Congress Call In Day: Stop NAFTA 2 And Create Trade For People And Planet!

Above Photo: Edward Gew/Flickr

Join us on January 8th, 2019 to flood Congress’ phone lines with the message to stop NAFTA 2 and create trade for people and planet!

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The new Congress, elected in the 2018 midterm elections, has its first meeting on January 3 and will be getting into full swing by January 8. Let’s send them a warm welcome with our demands for trade justice at the beginning of the term. We need them to, not only stop the corporate giveaways of NAFTA 2, but also to create a new model of trade that protects people, the environment and democracy. A new North American Agreement must:

  • Include strong and enforceable labor and environmental standards.
  • Raise wages in all three countries, support unions, repeal right to work laws, and end the outsourcing of jobs and pollution.
  • Address climate change head on and defend the most vulnerable communities from environmental disasters.
  • Protect wildlife, clean air and water, and the health of our communities.
  • Protect small farmers, sustainable food systems and consumers by strengthening food labeling and inspections of imported foods.
  • Make medicine and health care more accessible and affordable by ending patent protections for big pharma.
  • Eliminate ISDS and regulatory harmonization that creates a regulatory race to the bottom.
  • Eliminate trade rules that waive important Buy American and Buy Local policies.
  • Curtail the power of multinational monopolies  with serious antitrust enforcement.
  • Include a democratic and transparent negotiation process that includes broad swaths of society, not just corporations.

The USMCA falls far short of meeting these basic criteria and others outlined by over 1000 groups. It maintains the same failed model as NAFTA and the TPP that favors big corporations at the expense of working people and the environment.

Call your representative here!

Join us on January 8th, to tell the new Congress to stop NAFTA 2 and create trade for people and planet!