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Cuba To Receive 8.7 Million Syringes From Its Residents Abroad

Above Photo: The Complex Situation Derived From The COVID-19 Pandemic And The Tightening Of The Financial, Economic And Commercial Blockade Of The United States Against Cuba Has Motivated The Articulation Of Solidarity Organizations And The Mobilization Of Cubans Living Abroad. @EmbacubaCanada/Twitter.

Some 8.7 Million Syringes And Medical And Hospital Supplies Will Soon Reach Cuba Thanks To The Solidarity Of Nationals Abroad And Organizations Supporting The Island.

According to Humberto Pérez, coordinator of the Asociación Martiana de Cubanos Residentes en Panamá, organizer of the shipment, the donation is part of the campaign Rompamos el Bloqueo, in which organizations present in more than 28 Latin American, Caribbean and European countries participate.

In a few days, the first of five containers will arrive from China with the aid collected to support the anti-COVID-19 vaccination, an effort supported by trade union organizations and young graduates of Cuban educational institutions.

From the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) headquarters, Perez highlighted the speed and magnitude of the response obtained since the launching of this campaign last February, which allowed the arrival of eight of these loads to date.

She said that the complex situation derived from the COVID-19 pandemic and the tightening of the financial, economic and commercial blockade of the United States against Cuba motivated the articulation of solidarity organizations and the mobilization of Cubans living abroad.

In this sense, Noemi Rabaza, first vice-president of ICAP, highlighted the synergy achieved in the work of the Latin American and Caribbean Continental Network of Solidarity with Cuba, the Group of Cubans Living in Europe, and the rest of the friendship groups in the world.

During the meeting, ICAP acknowledged the efforts of the Martiana Association of Cubans Residing in Panama in this endeavor which, its coordinator affirmed, will continue with the purpose of breaking the U.S. blockade.

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