Target Workers Call For A Boycott Of Shipt On April 10

By Shipt Shoppers, Popular Resistance. -

We’ve demanded that Shipt HQ offer us hazard pay for choosing to risk our health to deliver groceries to those who are self-quarantining. The Shipt spokesperson said that they are essentially [...]

Zimbabwe: Protests Over Coronavirus Fears

By MacDonald Dzirutwe, Reuters. -

Customs officials at the country’s biggest airport have also stopped reporting for work, fearing exposure to the coronavirus and a lack of measures to prevent its spread, their union said. The [...]

Food Safety Groups Warn Of Looming Zoonotic Pandemic Due To New USDA Rule

By Andrea Germanos, Commondreams. -

Food safety advocates warned Monday that the U.S. Department of Agriculture's newly implemented rules for pig slaughter are setting the stage for a potential public health disaster—including the [...]

Rolling Protest For Rent Forgiveness

By Staff, Daily News. -

Protesting in a method that aligned with the social distancing urged by the state, county and city, tenant advocates climbed into their vehicles and rolled past the traditional Los Angeles [...]

Five Million Nigerians Oppose Monsanto’s Plans To Introduce GMO Crops

By Lorraine Chow, Ecowatch. -

Millions of Nigerians are urging the Nigerian government to reject Monsanto’s attempts to introduce genetically modified (GMO) cotton and maize into the country's food and farming [...]

Cambodian Garment Workers Strike Over Unpaid Wages During Pandemic

By Saut Sok, Global Voices. -

Nearly 1,000 garment workers protested outside a Phnom Penh factory on March 25, 2020, after the owner failed to pay their regular wages, which the company said was due to declining payments from [...]

Mauna Kea Is About Who Will Decide the Future

By Winona LaDuke, Truthout. -

“The mountain brought us together,” Luana Busby-Neff tells me. It’s 200 days into the prayer vigil and blockade that brought the proposed Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) to a stop in Hawaii. The [...]

How Nurses Got Masks

By Elizabeth Lalasz, Labor Notes. -

I am a registered nurse at Cook County Hospital, the safety-net hospital in Chicago and the busiest hospital in the state. The people who come to this hospital are some of the most underserved [...]

Response To President Maduro’s Letter To The People Of The United States

By The Network in Defense of Humanity. -

The Network in Defense of Humanity – US Chapter expresses our heartfelt solidarity with the people of Venezuela and its only legitimate President Nicolas Maduro Moros in this hour of [...]

Shipt Shopper Walk-Off

By Shipt Shoppers, -

For the past several weeks, Shipt has been ignoring its Shoppers’ pleas for hazard pay, PPE, and denied 14 days of sick pay for those of us too sick to work. Earlier this week, they issued a pay [...]

Activists Place Symbolic Body Bags At Entrance To Trump Golf Course

By Refuse Fascism. -

Pine Hill, NJ - “The Trump/Pence response to the COVID-19 pandemic – the actions, lies and inaction – is killing people and threatening humanity,” said Samantha Goldman, Refuse Fascism after [...]

Inmates At Privately-Run ICE Camp Go On Hunger Strike

By Alan Macleod, Mintpress News. -

Amidst a COVID-19 outbreak, around 100 detained migrants at a private, for-profit prison in Farmville, VA, have collectively gone on hunger strike, demanding their release on medical and humane [...]

Workers Walk Out, Building Momentum Toward General Strike

By Candace Bernd, Truthout. -

Essential workers at Instacart, Whole Foods, Amazon and General Electric are staging protests and walking off the job in droves across the U.S., demanding increased protections and pay as they [...]

Caravan Protests Demand ‘Decarcerate Now!’

By Joe Piette, -

A broad coalition of prison abolition activists took to Philadelphia’s streets in over 120 cars—most with just one occupant—to demand officials massively decarcerate jails, prisons and detention [...]

After 42 Test Positive For COVID-19, Nurses In Western Pennsylvania Walk Off Job

By Mike Elk, Pay Day Report. -

Pittsburgh, PA - On Thursday, dozens of nurses, members of SEIU Healthcare PA, walked off at the Brighton Rehab and Wellness Center in Western Pennsylvania’s Beaver County.  The walk-off came [...]