Lessons From Immigrant Rights Organizer: We Are Not Our ‘Productivity’

By Alan Pelaez Lopez, Rewire.news -

When I started organizing as part of DREAM Act mobilization in 2010, I had high hopes: I thought the act would be my way out of poverty, fugitivity, and uncertainty. But I never thought: At the [...]

Union-busters Set Themselves Up For Janus Backfire

By IUOE Local 150, Portside.org -

Unfortunately, for the special interest groups that are pushing this agenda, the ramifications of a win will have the opposite of the desired effect. If not bargaining is protected free speech, [...]

Our Bigoted Brains

By Eleanor Goldfield, Art Killing Apathy. -

If you’ve ever moved beyond small talk and vapid pleasantries in conversation then you’ve likely dealt with the infuriating occurrence of trying to convince someone of a fact they just don’t want [...]

What Can We Learn from MLK About US Elections

By Richard Moser, www.befreedom.co -

By Richard Moser for Be Freedom - The scale of our problems are far too great. There is far too much at stake. The problems we face are dangerous, deeply embedded, institutionalized. There is no [...]

Jacob Hacker Rises Again To Stop Single Payer

By Margaret Flowers, Healthoverprofit.org -

In the article linked below, The Road to Medicare for Everyone, Jacob Hacker is once again working to dissuade single payer healthcare supporters from demanding National Improved Medicare for All [...]

More Power To The Workers

By Jon Rynn, Economicreconstruction.org -

Melman always had a two-track intellectual focus, writing about both the military and the economy. The two concepts were intertwined in his books about the deleterious economic effects of [...]

Ending War Now

By Jerry Alatalo, Transcend.org -

1 Jan 2018 – Given the massive shift of world collective consciousness emergent after, among other astonishing developments, U.S. President Donald Trump’s arguably intended to provoke and [...]

Organizing On A Sinking Ship: Future Of Climate Justice Movement

By Kevin Buckland, Roarmag.org -

Climate change rarely comes up at the top of the list when people are asked about issues that concern them most. While this is not surprising, it is nonetheless disturbing considering the gravity [...]

In Shadows Of American Century: Rise & Decline Of US Global Power

By Paul Street, Nyjournalofbooks.com -

This is a remarkable and dazzlingly original account of the rise and potential near-term fall of the American Empire. A veteran and distinguished American foreign policy historian, Alfred McCoy [...]

Overcoming Contradictions Of Climate Change In Short Time We Have

By Andreas Malm, Roarmag.org -

Our best hope now is an immediate return to the flow. CO2 emissions have to be brought close to zero: some sources of energy that do not produce any emissions bathe the Earth in an untapped glow. [...]

Why Physicists Don’t Rule The World

By Stan Sorscher, Huffingtonpost.com -

I was a physicist for 30 years. My brain still works that way. In a post-factual world, scientists are at a distinct disadvantage. That may explain why very few physicists hold positions of [...]

Understanding Coates-West Conflict Clarifies Many Issues

By Robin D. G. Kelley, Bostonreview.net -

When the emails started coming in, I ignored them. By day’s end, my voicemail and email inboxes were filling up with links to the Guardian, followed by links to Facebook pages and blogposts [...]

Responding To The Now; Preparing For The Long Haul

By Staff, Podomatic.com -

This week on Love (and Revolution) Radio, we take a moment in the midst of the whirlwind to review and reflect, discussing how to stay grounded, continue engaging, and organize for the long haul [...]

Why We Shouldn’t Fall For Members-Only Unionism Trap

By Chris Brooks, Portside.org -

One of corporate America’s next big goals might surprise you: passing legislation to prevent unions from having to represent workers who don’t pay dues. This is just the latest of many [...]

Government Structure—Not Just Personnel—Needs to Change

Paul Street, Truthdig.com -

We need a “change of structure,” not merely a “change of spirit” or a change of party identity and personnel at the nominal top of the corporate totalitarian state. A nominal Democrat was elected [...]