How Green Groups Became So White And What To Do About It

By Diane Toomey, Yale Environment 360 -

If environmental organizations want to become racially diverse, says sociologist Dorceta Taylor, they need to change the way they perceive people of color. In an e360 interview, she talks about [...]

How Gustavo Petro Has Given Life To Colombia’s Left

By Staff, -

8,034,189 million people voted for the former guerrilla member, Gustavo Petro - nearly double the number he gained during the nation’s first round at the polls less than a month ago. "What [...]

The Left in Syria: From Democratic National Change to Devastation

By Thaer A. Deeb, Verso Books -

In the beginning of 2017, after 6 years of devastation and bloodshed, many of this trend’s proponents released a document entitled A Call to Our Syrian People: For Freedom, Dignity, Citizenship, [...]

Role Of Land-Grant Universities In Assessing And Ending Structural Racism In US Food System

By Staff, -

Nine members of INFAS—the Inter-Institutional Network for Food, Agriculture, and Sustainability—were among the 66 people across eight working groups invited to help co-author a report about how [...]

Betraying Labor

By Greg Godels, -

At a time when ex-FBI chief James Comey’s self-serving, self-righteous book becomes a bestseller, in a season when ex-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, the enthusiastic apologist for [...]

NFL Tells Players Patriotism Is More Important Than Protest – Here’s Why That Didn’t Work During WWI

By Chad Williams, -

Last season, during the playing of the national anthem, dozens of NFL players kneeled, locked arms and raised their fists in protest against police and state-sanctioned violence inflicted upon [...]

The Future Of The Nakba

By Joseph Massad, -

The Zionist conquest of Palestine, which began haphazardly in the early 1880s and was intensified after the turn of the century, reaching its apogee with the British invasion and occupation of [...]

Mind The Stop-Gap

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

The Left loves to argue. Infighting and petty tiffs abound – purity tests and religious-style righteousness hang like smog over so-called safe spaces, suffocating collaborations. One wonders [...]

Are Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaigns Working?

By C.J. Polychroniou, -

Is fossil fuels divestment an effective strategy in tackling climate change? A newly released study by the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) at the University of Massachusetts at [...]

Labor Struggles Unite Students And Workers

By Arvind Dilawar, Pacific Standard Magazine. -

New York City - Students making their way into the New School's University Center on May 8th passed through a gauntlet of labor demonstrations. Reaching the center on 5th Avenue between East 13th [...]

Why Public Banking Is The End Goal Of The Divestment Movement

By Phoenix Goodman, -

Something big is starting to happen in the world of activism. Grassroots campaigns are beginning to coalesce into coherent, focused missions with definable outcomes. The Divest campaign is a [...]

What It Will Take For Public Banking To Win

By Matt Stannard, -

In 2014, then-Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales recognized that poverty and shrinking city budgets were problems that needed out-of-the-box solutions. Deeply concerned with inequality, Gonzales [...]

Climate Justice And The Kinder Morgan Pipeline: Is This The Next Standing Rock?

By Theo LeQuesne, -

May 2018. “Standing Rock is everywhere now.” We heard this refrain time and again in the days and weeks that followed the violent defeat and eviction of Standing Rock’s Water Protectors at [...]

The Moral Revolution America Needs

By Jessicah Pierre, -

Poor people of all races are shifting the national conversation on poverty and race from "right vs. left" to "right vs. wrong." Thousands of civil rights advocates, low-wage workers, and [...]

How Filipino Migrants Gave The Grape Strike Its Radical Politics

By David Bacon, -

The great Delano grape strike started on September 8, 1965, when Filipino pickers stayed in their labor camps, and refused to go into the fields. Mexican workers joined them two weeks later. The [...]