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Come to Ferguson, MO – October 10-13

A call has been issued by Hands Up United, Organization for Black Struggle, and a coalition of local and national organizations demanding justice for Mike Brown, an end to police violence, racial profiling and police militarization.

People across the country are being urged to travel to Ferguson on October 10 through October 13 to participate in a series of events with the main march is scheduled for Saturday October 11 in downtown St. Louis.

Please answer this call from the people of Ferguson and the surrounding region. Solidarity with the people of Ferguson will strengthen the people on the front lines in Ferguson. Come with others in your community, send a delegation from your campus or church or neighborhood. Organize ride shares and a car caravan. Jump on a bus or train! 

This call for people from around the country to come to Ferguson October 10-13 comes at a crucial juncture in this battle as the grand jury has been meeting to determine whether the police officer who shot Michael Brown will be indicted. The grand jury’s life has been extended until January because they hope the crowds protesting will be exhausted. We need to use this as an opportunity to build the movement for justice. Everyone who wants to see an end to the police murder and brutality that Mike Brown’s murder has brought to light should participate in this event.

You can sign up here to let organizers know you are coming. You can also get information about how to get to Ferguson and where to go when you arrive. 

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