Can The Arab Uprisings Move Toward A Successful Revolution?

By Joe Gill, -

Week after week, the protesters return to the squares, blockading streets and highways, attempting to tear down the barriers erected to protect the centres of state power. They face bullets, [...]

To Tackle Inequality, We Need To Start Talking About Where Wealth Comes From

By Laurie Macfarlane, -

The studies, one commissioned by Trust for London and another by Tax Justice UK, explore public attitudes towards wealth based on focus groups held across England. Both found that most people are [...]

State Violence: When Does Democracy Cease To Exist?

By Emma Justum, Open Democracy. -

On January 30, 2019, already one year ago, the Council of Europe through its Commissioner for Human Rights expressed “very serious concerns” about the type of injuries wreaked on Gilets Jaunes [...]

More Than Symbolism Needed To Advance Indigenous Rights

By Sherri Mitchell, -

Today’s society has become adept at utilizing symbolic acts to divert attention from the substantive work needed to make real change. They have become the just-add-water staple food of many [...]

Reducing White Supremecy

By Aaron Barlow, -

Back when I was a drunk, everything was always someone else’s fault. Eventually, I discovered, with Jimmy Buffett, that it was “my own damn fault.” Once I accepted that, I could get sober and [...]

Wet’suwet’en Land Defenders Face Risks Experienced By Environmental Human Rights Defenders Around The World

By Brent Patterson, -

The Indigenous Wet'suwet'en land defenders protecting their territory in northern British Columbia from the construction of the TC Energy Coastal GasLink fracked gas pipeline are experiencing [...]

No Fascist USA! Lessons From A History Of Anti-Klan Organizing

By Hilary Moore and James Tracy, -

Ever since fascism first crawled out of the ideological sewer, anarchists and autonomists have been there to confront, antagonize and organize against it. You need not dig deep into past history [...]

Data Governance And The New Frontiers Of Resistance

By Anita Gurumurthy and Nandini Chami, -

Four centuries after the East India Company set the trend for corporate resource extraction, most of the world is now in the grip of unbridled corporate power. But corporate power is on the cusp [...]

Anatomy Of A Hunger Strike: A Prisoner Speaks

By Demetrius Grant/ Joe Piette, editor, -

Many protests against mass incarceration have taken place on the streets of U.S. cities over the last decade. Many resistance struggles have also been waged by individuals or groups of prisoners [...]

When Emptying The Streets Is Safer Than Filling Them

By Rivera Sun, -

In the United States, street protests are a go-to method for expressing dissent. They’re familiar, frequent, and they make great photo-ops for news networks — especially compared to other, less [...]

A Radical Call To Action

By Robert Hunziker, -

A radical call to action has never been more vital than today, as the abomination of capitalism known as neoliberalism tears apart society from stem to stern, continuing the grand experiment that [...]

What Is Environmental Peacebuilding?

By Staff, -

Environmental peacebuilding is an emerging field in both academic and practitioner communities that views environmental conflict as an opportunity to build peace rather than exclusively as a [...]

These Activists Use Makeup To Defy Mass Surveillance

By Moya Lothian-McLean, -

Anyone who happened to be loitering in the London borough of Greenwich on the evening of 16 January may have spotted a strange sight. Ten or so individuals, faces daubed in brightly painted [...]

A Vision For Palestinian Statehood That Is Not Trump’s

By Haidar Eid, -

We need to move away from the idea of a two-state solution and embrace the vision of one secular, democratic state. It has been almost 15 years since the Boycott, Divestment Sanctions (BDS) [...]

“Grand Coalitions” With Big Oil And Gas Won’t Solve The Climate Crisis

By Hannah McKinnon, -

Over the course of the last year and a half, we have been pushing the International Energy Agency (IEA) to stop giving cover to the oil and gas industry and model a fossil fuel phase-out that’s [...]