Stand With The People Of Sudan

By Black Alliance for Peace. -

We are clear that the training of African police and military by the US and its NATO allies, in counter insurgency measures to confront the mass uprisings against repression, as taking place  [...]

Fightback Against Israel Lobby’s Antisemitism Smear Of UK Academics

By Jonathan Cook, Mintpress News. -

Glasgow, Scotland - Hundreds of international scholars have begun a fightback against pro-Israel lobbyists who have been scoring increasingly high-profile victories on UK campuses as they seek to [...]

Judge Halts Sale Of Apartment Complex Where Black Graves Were Buried

By Erik Ortiz, NBC News. -

Bethesda, MD - A community coalition has provided “overwhelming evidence” that a portion of a suburban Washington apartment complex was used as a burial ground for freed Black slaves and their [...]

Puerto Ricans Resist Austerity Measures And Corporate Corruption

By Monica Cruz, BreakThrough News. -

A worsening economic crisis, compounded by brutal neoliberal policies, have ushered in a new wave of resistance in Puerto Rico. Nearly half of the population lives below the poverty line. More [...]

Striking Kellogg Workers Describe The Issues In Their Fight

By George Kirby, WSWS. -

Now in their third week on strike, Kellogg workers at four facilities in the US are demanding wage increases that keep up with inflation, an end to brutal work schedules that keep them on the job [...]

SEPTA Workers Vote To Authorize Strike

By Pat Ralph, Philly Voice. -

SEPTA's transit union has taken another step towards a potential work stoppage, as workers voted unanimously Sunday to authorize a strike if a new contract can't be agreed upon over the next [...]

Statement On Zimbabwe Solidarity Day

By A-APRP. -

The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (A-APRP) stand with Zimbabwe and the countries of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) on this October 25th “SADC Anti-Sanctions [...]

Forest Defenders Continue To Block Destruction Of Rare Forest Habitat

By Anonymous, It's Going Down. -

This week, forest defenders are succeeding in slowing tree clearing using their bodies to protect sensitive and rare forest habitats from aggressive tree clearing from PG&E contractors in [...]

‘March Of Millions’ In Sudan Revives Spirit Of December Revolution

By Pavan Kulkarni, People's Dispatch. -

Demanding a full transfer of state power from military to civilian authority, millions of pro-democracy protesters took to the streets in a show of force in cities and towns across Sudan on [...]

Shocking Death On Set Shows What’s At Stake In IATSE Contract Fight

By Sarah Hughes, Labor Notes. -

The union representing 60,000 film and television crew workers reached a tentative agreement with Hollywood producers October 16. The deal averted a first-ever national strike by the Theatrical [...]

Mi’kmaq Grandmothers And Water Protectors Celebrate Alton Gas Decommissioning

By Stop Alton Gas. -

Unceded Mi’kmaq Territory – After eight years of resistance led by grassroots Mi’kmaw grandmothers and water protectors to defend the Shubenacadie River from Alton Gas, the company has announced [...]

Howard University Sit-in: A Struggle For Democracy At An HBCU

By Jamal Rich, Black Agenda Report. -

On late Tuesday, Oct. 12, Howard University students began staging a sit-in demonstration at the Blackburn building in front of the historic Yard. Students brought sleeping bags and food and [...]

Tulalip Fishermen To Appear In Skagit Court Monday

By Hazen Graham Shopbell, Last Real Indians. -

I am a Tulalip Tribal member, Treaty fishermen, and elected member of the Tulalip Board of Directors. My Indian name from my father’s side is Wanbdi Wan Wanna Kinyan, which in English means [...]

Palestinians Protest In Support Of Prisoners On Hunger Strike

By People's Dispatch. -

On Wednesday, October 20, Palestinians staged a protest at the al-Manara square in Ramallah in the occupied West Bank in solidarity with six prisoners who are on hunger strike against their [...]

Diné Organization Files Petition Against United States, Cites Human Rights Violations

By Darren Thompson, Native News Online. -

For decades, the people on Navajo Nation have had no drinking water, due to uranium mining. Today, the Eastern Navajo Diné Against Uranium Mining (ENDAUM) submitted the additional documents [...]