos, We Are People In Our Homeland’

By Elaine Tavares, -

The Bolsonaro government’s racist attacks on indigenous peoples, the administrative change in the Agricultural portfolio, and responsibility for the demarcation of original lands are already [...]

Israel’s Plan To ‘Worsen Conditions’ For Palestinian Prisoners Is An Opportunity For Unity

By Ramona Wadi, -

Depriving Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails of their basic rights is a “moral duty”, according to Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan. News reports have confirmed that the [...]

LA Teachers Strike Shows There Is Little Difference Between Dems & Repubs On Corporatized Education

By Steven Singer, -

On Monday more than 30,000 teachers at 900 schools in Los Angeles, California, will be on strike. And unlike the wave of teachers strikes last year in red states like West Virginia, this time [...]