Climate Activists Are Building Power, Declare We Have An Emergency

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Wildfires are raging around the world, creating a negative feedback loop for the climate by releasing greenhouse gases and destroying the forests’ capacity to sequester carbon. The United States is on track to be the biggest producer of oil and gas in the 2020’s. According to Global Witness, seven of the top ten producers of new fossil fuels are states in the US, with Texas producing nearly four times more than Canada and almost ten times more than Russia. Democratic Party leadership is preventing a presidential debate on climate and is suppressing efforts to develop a Green New Deal. Scientists say that we don’t have any time left to take action on the climate. We should have made changes decades ago. In response, climate activism is escalating. We speak with Greg Schwedock of the Extinction Rebellion in New York City about actions being planned this fall and the current political environment.

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Gregory Schwedock is a climate activist and local organizer with the Extinction Rebellion in New York City. He worked for the Climate Mobilization and founded

  • Hilda J Richey

    Transcript for deaf and hard of hearing?

  • kevinzeese

    We’d love it. Do you have an affordable, reliable way to.make transcripts?


  • ThisOldMan

    Wildfires are raging around the world, creating a negative feedback loop for the climate …

    Technically, that’s called a positive feedback loop; it’s only negative in the sense that it’s bad – and that means very bad!

  • Greg came to NJ to participate in the VMAS protest in solidarity with the Newark Water Coalition, XR NJ, the Green Party of NJ, the New Afrikan Black Panther Party and Wind of the Spirit. We see the connections in NJ and work together.