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Chelsea Manning On Her New Memoir

Above Photo: American whistleblower, transparency activist, politician, and former US Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning speaks about her new memoir README.txt at Red Emma’s cooperative bookstore and café on Oct. 21, 2022, in Baltimore, Maryland. Screenshot / TRNN.

Whistleblower and former US Army soldier Chelsea Manning looks back on the past 12 years in her new memoir, ‘README.txt.’

Chelsea Manning was imprisoned in 2010 after leaking 750,000 military documents to the website WikiLeaks. Chelsea’s revelations exposed heinous war crimes by the US military. While the perpetrators of the atrocities she exposed have never faced justice, Chelsea herself spent seven years behind bars, including several months in solitary confinement before her trial. README.txt is Chelsea’s first full-length memoir detailing what led her to speak out, and her experiences in prison. In an event organized by Baltimore worker cooperative bookstore Red Emma’s, Chelsea Manning joins Baltimore-based activist and independent journalist Ryan Harvey for a special discussion on her memoir.

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