create-iconAlong with direct action and other forms of resistance, a transformational movement must also have a constructive program that builds new institutions based on the values that the movement aspires to achieve. These may eventually replace the old systems. From small, worker-owned cooperatives to national advocacy groups, hundreds of thousands of people around the country are working to create democratic and sustainable systems that meet the basic needs of all people.

Reimagining Democratic Public Ownership For The Twenty-First Century

By Thomas Hanna and Mathew Lawrence, -

A new transatlantic project will explore how new models of public ownership can shape the emerging commanding heights of the economy. As we enter the second decade of the new century, signs of crisis are all around us. Climate change, rising [...]

Alaska Legislation Would Finally Recognize The Existence Of Tribes

By Joaqlin Estus, -

‘This bill is simply honoring and recognizing our Alaska people that have been here since time immemorial, an ancient people with an ancient past, a proud people’ A bill before the Alaska House Tribal Affairs Committee is simple: "The state [...]

11 States Where You Might Be Voting On Major Marijuana Reforms This November

By Phillip Smith, Independent Media Institute, Drug Reporter -

Last year wasn’t a great one for advancing marijuana legalization at the state level. Despite high hopes for New Jersey and New York, state legislatures in Trenton and Albany couldn’t quite get their acts together, and promising efforts petered [...]

It’s Time To Shorten The American Work Week

By Robert R. Raymond , -

Americans are one of the most overworked populations in the world. With the average worker clocking 47 hours a week, Americans work more hours per year than almost any other industrialized country — 423 more than German workers, 248 more than [...]

Green New Deal Must Offer Farmers A Way To Transition To Regenerative Agriculture

By Mackenzie Feldman and John Ikerd, In These Times. -

Right now, soil health is declining because intensive farming practices, including monocultures, deplete soil organic matter, destroy the biological health of soil, and increase the soil’s vulnerability to erosion. Concurrently, floods disperse [...]

Mexico Is Showing The World How To Defeat Neoliberalism

By Ellen Brown, -

While U.S. advocates and local politicians struggle to get their first public banks chartered, Mexico’s new president has begun construction on 2,700 branches of a government-owned bank to be completed in 2021, when it will be the largest bank [...]

Europe Fails To Keep Up On Solar Power

By Paul Brown, -

Once a world leader in the technology and manufacture of solar panels, Europe now lags far behind China and other Asian countries. It faces shortages of supplies and disruption to them, according to the annual PV status report of the European [...]

Evo Morales Named Candidate For Bolivian Senate

By Staff, -

The former Bolivian leader is running as a candidate, despite the de facto government's attempts to prevent him from registering. The democratically elected President of Bolivia Evo Morales, who is seeking asylum in Argentina after a coup [...]

Citizen Assemblies Are Challenging The Neo Liberal Model In Chile

By Juan Manuel Boccacci, Pagina 12, translation Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau -

If a Chilean was told a year ago that in a few months he would find popular assemblies in his neighborhood to give his opinion and decide on the future of his country, he surely would not have believed it. But it’s happening. October 18, 2019, [...]

The Push To Create Co-ops Is Energizing A New Generation Of Socialists

By Richard D Wolff, -

On the other hand, socialism was the name adopted by Western European — and especially Scandinavian — “welfare-state” governments, which aimed to regulate markets comprised still mostly of private capitalist firms. This led many people to [...]

Bridge To Climate Chaos: Time For A Nationwide Fracking Ban

By Peter Hart, -

WASHINGTON - As the country makes little progress on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, new research calls into question the supposed climate benefits of the switch from coal to fracked gas-fired power generation. That finding comes in [...]

Built In 10 Days, China’s Virus Hospital Takes 1st Patients

By Staff, -

BEIJING (AP) — The first patients arrived Monday at a 1,000-bed hospital built in 10 days as part of China’s sweeping efforts to fight a new virus that is causing global alarm. Huoshenshan Hospital and a second 1,500-bed facility due to open [...]

Finland Is Now Being Run By Five Parties — All Led By Women, All But One Of Them Under 35

By Anne Kauranen, -

HELSINKI— Thirty-four-year-old Social Democrat Sanna Marin took office in Finland on Tuesday as the world’s youngest serving prime minister, heading a coalition with four other parties led by women, all but one of them under 35. Marin won the [...]

Trump’s Plan Legitimizes Apartheid. Our Task Is Equal Rights For All.

By Jeff Halper, -

The Trump “Deal of the Century” is nothing if not predictable. The product of a small group of Orthodox Jewish Americans willingly adopting the long-standing plans of the Israeli right, it merely reaffirms what Israeli policy has in fact done [...]

Atlanta Turns 7-Acre Vacant Lot Into Largest Free Food Forest In The Country

By Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall, The Most Revolutionary Act. -

Instead of developing it into townhouses, the City of Atlanta recently voted to transform a vacant, old, overgrown pecan farm into a food forest. The 7-acre public park will feature fruit-producing trees, shrubs and vines along walking [...]