The Great Recoil Of Neoliberal Globalization

By Paolo Gerbaudo, ROAR Magazine. -

The current political era is best understood as a “great recoil” of economic globalization. It is a moment when the coordinates of historical development seem to be inverting, upsetting many of [...]

Chile, Two Years After The Popular Uprising

By Atilio Boron, Orinoco Tribune. -

That October 18, 2019 was a blow that, in one fell swoop, brought down the deceptive façade of the conservative regime and inaugurated a new stage in the history of Chile. The enormous injustices [...]

Activism Needs To Be Part Of Any Meaningful Climate Education

By Nick Engelfried, Waging Nonviolence. -

Last month, crowds of young people and supporters gathered in 1,500 locations around the world for one of the largest youth-led climate protests since countries began emerging from the most [...]

Workers Have Leverage

By Luis Feliz Leon and Dan DiMaggio, Labor Notes. -

The capitalist vultures are wheeling low, but they’re finding slim pickings to choose from these days. “No one wants to work!” The bosses whine about a worker shortage—though it’s one they [...]

Teaching Politically and the Problem of Afropessimism

By Nino Brown And Derek Ford, Black Agenda Report. -

In education, as in so many other disciplines, one of the increasingly dominant phrases is “anti-Blackness” and the theory of Afropessimism. The two foundational theorists here are Frank [...]

Climate Justice Must Be A Top Priority For Labor

By Peter Knowlton and John Braxton, Labor Notes. -

Today’s existential crisis for humanity is the immediate need to shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy. All of us have to. Everywhere. For workers and for our communities there is no more [...]

Occupy Wall Street Trained A Generation In Class War

By Arun Gupta, In These Times. -

When Occupy Wall Street was evicted from its home base in Zuccotti Park on November 15, 2011, by the NYPD in a paramilitary-style operation under cover of the night with a press blackout, the [...]

The Limits Of ‘Lived Experience’

By Erica Caines, Black Agenda Report. -

Online, the “left” continues to find itself in a never ending series of bad faith arguments around self-determination. Many terms/frameworks that may have had a subversive character within their [...]

Think Outside The Protest Box

By Rivera Sun, LA Progressive. -

Protest. Petition. Call your senators. Nothing changes, right? No matter how large our demonstrations get, no matter how many millions of people write and petition politicians, no matter how many [...]

WGAE Tensions Reflect An Age-Old Clash Of Labor Visions

By Ari Paul, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting. -

The Writers Guild of America East has successfully organized digital journalism workers at numerous well-known outlets in the last several years, winning contract protections on things like [...]

The Race Class Narrative Can Win

By Anika Fassia And Tinselyn Simms, Dissent Magazine. -

We’re glad to be at a point in American political discourse where the question being posed is how to talk about race and class, rather than whether to do so. For too long, many on the left, [...]

Black Community And Climate Justice

By Janvieve Williams Comrie, Afro Resistance. -

There is an easy correlation between the frequency and magnitude of climate-related disasters and the negative impact that has on human beings, especially on Black and Indigenous communities, who [...]

Millions Of Workers Want A Union

By Eric Dirnbach, EWOC. -

We know the U.S. labor movement is too small. Our current union density, or membership rate, is very low, about 11% of the workforce, with only around 6% in the private sector, and it’s been [...]

A Meeting With Historical Combatants

By Yorlis Luna Delgado, Tortilla con Sal. -

A few days ago I had the honor of participating in a meeting of historical combatants of the Southern Front, in a community in the department of Rivas. There is so much to tell that the words [...]