Video: CNBC Reporter Apologizes for Suggesting Greenwald Should be Arrested

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An Apology from Andrew Ross Sorkin, but what does he really think?

CNBC host and financial reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin has come out and apologized for saying he would “almost arrest Glenn Greenwald” for being a journalist. Let’s take a look at what he said, shall we?

  • CKron

    Here are tapes of what CNBC’s Sorkin said: his original remarks and his aired apology. Together, his statements raise the divisive (pro- or no-fascism) question, “If Glenn Greenwald (or any of us) does hope that Snowden gets to asylum in Ecuador, is the “crime” of having and expressing that hope “unamerican” enough to justify ARREST?” Be careful, Journalists! You may think you know the answer, but the jury’s still out on the larger question, “Whose country is this, anyway?”

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