Cutting Through Western Imperialist Propaganda About China, Plus A Tribute To Kevin Zeese

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As US empire wanes and China’s economy and global reach grow, the United States has entered a Cold War with China that includes economic warfare, military antagonism, and a misinformation campaign. Western imperialist media promote myths designed to build public opposition to China and support for this US aggression. This leaves even those on the left confused. Rarely do we hear from Chinese people who would provide clarity about their country. To fill that gap, the new Qiao Collective, composed of Chinese analysts and scholars, was created this year. We speak with collective member Elias Tchen. This is the last interview recorded before Kevin’s sudden death on September 6. Ralph Nader joins Margaret in the first half of the show to remember the life and work of Kevin Zeese.

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Ralph Nader is a consumer advocate, lawyer, author and presidential candidate who heads the Center for Responsive Law.

Elias Tchen is an analyst and member of the Qiao Collective based in Washington, DC.

  • cechas vodobenikov

    I ignore anti-intellectual amerikan lawyers…recent studies find 66% of amerikans express racist attitudes about Chinese
    while racist NYT and HRW claim Uighers r interned, UN commission on human rights denies this…HRW/amnesty international reflect anglophone racism/imperialism

  • Alice X

    Oh my, Ralph Nader on Kevin Zeese, who more could herald his voice for the many.

    Thank you so much.

  • It was so good listening to you and Ralph Nader speaking about Kevin’s early years, and how he evolved to develop that higher pursuit of peace and justice campaigning in the United States.

    This is made brilliantly evident in his discussion with Elias Tchen on China. Even for myself as someone who has had to work very hard to formulate and defend a proper historical critique of China in order to unravel the decades of misinformation and propaganda coming from the US in regard to the PRC has been challenging. That you and Kevin should pick this up and continue to promote transnational solidarity by correcting the propaganda held not only by Republicans and Democrats but by progressives as well, speaks to yours and Kevin’s commitment to peace and justice.

    This show really reminds me of what it means to think big, and what it means to clear the fog. thank you.

  • Harriet Heywood

    Such a critical discussion about China and the new cold war. Rest in Power, Kevin. Thanks so much Margaret for sharing these fantastic, informative interviews with Ralph Nader and Elias Tchen. My sister-in-law is from China, and this interview substantiates what she tells me about Xingiang. Her Chinese fellow university classmate who used to live in the US, returned to China last year because he is not happy with US policy. And, of course, since our non-handling of the pandemic, our electoral systems, our militarizing of the SCS, and illegal attacks on international law and leaders like Soleimani, the Chinese people now have greatly altered their perception of the American Exceptionalist government. Thanks for this great information and condolences.

  • Alan MacDonald

    Again, Margaret, my sincere sympathies for Kevin’s passing — after a life of progressive pushing and achieving.

    The 2020 election will turn on the meta-causal cancer of EMPIRE an order of magnitude more than it will view significant but subordinate ‘Issues’ like the GND, BLM, Covid-45 (by Emperor Trump), MCFA, or any of those ‘dividing’ lesser Issues — which is why the winning “Strategic Advantage” [Michael Porter HBS] is focused on Empire.

    As I know from my own “Analogy-Thinking” [George Lakoff UC Berkeley] revising this old saying:

    “Can’t see the Forest for the Trees” translates politically now into
    “Can’t see the EMPIRE for the Issues”

    However, even a significant ‘strategic fulcrum’ will never beat the ‘Woke’ masses simply shouting out:

    “Show me what democracy looks like”
    “This ain’t what democracy looks like”
    “This is what EMPIRE looks like”!