COVID-19 Crisis Failure, People Must Save Themselves And The Economy

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Above photo: Positive COVID-19 Test. Shutterstock.

The US is at a moment of truth. This week, Congress has to face up to a pandemic that is out of control and an economy that is collapsing. The Republican’s and Democrat’s proposals show they will fail this test. The people will need to protect themselves and lead from below.

The pandemic is worsening with more than 60,000 new cases and approximately 1,000 new deaths daily. Deaths, now over 158,000, are spiking across the sunbelt and increasing across the Midwest. By Election Day, the US could have 250,000 deaths making COVID-19 the third largest killer after cancer and heart disease.

The economy shrank at a record 32.9% annual pace in the second quarter, the largest since records were first kept in 1947. Jobless claims increased for the second week in a row with 1.4 million new people seeking unemployment benefits and continuing claims have risen to 17.06 million. More than 35 million people have lost their jobs since March.

In the face of these depression-era numbers, neither the Democrats nor Republicans are planning enough spending to rebuild the economy. President Trump, who has botched the response to the pandemic, is unable to lead but seems willing to sign anything that passes Congress.

Boxes of food are distributed by the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, at a drive thru distribution in downtown Pittsburgh, 10 April, 2020. AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar.

Republican HEALS Act Will Spread the Virus, Deepen Economic Collapse

The Republican Health, Economic Assistance, Liability Protection, and Schools (HEALS) Act seeks to push people back to work and reopen schools even if it is not safe to do so. Their proposals to cut unemployment benefits are designed to make workers desperate so they will work in conditions that put their health at risk. A large portion of school funding is restricted to schools that physically reopen forcing unsafe schools. Here are some of the details of the bill:

Health care: The inadequacy of for-profit healthcare has been magnified by the pandemic. The loss of jobs resulted in millions of people losing their health insurance on top of almost 30 million people who were already uninsured. Republicans do not include a funding increase for Medicaid, which 70 million people rely on. The National Governor’s Association reports states are experiencing budget shortfalls ranging between 5 and 20 percent. The Republicans do not providing any funding to state and local governments to make up for this loss of income. Without new funding, states will have to cut Medicaid eligibility, reduce benefits, or reduce payments to providers at a time when the economy and virus mean more people need it.

Food: The Census reports 26 million people do not have adequate food. Food banks are reporting shortages and 14 million children are going hungry but the Republicans did not extend funding for food assistance programs. The Republicans did not extend either the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), known as food stamps, or the Pandemic EBT program, a benefit for households with children who have temporarily lost access to free or reduced-price school meals, which ended in June. In contrast, they did propose a 100 percent deduction on business meals through the end of 2020.

Housing: The eviction moratorium expired last week. It protected an estimated 12 million renters in federally-backed properties. The HEALS Act does nothing to prevent evictions from restarting. There are 110 million Americans who live in rental households. Twenty percent of them, 23 million people, are at risk of eviction by September 30 according to the COVID-19 Eviction Defense Project. With the cut in unemployment benefits, the Census Bureau estimates 24 million people will be unable to pay next month’s rent, including 45 percent of Black and Latinx households.

Worker safety: As workers are being forced back to work, the HEALS Act cuts their ability to sue at a time when worker-safety is at its greatest risk in a century.  Senator McConnell calls this a “red line” that must be in the final bill. His proposal would preempt the few state workplace safety laws that exist and supersede such federal worker safeguards as the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, among others. The Republican proposal would erect almost insurmountable obstacles to lawsuits by workers who become infected at their workplaces and limit damages. To be immune, employers would merely have to show they were  “exploring options” to comply with federal law, or they found the risk of harm to health could not be “reduced or eliminated by reasonably modifying policies, practices, or procedures.” A worker whose lawyer issues a demand letter and settlement offer would find themselves potentially facing litigation by the employer against them. If employers sue workers, there is no limit to punitive damages. These provisions would be retroactive to Dec. 1, 2019, and remain in effect at least until Oct. 1, 2024.

Student debt: The HEALS Act doesn’t extend the interest-free payment pause on federal student loans or halt debt collection on government-held student debt, two forms of relief in the original CARES ACT. Without extending the relief Congress first granted to student loan borrowers through the CARES Act, 40 million people are likely to have to resume payments on September 30, 2020 at a time when there are Depression-like levels of unemployment.

Business support: The Act provides $100 billion more for the problematic Paycheck Protection Program, which has been rife with corruption as members of Congress and the administration as well as their friends, families, and donors got payouts. Big businesses got loans even though the program was intended for small businesses, making small business owners furious. Black and minority businesses were denied loans. Money is needed for main street businesses but PPP needs major changes rather than just pouring more money into the failed program.

The bill also includes $1.75 billion for the FBI building. This was added at the insistence of the Trump administration because the president’s hotel is across the street from the FBI. Without funding to refurbish the building, the FBI could move to Virginia or Maryland, leaving the current building to be torn down and likely replaced with a hotel that would compete with Trump’s hotel.

Military spending: Nearly $30 billion in the HEALS Act would be allocated in a brazen giveaway to the military. The bill includes billions for the Pentagon including $686 million for F-35 stealth fighters, $650 million for A-10 ground attack airplane wing replacements, $1.4 billion for four expeditionary medical ships, and $720 million for C-130J transport aircraft, $375 million for armored vehicles, $360 million for missile defense, and $283 million for Apache helicopters. This is reportedly being added to make up for money taken from the Pentagon for the border wall and comes after Congress recently passed a record military spending bill.

Paramedics taking a patient into an emergency room at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn. Andrew Kelly/Reuters.

The Democrats Fail To Use Their Power

The Democrats control the House of Representatives. Nothing can pass the Senate without Democratic Party support. The Senate Republicans are divided and Trump is desperate to sign a bill. Polls show Republicans could lose the Senate so they need to pass a good bill. The political alignment favors the Democratic Party but it still isn’t doing what is needed.

The Democrats passed the HEROES (Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions) Act in May, a $3 trillion proposal compared to the $1 trillion HEALS Act. Two months ago this may have been adequate but now that figure needs to be increased as more jobs have been lost, state and city governments have lost income, and the cost of treating the virus has increased with more cases. 

A “red line” for the Democrats should be funding state and local government with at least $1 trillion to continue basic services. More than 20 million people work for state and local governments such as firefighters, teachers, police, sanitation workers, and transportation workers. The Economic Policy Institute estimates 5.3 million jobs will be lost without state and local funding. President Trump and the Republicans do not want another massive increase in job loss, so the Democrats are in a strong position to make this demand.

The decrease in unemployment benefits should be another unacceptable “red line” as this will further shrink the economy. The Economic Policy Institute finds the loss of the extra $600 of unemployment benefits, which people are currently spending on basic needs, will result in the loss of an additional 3.4 million jobs.

One area where the Democrats can build on some agreement is the $1,200 COVID-19 relief payment to individuals. These payments are too small. A good COVID-19 relief package would increase payments to $2,000 per person monthly for the duration of the pandemic and recession for households earning under $150,000 as suggested by Sen. Bernie Sanders. This would slow the economic collapse and ease suffering.

It is essential to extend the moratorium on evictions not just for federally-subsidized housing, but the federal government should also cover rent and mortgage payments for the duration of the crises. Otherwise, millions of families will lose their homes in an election year, which should be politically unpalatable for both parties.

Health workers give people free Covid-19 tests in Arlington, Virginia, on May 26. Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images.

We Need a Plan

What is missing from both the Republican and Democratic bills is a strategy to control and stop the pandemic. The virus is 7 months old and still spreading rapidly. President Trump has failed to lead so Congress must do so. The bill should include a massive investment in making rapid testing available across the country. Every business and school should have rapid testing capability before they reopen. This should be combined with hiring 500,000 public health tracers so those who have been exposed to COVID-19 can be tracked to prevent further spread of the virus.

Everyone wants to restart the economy but this must be done safely. In addition to testing and tracing, workplaces and schools must be safe. School districts should decide whether to restart or continue web-based learning and should be supported by the federal government whatever they choose. Hundreds of thousands of tutors who can do one-on-one teaching to support web-based learning are needed. With high unemployment, especially among recent graduates and college students, there are people available to take on this task.

Congress should authorize OSHA to rapidly enact stringent standards for workplaces to reopen, along with funding for necessary safeguards. There should be increased funding for OSHA workplace inspections and investigations of inadequate safety. Employers who meet the standards for a safe workplace should have legal protection from frivolous lawsuits but employees should also have the right to sue if workplaces do not meet safety standards. This approach protects both workers and employers and will reduce the spread of the virus.

Neither party handled healthcare well even before the pandemic. COVID-19 has magnified the failure of for-profit healthcare. To stop the spread of the virus, Congress needs to break away from its privatized approach to healthcare. With the widespread job loss, 5.4 million workers lost their health insurance as did millions more family members. This is the largest decline in health insurance coverage in US history. The rapid response to this healthcare crisis should be the expansion of Medicare to everyone in the United States. Ideological opposition to publicly funded healthcare should not block this essential step. The long term failure of our healthcare system and widening health disparities demonstrate why we need a community-controlled, public, universal healthcare system.

Workers strike over safety. Yahoo Finance.

The People Must Rule, and Protect Ourselves

Congress and the President are unlikely to enact the laws needed to confront the pandemic and economic collapse. As a result, both will worsen. We will have to take action to protect ourselves and build popular power to win our demands.

We need to organize mutual aid to people meet people’s basic needs, such as for food and housing. Many cities have vacant buildings owned by the local and federal governments. As homelessness rises, these should be taken over to house people. We discuss the practical steps for taking over homes with Cheri Honkala this week on Clearing The FOG, (available as a podcast on Monday).

We build popular power by taking the streets as people have been doing for over two months now across the country, only buying essentials, refusing to pay rent or debt payments, blocking evictions and by building in our workplaces for a general strike.

Our actions must not be about which presidential candidate from the two parties of the millionaires to elect. Only one serious presidential campaign is right on COVID-19 and the economy, the Green candidates Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker. Our actions need to be about building a people’s movement that grows in power before and after the November elections. No matter who is elected, the people will need to resist, create new systems and rule from below.

  • CorpStateofAmerica

    Green party, needs to do what Bernie Sanders has done, take over the Democratic party. We have a 2 party system, that will not change without the above… period!

  • kevinzeese

    Did Sanders takeover the Democratic Party? I thought he showed you cannot takeover the Democratic Party. One of the biggest corporate Democrats of the last 45 years is their nominee and he is rejected all of the Sanders platform. Sanders showed the Democrats are controlled by their donors, not by their voters.

  • CorpStateofAmerica

    Voters, mostly African American voters, did not vote for Bernie. It’s on them and the media for their socialism propaganda. Guess who will be the first to lose their homes with Covid… African Americans. It’s on them, for not voting. Unless, Kevin, you have information the DNC rigged the election, which, I would not doubt.

  • CorpStateofAmerica

    I will also add, pull your boot straps up and be ready for peaceful protests of 1 million Jan 20th 2021 my brother!

  • Jeb Barrett

    We need to accept the reality that presently we have a battle for the soul of America between two parties, one of which is dividing and starving the nation, and another that seeks to unite and keep the nation alive. There can be no votes for third party candidates, which would only be a waste and betrayal of our pledge of allegiance to our nation and our future.

    The current theofascist cult of tRump has taken over the GOP, creating chaos and crisis to take control of everything for the president who envies and admires democracy’s enemies and dictators.

  • Richard

    Sounds like you are still drinking the kool aid. Trump is no president by any shape, form, or fashion, even an honest person that initially voted for him would admit that by now. Thing is your “precious” biden is just as bad or worse than trump and so are the two parties as well. I remember when there was a difference between D & R, but that was over 5 decades ago and is no longer true, this article & many more are proof of it. Both parties had a hand in the mess we are in today, not just one party & not just one man, anyone would be a fool to believe that.

    Cry me a river over “third party candidates” being un American, what’s un American is the two party system we have now where in every election we are always given only the choice between “the lesser of two evils” or “the next worst president in history.” Really? Cant we do better than that?

    Why continue to support a system like that where you lose no matter which way you go? What the heck do you have to lose that you will not lose anyway the way things are going?

    My vote for third party is my middle finger waving proudly in my governments face & letting them know that I am not playing their games anymore & I am not supporting my own demise from either parties hands.

    The higher the percentage of votes for “third party candidates” the higher the percentage is of Americans who are fed up with the current system and the way this country and it’s people are being run into the ground. Time for an ALL new government, especially incumbents who have been in there since I was a kid 50 years ago and still haven’t done a damn thing but screw things up worse than ever every year. I’ll be damned if I will support D or R.

  • Richard

    From where I am sitting it sure looked like the democratic party used bernie like a condom, not just once, but twice. Will he go back for thirds?

  • pajarito

    Yes, the election season must be a backdrop to a surge of strikes and protests that force local, state and national governments to adopt a working people’s plan to save our health, save the economy and save the planet by implementing a Green New Deal. More people must abandon main stream media and move to the streets and to social media.

  • rgaura

    Counting numbers of cases is meaningless propaganda. The tests have often less than 50% efficacy rates. They do not test for a virus. There are hundreds of corona viruses running through populations which have never been isolated and identified. This corona virus has not been isolated, or proven to be the cause of anything, yet. For a viral epidemic, the number to watch, (which the media will not mention) is the death rate. We are fully on the down swing of the death rates. Hospitals are not swamped. Those cases are mostly asymptomatic, or recovered individuals who have antibodies. Many have been counted multiple times.
    As far as schools, we have lots of data. There has not been one case of a child infecting a teacher or adult. Not one. The schools never closed in Sweden have similar data to the schools closed in other nordic countries. They never should have been closed. Children build herd immunity with this virus.
    The idea that Popular Resistance supports fascist, unscientific tactics and institutions like contact tracing is beyond unfortunate. You are leading a movement into a brick wall. Both parties support the relegation of national sovereignties to a globalist world order. Do not comply when sovereign rights, human rights are at stake.

  • Edward Winslow

    The misrepresentatives in both big-business reactionary political parties are carrying the banner for the plutocracy, paving the way for the acceleration of the looting of what remains of the nation’s treasure. But now they want the working class to give the criminal class a release of liability as well.

    One must wonder why the working class has not put the torch to the Capitol building in Washington DC . There is not even an attempt of the criminals that occupy the levers of power in the US to hide their atrocities.

  • robken

    This newsletter is part or the problem – you have NO real facts and instead spew figures you have been given. All this just adds to the fear factor which you are promoting – Shame on you! No one is dying in our community, the hospitals are empty, and if we had had a barrage of propaganda from MSM and corrupt politicians and celebrities we would notice any difference. This plandemic will go down in history as the biggest hoax perpetrated on the human race. If you want to stay alive go out into the sun, meet friends, exercise, and take off those fear masks. Do not get tested as this is driving up the figures and do not get vaccinated

  • robken

    your health is fine just don’t get tested….. well said…

  • MEL

    Your long paragraph is so full of inaccuracies, that I cannot bother to respond. You are a complete cretin. Good God. We are doomed with people like you out there.

  • MEL

    Well said.

  • subcomandante Felix

    Only in AmeriKKKa is owning an assault weapon a sacred right and wearing a mask in a pandemic an infringement on personal freedom. This is what failed societies in rotting decline and having a nervous breakdown are like. You should wear a mask to try and minimize the stench.

  • tttbnr

    The people must rule and protect themselves from the pandemic and the economic depression is a good prescription. As long as evictions are suspended, tenants should stop paying rent and save for new leases. Rents will fall after the evictions commence and there is no reason to honor leases with pre-pandemic prices especially if the landlords are going to evict masses of tenants. How to protect themselves from infection and continued precarity are much more difficult to outline.

  • Alan MacDonald

    Kevin, while there are many many “Issues” (some, like Covid-45, qua Emperor Trump), very important, but some less so) however, have you noticed that many of the older and important focus on critically big ’causes’ of our problems, issues, troubles, symptoms, et. al. are beginning to be LOST in the fog?

    I just looked at the Real New Network’s video series of “Undoing the New Deal” — which is critical to understand regarding the deceit of the DNC regarding what amounted to a ‘Virtual Coup” to torpedo Henry Wallace, and I also looked back to the Media Freedom Foundation, Project Censored, et. al. — which, along with the aging of Noam Chomsky in his recent appearances on FSTV with Amy on “Democracy Now” is becoming all too representative of dramatically important ‘progressive’ and actually ‘Revolutionary’ insight pointing out our most seminal and cancerous “disease of Republics” (democratic republics, democracy, social democracy, and democratic socialism).

    IMHO, we may well be losing ground in focusing on a coherent and powerful proscription with which to battle this “disease of Republics” — which our founders understood more clearly than ‘we the American people’ seem to be able to understand going forward, and more dangerously ‘Not going forward’.

    EG. the DNC deceit and “Undoing of the New Deal” boarders on lost history in protesting and protecting against that more focused, wealthy, powerful, and propagandist ability for the forces of EMPIRE to overshadow and even totally hide the “disease of Republics” & democracies).

    Unlike the Stones old song, “Time, Time, Time is NOT on our side”.

    The “Undoing of the New Deal”, the torpedoing of Henry Wallace in 1944 — is now almost as old a fact of history as John Lewis’s birth in 1940 — and the killing of Wallace in ’44 was 72 years earlier than the DNC killing of Bernie.


    Are we just standing still, and making no progress with respect to this coming BS in the 11th “least worst voting” cycle of 2020 with the EMPIRE’s installation of someone who is either a proven insane Emperor (are there any other kind?) — or are we only going to have to suffer the installation of a very slightly least worst addled alzheimer’s Non-progressive dolt, as our ‘winner’??


    Let’s, like a good doctor, FOCUS on an accurate diagnosis of the “Big ‘E'”, EMPIRE to save the patient — which is a truly functioning political, economic, social, cultural, and maybe even ‘socialist democracy’!!

  • blessthebeasts

    He seems to enjoy it.

  • RickW

    It is essential to extend the moratorium on evictions not just for federally-subsidized housing, but the federal government should also cover rent and mortgage payments for the duration of the crises. Otherwise, millions of families will lose their homes in an election year, which should be politically unpalatable for both parties.

    Easy solution: the “moratorium” should be extended indefinitely and universally to the extent that no rent will be charged or paid, no mortgages foreclosed on, no interest charged, etc. until the pandemic has been brought under control. It is after all, every citizens patriotic duty in this crisis to do what they can – to do their bit.

  • Richard

    Sorry, but I really don’t like that idea, we have enough division in this country as it is and that is one of our biggest problems here & why we can never get anything accomplished. Sounds like something out of a mad max movie to me. This country needs unity, not more division like in the last 5 decades.

    Also, the idea of “several” new governments in those “new countries” is scary to say the least. We can’t even modestly control the government we have now, several more would be a nightmare waiting to happen and end up with the 1% sooner rather than later “owning & running them” anyway. Greed knows no bounds and 95% of the people seeking political office or in office are infected with it. The less government the better.

    People are going to have to take a little time out of their busy lives & seriously think about what “real freedom” means to them and what they are willing to do & sacrifice to obtain and maintain it, not just for them, but for their kids and their fellow Americans kids to have & enjoy a better life than we had. Make America “Great,” take it back before it’s to damn late. The “me, me, me mentality” in this country has to go before “we” can get anywhere.

  • iowapinko

    IMHO, Ed, It’s not the Capitol BUILDING that has betrayed the people of the nation, it’s our elected “representatives” who have sold us out to the vested interests of capial.

    I think your observation that the crooks in congress (which is about 95% of em, at least) have become very blatant in their corruption is right on. They have COMPLETELY dismissed their duty to represent us in favor of using the office of congressperson as a key to the robber baron lounge.

    We need to clean out the house. And the senate while we’re at it.

  • iowapinko

    The Dem party is corporate-owned. The Sanders movement came stunningly close to coalescing enough political power to make health care a human right in the U$.

    This movement brought the concept of socialism into the national dialogue. It rebuilt and invigorated a multi-generational, muiti-racial working class coalition of activists focused on social justice, environmental and anti-war agenda that is solidly left-wing.

    Thanks to the Sanders movement, the U$ left is immeasurably more powerful than we have been since Joe McCarthy. We are nowhere near where we need to be to operationalise our agenda. But the tentacles of this political movement are atomizing and spreading out into BLM, the Fight for 15 and new labor, and the environmental movement.

    It was NEVER just about Bernie. It was/is about organizing a movement strong enough to make the power-of-the-people a reality.

    We’ve made some progress. We have to keep our eyes on the prize and continue fighting.

  • Nylene13

    The Republicans are our enemies.

    But the Democrats are TRAITORS.

    That is the reality we the people must face.

  • Nylene13

    I do think the U.S. is too big, and that is at least part of the problem.

    We also need a United Nations that is really a UNITED Nations, and not just owned by the Capitalist Industrialist Military System-which is primarily US.

  • Shlomo Orr

    To “rgaura”: If you compare the death rate (as you suggest) with the death rate over the last years (compensating for natural population growth/death rates) you will find (as has been found already) that the death rate due to COVID-19 is higher than reported. So, take it from there. There is a lot of propaganda going around, trying to wrap together “globalism” (with world oligarchy that conspire to get you), extensive surveillance (which is a real problem), and “fake” corona virus, in order for you (and many people like you) to doubt the pandemic, reject it, and go back to work – because this is their real fear – that the slaves will stop working and will revolt. In other words, the very smart propaganda is built on your justifiable fears, but deceive you on the point they care the most. Beware and don’t let them deceive you.

  • Shlomo Orr

    In the fake elections we are in, our votes do not count anyway, so vote as you please…

  • rgaura

    The death count has been augmented by a change in the way the government requires that death certificates be filled out. Since 2003, death certificates have been filled out in a certain way, now, with `covid´ they are substantially changed. A Minnesota State Senator who is also a doctor has called out the change as being deceptive. He is under investigation now. He has been a family doctor for 40 years, and five years ago was voted best in the state. Flu epidemics pass through the population every winter, and take out the aged, weak, and vulnerable; generally those for whom it is time to die, or who would have died within a years time. This epidemic has been very similar. However, contributing factors like influenza have been elevated to `covid death´, even when no test has been done. The test they use is often false anyways, and does not test for the virus. So, we can fuel a hysteria, by calling these fairly natural and normal deaths, a `novel corona virus´. Note that said virus has never been isolated or withstood the `gold standard´ for actually existing.
    Your explanation is long on convoluted conspiracy theory, and short on facts. In Florida, a guy who died in a motorcycle accident was tested at the hospital, and since he carried a bit of RNA, the PCR test had him listed as a covid death. Honestly, these egregious cases are all over the country, and many states have had to decrease their reported numbers, because they were factually wrong, and deceptive.

  • Shlomo Orr

    But your “facts” are just stories (re death in a bike accident) – so some verification would help. Again, the best fact in our hand is comparing death rates since January to death rates a year ago – have you done this? And how about the death of so many health workers, physicians and nurse? Were they all just a year from dying of old age anyway?

  • Nylene13

    Most YOUNG African Americans were for Bernie.

    Of course the DNC rigged the election. Don’t you find it at all interesting that Bernie won here in Nevada-and THEN started losing?

  • Richard

    Even if they did they only give you more crooks to vote for. That’s why I will vote third party and give them my middle finger.

  • Shlomo Orr

    The truth is that we should accept defeat and vote Democrats because the alternative (Republicans) would be literally the end of mankind on earth. This is no longer a choice between two evils.

  • Richard

    The truth is people need to quit drinking the kool aid long enough to finally realize that there is no difference in the two parties and a vote for one is a vote for both as they have the same goals. Greed knows no bounds.

  • Shlomo Orr

    My heart is with you, but my brain is telling me otherwise.

    Still, under the Democrats we may be able to change something, push them to the progressive side (to some extent) and save the courts, while under the Republicans, it will be a free fall into a complete dictatorship and extermination of mankind. What do you prefer?

  • Richard

    The only way I see to change anything in either party is to give 95% of them the boot & replace them with people who can honestly call themselves “Representatives of the people,” and I just don’t see that happening considering the choices they have been giving us for decades. I try to vote for the person instead of the party, but there are just no choices on either side of the “make believe” fence anymore. Never accept defeat, American’s adapt & overcome, trying something new is part of adapting and third party has not had a chance yet to become corrupted like the other two.

    Eventually, I think things will get so bad that American’s will have to pick up arms against government & we are not far from it now. Third party is the only alternative I see right now, especially if more people would consider it and start looking into their candidates. I am sure most people can find one that they can relate to and at least support the majority of their goals, you sure as hell can’t do that with D or R anymore. Best of luck to you & yours no matter what choice you make.

  • Shlomo Orr

    I envy your optimism. Unfortunately, in the current rotten & rigged election system, voting for the Green Party is voting for Trump (they built is so on purpose). When Bernie was still running I tried to persuade his people to move him (and all of us) to a third party (Green or any) because I expected the DNC to rig the primaries (which they did). All I/we can hope for is that the progressives within the Democratic party will threat the establishment to leave and join a third party if the DNC/Biden do not intend to represent 80% of their constituents, particularly (though not only) on Universal (free) healthcare. But first we have to have them in power (as corrupted and rotten as they are). Perhaps right now is the time to threat them. However, they may not care because they may not really wish to be in power during a health crisis and economic meltdown. They may be happy to blame the progressives for their failure.I think that’s the sad reality.

  • Southern

    What is the gold standard for this test? – How do they test for this ”virus” and how is it identified when there is no live sample?

  • Southern

    He didn’t say that however in light of recent revelations it makes perfect sense!

  • robken

    It’s what I was saying to pararito… don’t get tested as it will put you into the system and even a false positive will not stop it. don’ t put your trust into social media as much of that has gone over to the dark side… I have been banned on Facebook a number of times for telling the truth which I told them is verifiable.

  • robken

    My thoughts exactly!

  • robken

    Yes, many other morbidities are being wrongly classified as death caused by C19. From the very beginning C19 has been used to create a pandemic when in fact the virus has benefits as it helps your immune system. Germany is having a rally against this plandemic which Robert Kennedy will be present – the rally is expected to be in the millions. The media, health care industry, government, and the most evil of all Bill Gates have created this fear to compliment Agenda 21 to bring in Mandatory testing and vaccinations. Did you know Bill Gates and C Fauci were room mates in college and got together with Sorus to start the called Moderna. If you think you live in a democracy then you need a lesson in politics. The primary reason for C19 is to bring in a NWO and make us slaves to the system. C19 will go down in history as the biggest and cruelest hoax ever played on the human race. Three don’ts: Don’t get your children or you tested. Don’t get Vaccinated, Ans, don’t wear mask….

  • robken

    Sad – so many are blind and in fear which is exactly what the NWO wants – I just hope the sheeple don’t take us down the path of no return….

  • rgaura

    Yes, and did you know Fauci´s wife is the head of human bioexperimentation at national health services? You can’t make this shit up.

  • robken

    Nepotism on steroids….. and yet the public are aslsep at the wheel, and we all know what happens when you’re asleep at the wheel!

  • robken

    Have you take into account the deaths cause by these draconian laws; lockdowns, masks, etc.etc.. which have nothing to do with th virus. Many patients who need surgery didn’t get the needed medical attention. Ventilator’s were use wrongly killing a number of patients, teenagers and unemployed committing suicide, elderly loneliness, and so on….. Patients without the proper ethical care. This COVID-19 hoax has been the biggest crime against the people and will be answered too!

  • Shlomo Orr

    Yep, all of these should be taken into account, but then still the numbers of deaths were by far larger by the end of July.

    I wish this were a hoax only… .(and so do Donald and friends).
    I can’t blame you for the little trust you have in our government…

  • robken

    Yes, I agree, but Bernie has a terrible record when it comes to war and supporting Israel. He also caved in when he should have stood proud and go to the nation and tell them the truth, either about being threatened, etc., etc. Unfortunately he lost a lot of those on the left who trusted him but alas he became a sheep herder.

  • robken

    We must get away from the idea that globalism is good. If we were all ethical and moral people then yes globalization would be good but we are not. At the moment we need to get back to community living and beak-up America into four countries, perhaps five. Ca, MidWest, North East, South East including FL, and South including TX – Just an idea….. Presently, because there is so much power concentrated on the hill, it has become riddle with corruption and psychopaths’ who also gravitate to centers of power.

  • robken

    The duopoly will be our end, either party will do it!

  • robken

    I’m sorry, but the DEMS are even bigger war hawks than the GOP the dems will take us into WWIII as they support Israel and the Zionists unconditionally. So, it’s middle finger for me too!

  • robken

    Yes, I agree Richard, we must at least get the third party 5% then they get government funding.

  • robken

    Remember, Obama dropped more bombs on nations than Bush did. Giving him the Nobel Prize for peace had to be the joke of the century. Sorry, the joke of the century goes to COVID-19, the biggest hoax ever played on the human race.

  • robken

    Beware of those who share your bed…..

  • robken

    Yes, I lost trust in the government after they killed JFK…

  • Shlomo Orr

    The system is not what you think it is… Therefore, the choices Bernie had were more limited than you think. As always, this is an optimization problem, now on the verge of bloody dictatorship and annihilation of the human race.

  • Shlomo Orr

    But the powers are global, playing chess games, so the number of countries may not make a big difference…

  • Shlomo Orr

    I agree that the differences are not large (they are no t making the decisions anyway), but yet, significant. Between gonorrhea and syphilis (and with no antibiotics) I prefer the former, given the deadly consequences of the latter.

  • Shlomo Orr

    Re COVID, too many people have died, including in my little town and too many health workers all over the globe, to call it a hoax – although it is not as deadly as other pandemics in the past (many infected people recover,, though with worrying lingering effects). Indeed, not only the government of our corporate police state did not (and doesn’t) give a damn for human lives, they rather take advantage of the situation, enriching the corporations (i.e., themselves) big time .The question is not whether this is a hoax or not, but rather, what will happen when the next pandemic arrives a pandemic that is both highly deadly and highly courageous.

  • robken

    I’m sorry Shlomo, I was in health care and managed doctors and facilities and from all my contacts in health care there are with me when I say this is a hoax. If you cant see it then no mount of evidence will prove it otherwise. None of my friends or family or those around me have come down with this so call epidemic – though many have come down in the aftermath of these draconian masks and six feet. The suicide rate amongst young men is horrifying. Old people are dying of loneliness, many are dying from surgeries being canceled. Hospitals are empty and are having a problem surviving. So the list goes on. Please see Agenda 21 and it will give you some idea why this is a hoax – the biggest ever perpetrated on the human race… Now they are getting us ready for the big kill-off…

  • robken

    There’s a big difference between powers being global and power being global. Let’s hope they are not good at chess… and that they haven’t heard of the Nijinsky move…

  • robken

    You have a point!