Close The Workhouse Campaign To Stop The War Against Black People

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The Close the Workhouse campaign aims to attack mass incarceration, without legitimizing or justifying the continued caging of people as punishment. We call for the closure of the Medium Security Institute, better known in St. Louis as the Workhouse, an end to wealth based pretrial detention, and the reinvestment of the money used to cage poor people and Black people into rebuilding the most impacted neighborhoods in this region.

The Workhouse is part and parcel of a racist and predatory system of mass incarceration that grew directly out of slavery and Jim Crow and works to perpetuate this shameful legacy in America. The story of the Workhouse illustrates this oppressive history.

The campaign is a collaboration of the individuals subjected to incarceration at the Workhouse and lawyers and activists engaged on the issue. The campaign’s three primary organizational partners work in collaboration everyday in St. Louis to get people free: Action St. Louis, ArchCity Defenders, and Bail Project St. Louis.

The Campaign emerges directly from the outcry that was the Ferguson Uprising. It is grounded in a commitment to end an ongoing war against Black people that has been waged against generations of families in St. Louis. Our aim is not to reform but rather dismantle a racist system that has destroyed lives and to abolish the practice of criminalizing the poor. We not only seek to close the workhouse but also to use the money currently spent to cage Black people to rebuild the most impacted communities. We embrace this task in order to vindicate the victims of the Workhouse and to secure future generations’ ability to thrive.

Please join us in this fight to permanently limit the City of St. Louis’s ability to cage poor people and Black people in this region. Help us share the report and plan throughout impacted communities in St. Louis. With your support, “this is a fight we can win, it is a fight we have to win”.


Why the Workhouse Must Be Closed

The Workhouse must be closed, and no new jail should be put in its place.

The City of St. Louis daily condemns hundreds of presumptively innocent people to suffer in unspeakably hellish and inhumane conditions at the Workhouse. St. Louis City’s Medium Security Institution (MSI) infamously inherited the name “the Workhouse” as detainees in earlier versions of the jail were sentenced to forced labor when they could not afford to pay their fines. Today, people routinely remain incarcerated due to their inability to afford unconstitutionally high cash bails. The vast majority of people held at the Workhouse are awaiting trial and remain caged and criminalized due to their poverty. They face horrific conditions in the jail, including extreme heat and cold, abysmal medical care, rats and cockroach infestations, and mold.

  • jwreitter

    Mass incarceration is the result of the racist drug war waged over the last fifty years against poor blacks in the cities who sold drugs to white suburbanites because it was the only way to make a living. $Millions flowed into the impoverished cites this way. For many neighborhoods this was, and still is, the only way to survive when there are no decent jobs available.

  • Infarction

    The preposterous “war on drugs” that President Richard Nixon created in 1971 was a tool to jail his hated and feared “hippy” war protesters. Then came Ronald Reagan’s racist privatized prison programs that was massively expanded by President Bill Clinton and his sleazoid mouthpiece Hillary Clinton.

    When Reagan arrived at the Oval Office in 1980 the US prison population stood at 400,000. Clinton’s vile and cynical “tough on crime” agenda resulted in the largest increase in the US prison system of any administration in the nation’s history. By 2008 when Barack Obama was [s]elected president, the US prison population topped 2.3 million. This figure has remained fairly stable for the past 11 years.

    Corporations benefit wildly because of a loophole placed in the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution. This trap that the nation’s aristocracy placed as a fundamental law allows slavery to be imposed on those convicted of a crime. (It’s a very short amendment, look up the precise wording.)

    Right-wing politicians like Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris tout this gravy train for their corporate benefactors as a boon to increase profits. This absurd provision in the nation’s constitution promotes a pernicious agenda that attacks the poor and people of color.

    Mass incarceration is just one more system to keep the table tilted in favor of the donor class and their lickspittles in the illegitimate US government.