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Clashes in Egypt as Country Moves to Mass Protest

June 25, 2013: Egypt prepares for after Morsi

In Egypt, yesterday and today, still clashes between anti-and pro-Morsi Morsi in Fayoum, Mahalla, Kafr el Sheikh, Luxor, Alexandria, Fouah, Cairo …

Note: Article below was translated by computer.

At Luxor Governor Jamaa Al-Islamiya has resigned under pressure from demonstrators who blocked the headquarters of the governorate. The protesters decided to continue their blockade, because in fact, as stated by the spokesman of Luxor Bazaar is much more than they want.

At Fouah the Muslim Brotherhood complained that several shops belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood have been looted or burned by supporters of Al-Tayar Al-Sh’aby coalition of socialist movements and have besieged and blocked several of their members inside a mosque. The Muslim Brotherhood denounced the violations of privacy by the socialists they call thieves and thugs property.

Cairo occupations places before the ministries of culture and defense continue. It would appear from the press that mothers of young killed by police danced on the roof of the car Morsi chanting “Get out Morsi.” On street corners, street vendors, in addition to traditional flags, now selling postcards with writing on it “Get out Morsi.”

In Alexandria anti-Morsi demonstration was attacked revolver.

The press is full of views “what to do after Morsi”?

The NGO IDC has published a new statistics on events: a year in 9247 an increase of 700% over the last year to Mubarak but also an increase of 100% over the last six months of power Morsi over the previous six months. 67% had socio-economic causes.

Miles of tail motorists today we see in front of gas stations because of rationing and shortages. A truck carrying gas cylinders was attacked in the Sinai. Banks ask people not to withdraw their money and say they remain open on June 30. Practical advice is given in the press against a rise in crime after June 30, where to park the car, is it really necessary to remove the tank, etc.. ?

After the strongman Al Sissi army has announced that the army may well intervene in the coming days , the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafis, liberals and Democrats have pledged their support. The majority of the press wrote that the army told through the intervention of Sissi she let go of the Muslim Brotherhood and could very well take its own power. Hence some see a conjunction of events in this sense is that the judges decided yesterday to hold a sit-in at the Judges Club until June 30, the Presidential Elections Committee has just declared that he would complaint as candidate for president of the army A. Shafik, judging the success of the Muslim Brotherhood fraudulent and delegitimize dissent a little Morsi, as police fired yesterday Zagaziq of the Muslim Brotherhood for the first time since the fall of Mubarak, accusing them of themselves shot an officer higher, there is a separation of the non-Islamist Muslim Brotherhood towards the latter looks like a stampede, Al Nour Salafist largest party first, A. Fotouh leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and second yesterday Al Azhar sheikhs whose denouncing the massacre of Shiites two days ago and giving the government, just called to June 30 as A. Fotouh.

Anyway many foresee an alliance of the army, the police and the judiciary to take power, backed by Islamist non Muslim Brotherhood Alumni Mubarak also called June 30, and the opposition of the NSF.

Morsi should make a speech tomorrow Wednesday on TV where some think he will propose a referendum: “Should I go or I stay?”

Jacques Chastaing

PS : It’s on Al Jazeera, the messages relayed by the Egyptians on Twitter that I learned that there had been four days ago a big demonstration of tens of thousands of employees in Italy in Rome against austerity .

Ditto for the tenth day of protest in Sofia in Bulgaria that I found following the discussions of the Egyptians on Twitter (ditto Indonesia following price increases of gasoline or Istanbul that night). Attempt as comprehensive explanation of the occupations of squares and streets in the Egyptian twitter world, so in a few words, but not without foundation: it is because they were given the right to vote to people with no other rights a true democracy.

As far as I can judge from Twitter or in the press and a few conversations, even if the whole world holds its breath in anticipation of the June 30, there is a strong interest in Egypt for the current uprisings in the world.

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