Climate Justice Advocates Celebrate Important Victories But Big Oil And Gas Aren’t Giving In

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Climate justice advocates are justifiably celebrating recent victories such as stopping three major pipelines, a new court decision regarding the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and national discussion of the Green New Deal, but does this mean we are winning? We speak with Steve Horn, a climate reporter and investigative journalist, about the future of the Atlantic Coast, Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines, what it means that oil companies are going bankrupt and a proposal to create a North American version of OPEC. Steve describes how fossil fuel companies are working to preserve their future and what we must do to save ours.

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Our guest:

Steve Horn is a former Research Fellow and writer for DeSmog Blog and a freelance investigative journalist based in San Diego, CA. He currently works as a climate reporter and producer for The Real News Network.

  • watch Planet of the Humans documentary to gain a more well-rounded perspective on ‘green energy’ potential

  • mwildfire

    That movie may be worth watching, but “well rounded” it’s not.

  • mwildfire

    At the end Horn talks about the new approach of slapping green paint on dirty energy with phrases like “carbon capture and sequestration” and “net zero”. We can’t get away from burning fossil fuels by burning bullshit. Actually a lot of false solutions are being pushed–an effort is underway to update a ten-year-old pamphlet on this. It’s important to keep people informed about this, so that the impetus to do something about climate change doesn’t get diverted into various fraudulent schemes to keep the profits flowing.
    CCS causes a coal plant–and presumably gas plants as well–to lose efficiency so that 30% more coal must be burned for the same amount of energy. And it’s quite expensive–at the plant, never mind the enormous infrastructure of pipelines that would be needed to run the captured CO2 to the reservoirs that they hope will permanently sequester it. Obviously it isn’t viable–it’s a fantasy, a concept in use to justify continued extraction and burning of fossil fuels.
    As for “net zero” what that means is that the polluting power plants keep right on polluting their neighborhoods and the planet, but pay for someone somewhere else–usually in the Global South–to supposedly do something that sequesters carbon. Or, they continue to emit, but it’s supposedly balanced by some kind of geoengineering scheme to either reflect solar energy back into space, or sequester carbon dioxide. The trouble is, all the schemes have huge downsides and huge unknowns–it amounts to reckless experimentation, by those who hope to 1–find a new profit source in patents on these techniques and 2–wring the last drops fossil fuels out of the ground, promising to deal with the consequences later. In other words, “net zero” is a dodge, a dishonesty. There is no time left for this bullshit! We need to have serious, drastic action NOW to avert the worst consequences!

  • Nylene13

    Where is an article about the Democrats voting with the Republicans to stop a 10 percent cut to the Pentagon???????
    Is ANYONE seriously going to vote Democrat Party after THIS?

  • on it’s own, I would agree with you; put together with the mishmash of other climate, pollution, astronomical, etc. information, it does help, in my opinion, round out one’s perspective on the topic.

  • NoNameSoSueMe

    You’d think not, but some people never learn…