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Chicago Becomes Largest City In US To Demand A Ceasefire In Gaza

Above photo: Chicagoans gather inside City Hall to await the vote on the ceasefire resolution.

Local city governments are joining the movement to ramp up pressure against Biden.

Who continues to support Israeli genocide.

On January 31, Chicago became the largest city to formally call for a ceasefire in Israel’s war on Gaza. Riding on a wave of massive grassroots support from unions and students, the city of Chicago voted in favor of a resolution calling for an unconditional ceasefire. With a tie in City Council (23 for and 23 against), Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson cast the tie-breaking vote and the resolution passed, to the cheers of constituents gathered in City Hall.

For days, hundreds of students have been occupying the City Hall of Chicago, demanding that the council pass the resolution. Ahead of the vote, the Chicago mayor ordered the police to clear out the public from the city council chambers. As the crowd was escorted out, they chanted “ceasefire now!” and “long live Palestine!”

The massive city hall occupations are a testament to the self-organization of students, who have been staging walkouts in support of the resolution. Chicago High School student MJ, a senior at Whitney Young high school, said that she walked about because “there are much more important things in the world to be concerned about than being a little bit late for class, especially with what’s happening in Palestine right now, the crimes that the Israeli government is committing against Palestinians, the occupation, the fact that our money is going to the bombs that are dropping on people.”

“So what if I get a detention?” she added.

Major labor unions have also backed the resolution, including the Chicago Teachers Union and the United Electrical Workers.

Chicago follows other major cities across the US who have also passed ceasefire resolutions, including San Francisco, Oakland, Minneapolis, Detroit, Atlanta, Seattle, Albany, Bridgeport, Akron, Cambridge, Somerville, and Providence.

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