Cindy Sheehan Is On A Hunger Strike In Solidarity With The People Of Yemen

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Cindy Sheehan wrote on her Facebook page on November 3: “I am announcing my hunger strike in solidarity with the horrible humanitarian crisis in Yemen and to expose the US empire’s role in it. I am accepting the baton from @pamelabennett who has been on hunger strike for 26 days for the same thing. #YemenRising

“Sheehan wrote on November 5: 13,000,000 Million Yemeni are ON THE BRINK OF STARVATION. With the help of the US government in the Saudi genocide of the people of Yemen.

“We CANNOT sit by and allow this to happen.

“WMOP will be calling on solidarity hunger strikes over the #noTHANKSgiving weekend, or just on Thanksgiving.

“If your family needs to be educated, EDUCATE THEM! You think it’s hard to talk to your relatives? How are would it be to watch your children starve?

“Also, we have raised over $1500 for Yemen Aid—let’s keep it up!”

Des Iskra explains on Cindy’s Facebook page: “Cindy Sheehan is joining a Hunger Strike in solidarity with millions of families and individuals in Yemen dying of starvation, preventable, and treatable illnesses, and daily bombing attacks from Saudi Arabia with US weapons and support. Please read, view, and show solidarity however you can.”

Amy Gunthorpe writes on Cindy’s Facebook page: “Please watch and share Pamela Bennett‘s passionate plea to end the #YemenGenocide. She ended a 26 day hunger strike to raise money for Yemen relief. Fellow activist, Cindy Sheehan, has taken over the reins in the hunger strike. I am filled with gratitude for these two brave women. My family plans to donate in lieu of Christmas gifts. Here is the link for donations.

Sheehan wrote on November 7: “Day 4 of my 26 day (I hope) hunger strike. Pamela Bennett set the 26 day benchmark with her commitment to the starving people of Yemen and I am going to try to match hers!

“I am already looking forward to breaking my fast on December 1—and someone taking the relay baton from me, hopefully.

“I think it’s hard to be on a hunger strike in the land o’plenty. Even food I avoid like the plague (pizza, doughnuts, fast food) look like viable options. However, the people of Yemen aren’t fasting for their health, they are being killed by global imperialism, led by US imperialism.

“A few years back I had that woman who played Elaine on Taxi on the Soapbox once (Marilu Henner) she is super into nutrition and she says that the average USAian diet is loaded with calories and devoid of nutrition.

“I am a little fuzzy-headed and hope that part of hunger striking clears up. #YemenRising”

You can see updates of her hunger strike on Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox.