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Dail Lockout: Irish Say “No” To Austerity On September 18

*Popular Resistance Staff note: One hundred years ago, the people of Ireland fought for the right to unionize in what is known as the Dublin Lockout. Once again, they are fighting austerity by pledging to prevent the Irish Parliamentary from returning after summer recess. Follow the organizing at the Rage Against the Regime Facebook page.*

In response to the complete lack of lack of respect for the Irish people, all the broken political promises, and the utter failure to represent the interests of the Irish people, the people have begun to take matters into their own hands to demand members of the Oiréachtas honour the wishes of those who employ them..

1dailHence, there will be a peaceful LOCK OUT on SEPTEMBER 18TH outside DAIL EIREANN (both gates). The goal is to remind all TDs and Senators that they are there to do as WE THE PEOPLE of Ireland demand, and not bow down to vested corporate, banking and European interests.

The LOCK OUT has been proceeded by letters of warning, telling TDs that they are not required to work on that one day, because we the people are aware that they are not working for US. This is an opportunity for TDs and Senators to show who they stand with and on which side of history they wish to fall. Whosoever passes the lines will be noted, but it is hoped that this action will prick a few consciences, and the people will support and help those TDs and Senators who stand with them in the face of a corrupted system.

This is an independent and non-political event, for and by the people of this country,  which it is hoped will be one of a series of events that will continue until those in the Dail remember who they work for. DDI wish to extend their support to this peaceful action and our members will be in attendance. We hope to see as many of Ireland’s Sovereign people there to demand that TD’s and Senators do what they were elected to do and REPRESENT the people instead of VESTED INTERESTS.

The complete lack of accountability of members of the Oiréachtas, and the fact that they have been able to ride roughshod over the people’s interests for so long, is a damning indictment of the need to bring real consequences and accountability into politics. There is a need for the people to be able to remove politicians who lie, misrepresent, and act corruptly or against the interests of this country and it’s people. It has never been more clear that we need to completely reboot this system and put the control back in the hands of the people.

We call on all TDs and Senators to show where their allegiances lie and to abide by the people’s wishes on the 18th, and further to follow that by proving their conviction through their actions in the Dail and Seanad. Right now we are at a moment in history in this country, and by history all will be judged.

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