Climate Change In The American Empire

By Simon Turner, Audacity Magazine. -

Here’s to 2022. A new year to displace one of the twenty previous warmest years globally since records began: the last twenty apart from 1998 with its strong El Niño. The summer of 2021 saw [...]

Movements And Leaders Have Seasons

By Carlos Saavedra , Waging Nonviolence. -

Over the last two years, social movements, organizations and leaders around the world have been thrust into a period of tumult, transition and uncertainty. These moments of crisis in our personal [...]

Striking Massachusetts Nurses Outwait Corporate Giant Tenet

By Sarah Hughes, Labor Notes. -

Last year’s longest-running strike came to an end in early January when nurses at St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts, overwhelmingly voted to ratify their new contract and return to [...]

What Students Walking Out Over Covid Can Learn From Student Movements

By Rose Lemlich, Left Voice. -

Fed up with mandatory in-person school attendance policies that fail to keep them safe, students are marching out of classrooms and into the streets. Last week, hundreds of students from over [...]

An Interview with Kamau Franklin Of Community Movement Builders

By Roberto Sirvent, Black Agenda Report. -

Well simply put I think his policies, as predicted by any serious left analysis, have continued the terrible predicament of Black life in america. Biden by his own admission was a moderate and [...]

How Palestinian Hunger Striker Abu Hawash Forced Israeli Concession

By Ramzy Baroud, Orinoco Tribune. -

As soon as media reports emerged regarding a deal between Palestinian prisoner, Hisham Abu Hawash and the Israeli prison authorities, Israeli extremists, led by Knesset member Itamar Ben-Gvir, [...]

Should We Disrupt The Democratic Party Or Try To Take It Over?

By Mark Engler And Paul Engler, Waging Nonviolence. -

When trying to figure out how they should interact with political parties, social movements face a common challenge: Should they push from without or seek to operate from within? Should they act [...]

Martin Luther King, Jr., Internationalist

By Khury Petersen-smith, Other Words. -

We celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day not only to commemorate King’s historic role in overcoming racism and other injustice, but because his work and vision remain relevant. Today’s [...]

Suicide, Indian Farmers, Indigenous North Americans . . .

By Bruce E. Levine, Counterpunch. -

By explaining to mental health professionals and the general public that the root cause of suicide among their people is a sociopolitical one and not a brain disease, Roland Chrisjohn and [...]

The Indigenous Grandmothers Who Stopped A Pipeline

By Lindsay Jones, Maclean's. -

Cheryl Maloney’s eyes glossed over with tears as she stood near the bank of the Stewiacke River in the middle of Nova Scotia. The news was finally sinking in. Behind her, about 100 people filled [...]

When Revolutionary Moments Arise Again — What Will We Do?

By Anton Woronczuk, Truthout. -

The world is in a prolonged period of global unrest. Since the financial crisis of 2008, every region of the planet has experienced levels of mass protest unprecedented in recent history, from [...]

Building Communities For A Fascist-Free Future

By Shane Burley, ROAR Magazine. -

On August 17, 2019, a coalition of antifascist and progressive groups in Portland, Oregon organized a rally to protest a Proud Boy event planned in the city. The rally had a carnivalesque [...]

What Are The Lessons From The Trump-Backed Insurrection Of January 6?

By Monica Cruz, People's Dispatch. -

A year ago today, a fascist mob took over the US Capitol building in Washington, D.C., stunning the country and the entire world. Called to action by Donald Trump and instigated by his false [...]

Using Pressure To Settle Grievances

By Union Steward's Complete Guide, Labor Notes. -

What ultimately settles grievances? More often than not, it hinges on the union’s ability to pressure management to settle. When managers look at the steward and the grievant across the table at [...]

How The World Went From Post-Politics To Hyper-Politics

By Anton Jäger, Tribune Magazine. -

Ten years and a decade of populist turmoil later, Ernaux’s testimony reads both familiar and unfamiliar. The rapid individualisation and decline of collective institutions she diagnosed has not [...]