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Chile’s Piñera And His Repressive Laws Versus The Subversion Of A People

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The months of rebellion that the people of Chile are experiencing have caused them to ask themselves questions, which require quick answers because if they are not answered as soon as possible they open up the possibility of a scenario that the ruling class in power does not like and will make every effort to undermine.

The thoughts, purposes, beliefs and reflections left to us last October 18 show us how the subversion of one of the most suffering peoples of Latin America, the furthest to the south in the world, known in verse as Santiago de Nueva Extremadura (Chile), has invigorated the maxim, which seems to sustain the desire to achieve the people’s legitimate right to liberation. They are subverting public order, subverting a system, a model, and a corrupt and oppressive State.

This village of the subversives, where the people who have been ruined by centuries of exploitation and forced labor, now cohabitate together as a result of a social construction they have committed themselves to, is today the object of persecution and farces because they have said enough to the abuses of the elite in power.

The ruling class and its capitalist, monopolistic-financial, patriarchal and extractivist economic model is in a phase that seeks to strengthen and recreate its methods and forms of profit with the sole objective of preserving its privileges in Chile and opposing to what Chileans call “the awakening of a people” . This is something today that we can perfectly describe as “the subversion of the abused.”

However, the days have passed and Chilean society has been stalled by the ability of the political class, which represents the Chilean oligarchy and plutocracy, greedy for power and privileges, to carry out a constitutional process full of subterfuge, dissimulation and trickery, with the sole purpose of mitigating the subversion of the people, the only obvious path that will allow them to achieve concrete solutions to social demands.

Faced with such a scenario and lacking an authentic response from those who could organize the spontaneous subversion, the Chilean people, it seems, will once again be deceived, just as was done in the  1988 plebiscite, with the joy that is already coming and that never really came.

This is a historic moment, whether you subvert the entire order or the model consolidates, complete with a welfare state and a business state, which could leave behind the subsidiary State but which will maintain a market society. Many of the so-called opposition parties have bet on this way to overcome the crisis that the country is experiencing, disoriented and falsifying the facts, arguing that this is the only way to save the situation without bloodshed but which in the end will maintain in essence the capitalist, patriarchal and extractivist economic model.

We are close to that crossroad; is Chile fighting for a new free, fair and supportive society or for small reforms that with a new or old constitution maintain the current repressive model?

Without fear of asking the following question: Is a revolution possible in Chile or is it just a concept used for the pseudo-revolutionary cartel? Undertaking real changes demand more than just good intentions. Because the months go by and the government’s repression consolidates the model of private profit that will keep things as we know them.

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