Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters Occupy Hillary Clinton Campaign HQ

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Above Photo: Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

The campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton in Brooklyn, New York, was taken over Thursday by protesters against the Dakota Access Pipeline being constructed in North Dakota and three other states. They’re demanding the candidate declare where she stands.

Surrounding a drum circle and teepee in the middle of Clinton’s presidential campaign headquarters in Brooklyn was a coalition of Bernie Sanders supporters, environmentalists and members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, all demonstrating against the planned 1,172-mile, $3.78 billion pipeline known as the Dakota Access.

The activists who call themselves “protectors, not protesters” are demanding Clinton openly take a position on the Dakota Access pipeline, or DAPL.

The main protests are ongoing in North Dakota, where police ordered evacuations of activists demonstrating on private land reserved for the crude oil project. Other demonstrations have been held in the other states where the pipeline is scheduled to cross into, South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois.

Other Clinton campaign offices were also targeted in solidarity on Thursday, including the one in Seattle, Washington.

  • mwildfire

    She has now issued a statement. At first i thought it was a useless non-statement but then I realized that if you say “all need to work together on a way forward” and “the rights of the protesters must be respected and the safety and work of the workers must be respected” what she’s saying is that she stands with DAPL. That as long as the protesters stay out of the way and allow the pipeline to be completed, they have the right to uselessly protest. No surprise and if any of these people vote for her they’re naive.

  • Dust of the Earth

    If the entire Standing Rock Sioux Tribe voted for Jill Stein, will the Democrats finally get the message? They can’t keep supporting fossil fuel projects while claiming they support the environment at the same time anymore.

  • Jon

    Not only Standing Rock Sioux tribe, but if the vast majority of non-whites and the conscious whites, then Jill can win. As for the two big parties, as usual it is hate (on one side) vs fear (on the other). People: have the courage to “break on through to the other side!” (Jim Morrison)

  • Dust of the Earth

    Yes, yes, of course. I’m planning on voting for Jill (if that absentee ballot ever arrives!) and I’m white. I was just thinking out loud that the tribe shouldn’t reward Hillary with votes despite her weak claims that they “have a right to protest” as long as the pipeline workers can keep building it.

    They say Jill can’t win, but if we all just voted for her, she would.