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Counter-Coup Unarmed Community Organizing Resource List

An organizer and analyst we deeply respect, “Training for Change” co-founder George Lakey, recently suggested Voices help maintain a list of organizations in the U.S. which are helping people prepare for the possibility of a stolen election, a rigged election, or an outright coup following November 3rd voting in the U.S.. In a nation with rapidly dwindling concern for democracy, the principle of nonviolent community organizing for democracy has seldom seemed so urgent.

We’re impressed by the quality of outreach and organizing which has already developed in cities and states across the U.S. This is a mere sampling of what we’ve learned so far. We’ll strive to keep a version of the following list up to date below, in no particular order but tending to keep upcoming event and training dates at the top of the list.

Training for Change

DC Peace Team  510-717-8867
4405 29th St, Mt Rainier, MD  20712
Trains and deploys unarmed civilian protection and accompaniment units to hostile conflict zones, as well as offers training in nonviolent communication, bystander intervention, restorative circles

Oct 4 1pm-3pm EDT
Online training: Active Bystander Intervention in Mental Health situations – register at
Oct 7, 14, 21, and 28 7pm-8:30pm EDT
Online Restorative Community Circle: Living the New Norm – register at
Oct 17 10am-3pm EDT (with 12n-1pm break)
Online training: Active Bystander Intervention – register at

Addie Wyatt Center
Oct 8 6pm-7pm CST
Community of Practice Zoom call – Share your social justice projects, ask questions and deepen your knowledge of Kingian Nonviolence. You might also find ways to collaborate! Each call will begin with a featured community project. To discuss presenting yours, please email us at

Count On US
Oct 5 8pm EDT joint mass call – signup at
The Sunrise Movement, March For Lives, Dream Defenders and United We Stand are coming together to deal the systemic problems of our generation. Count On Us” comes as a response to growing concerns about the president’s potential reelection and any unlawful attempt to hold onto power. “We have reached our most defining moment in electoral politics where our collective ability to push forward the flagship agendas of our generation will be determined not just by how we vote going into November, but how we mobilize the morning after Election Day,” said Sunrise deputy creative director Zina Precht-Rodriguez.

Western New York Peace Center WNYPC    716-332-3904
1272 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY  14209
Online nonviolence training at

Nonviolent Peaceforce
2610 University Ave W, Ste 550, St. Paul, MN  55114
Nonviolent Peaceforce is the largest Unarmed Civilian Protection (UCP) organization. UCP practices include accompaniment, patrolling, proactive presence, interpositioning, rumor control, and Early Warning/Early Response. All can only be undertaken after engagement with affected communities, incident mapping and communication with as many of the stakeholders as possible.

Chicago Nonviolent Peaceforce,
“Chicago Peace Team to physically protect Chicagoans from violence as the election nears. All ages and abilities are welcome.

Black OUT Collective
“The BlackOUT Collective’s mission is to train 10,000 black people in the next 4 years to be direct action practitioners and strategist through campaign, abolitionist and rapid response frameworks. BlackOUT Collective is a radical full service direct action organization. We build organizations’ capacity to execute creative and effective direct actions in service of their organizing and advocacy work. We do this through providing personalized direct action trainings and on the ground action support. We see ourselves as a “Liberation Lab”- a container for experimentation, deep space visioning and learning.”

Meta Peace Teams (MPT)
201 W. Miller Rd., Lansing, MI  48911
In addition to fielding hundreds of domestic peace teams across the nation at a variety of events, has deployed international teams to countries including Bosnia, Chiapas (Mexico), Haiti, Iraq, Egypt, and El Salvador, as well as with the sovereign nations of Indigenous Peoples in the U.S., Canada, and Panama. MPT also offers bystander intervention, direct action, and sanctuary training as well as presentations on issues around nonviolence/justice/social change.

Cure Violence Global   312-756-8632
227 West Monroe St Ste 1025, Chicago, IL  60606
Hires violence interrupters who are credible messengers in the community; uses a public health approach to stop the spread of violence in communities by detecting and interrupting conflicts, identifying and treating the highest risk individuals, and changing social norms — resulting in reductions in violence of up to 70 percent.

Christian Peacemaker Teams  773-376-0550
PO Box 6508, Chicago, IL  60680
CPT is providing trainings as requested, usually for congregations. They tailor the training for each group, depending on the request. CANADA OFFICE: 103 Bellevue Ave • Toronto, ON M5T 2N8 • +1-647-339-0991

Shanti Sena Network
The Shanti Sena Network (SSN) comprises members from peace teams from around the US and Canada, and is open to members worldwide. Passionate about building a new paradigm of security, members of SSN want to use nonviolent ways of resolving conflicts without the potentially violent intervention from “law enforcement” or the military. The Shanti Sena Network is grounded in the Gandhian principles of “unity in diversity” and holding a high image of human potential. Shanti Sena means “peace team” in Sanskrit (see the formal definition in our glossary). A Shanti Sena is the nonviolent alternative to a violent “peacekeeping” system. More than just maintaining peace, a Shanti Sena aims to transform how we think about peace, envisioning a paradigm shift in the way we perceive human security. SSN reinforces a high image of the human being and holds space for parties in conflict to move into closer understanding and relationship of each other. A Shanti Sena is revolutionary because it refuses to maintain its legitimacy through violence, instead seeking ways of embodying a deep commitment to the practice of nonviolence.


Nonviolence International    202-244-0951
4000 Albemarle St NW Ste 401, Washington, DC  20016

Nonviolent Liberation Strategy:
Outlining a “comprehensive strategy” for resisting a political/military coup with, as an example, a list of strategic aims here:

Protect the Results Coalition
Protect the Results, a joint project of Indivisible and Stand Up America, is building a coalition to mobilize if Donald Trump refuses to accept the results of the 2020 election. At the website above they invite people to sign a “pledge to take action if Trump refuses to accept the results” also allowing people to opt-in for alerts and updates.

Pace e Bene
See website for upcoming nonviolence trainings

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