Chicago Protest: No To The Continuation Of The Theft Of Palestinian Land

Above photo: Palestinian rights protest, Chicago, IL, July 2020. From the US Palestinian Community Network.

Over 300 cars and 700 Palestinians, Arabs, and supporters gathered today in the heart of our community in the southwest suburbs of Chicago to say #NoToAnnexation, no to colonization, no to the occupation, and no to the continuation of the theft of Palestinian land at the hands of Israel. Organized by Coalition for Justice in Palestine – CJP

We gathered for a quick rally in which we heard from community members and organizations, as well as friends and allies of USPCN from the Black liberation, immigrant rights, and peace and justice movements.

This powerful show of solidarity was followed by a car caravan through our community neighborhoods. After about an hour of the two-mile-long caravan, USPCN members, SJP Chicago students, and other Arab youth shut down the busy intersection of 87th Street and Harlem Avenue in the middle of rush hour and managed to occupy it for almost ten minutes – sending a clear message that we will not sit silently and watch our land get stolen or our people displaced, terrorized, and murdered by the Israeli occupation forces.

This is a historic day for the southwest suburban Arab community, which has never before seen an action like this in its neighborhood. It is also a testament to the strong relationship between USPCN, the students of SJP-Chicago, and the broader Arab community.

We will continue to demand justice for Palestine and will continue to hit the streets until Palestine is free – from the river to the sea!

Action video, the intersection direct action starts at minute 27.