Court Upholds Poll Tax For Convicted Felons In Florida To Vote

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TALLAHASSEE, FL — The Florida Supreme Court’s advisory opinion does not — indeed, cannot — alter what the U.S. Constitution requires. A federal court has already held that the state cannot deny people the right to vote because of their inability to pay financial obligations. The U.S. Constitution also prohibits making voting rights contingent on the payment of taxes, and it requires Florida to provide due process to citizens before taking their voting rights away. Senate Bill 7066 violates these prohibitions, and nothing about the Florida Supreme Court’s opinion changes that.

This advisory opinion does not impact our ongoing federal litigation to secure the voting rights of hundreds of thousands of returning citizens. The state court was not asked to, and did not, determine when all terms of sentence are “complete.” The Florida Legislature cannot ignore U.S. constitutional protections when interpreting when a sentence is completed for the purpose of restoring voting rights. If it does, we are confident the federal courts will correct it. The court’s ruling also continues to leave plenty of room for the Florida Legislature to correct SB7066 and allow people who are unable to pay their obligations to vote.

We should all be concerned by Governor Ron DeSantis’ efforts to manipulate and engineer a result that attempts to eliminate the voting rights of hundreds of thousands of Floridians. This deliberately constrained court proceeding — created by the Governor — prevented the state court from hearing from the very people impacted by SB7066.

Floridians voted to end lifetime voter disenfranchisement and to automatically restore voting rights to returning citizens in the state. They sought to end existing remnants of Florida’s disgraceful Jim Crow era, but the Governor’s actions effectively uphold them.

Florida cannot violate the U.S. Constitution’s protections. The right to vote cannot be contingent on the ability to pay. We will continue fighting in federal court for our clients and the hundreds of thousands of Floridians’ voting rights that SB7066 seeks to unconstitutionally and permanently eliminate.

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    When will Debbie Wasserman Schultz be prosecuted for the Israeli/Pakistani Spy ring her IT guy ran in Congress for 14 years? She has been allowed to steal elections blatantly.

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    Do a little research on dirty politics in FL. Her IT specialist was named Imran Awan. He and his team had access to all communications of 44 members of Congress, over 14 years, including classified information. Justice dept is currently prosecuting him for financial fraud, and not addressing the spy ring. Go Democrats. When Canova beat DWS in election 2016, he challenged her win, was in court when all paper ballots were illegally destroyed. The next election was impossibly jiggered, and the fraud not prosecuted or addressed. At least one federal investigator washed up on Broward county beach with a bullet hole in the head.

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    keep mainlining the kool aid….LMAO

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