DAPL Profiteer TD Bank Shut Down In Boston

Above Photo: From rifuture.org

The FANG Collective targeted a TD Bank branch in downtown Boston early Thursday, shutting down operations there for over two hours. Two activists used bike locks to lock their necks to the door handles at the entrance of the bank, while two other people connected to them with lock boxes. Police, swat teams and fire fighters arrived at the scene and spent hours cutting through the lock-boxes and bicycle locks. All four people were eventually extracted and arrested.

Afterwards a firefighter said to the crowd that he was happy that this protest wasn’t about Trump.

The activists are protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline currently under construction from the Bakken shale fields of North Dakota to Peoria, Illinois. TD Bank is one of the primary lenders for the Dakota Access Pipeline and has faced waves of actions across the country, including a regular protest in Providence.

Organizers contend that construction of the DAPL “would engender a renewed fracking-frenzy in the Bakken shale region, as well as endanger a source of fresh water for the Standing Rock Sioux and 8 million people living downstream. DAPL would also impact many sites that are sacred to the Standing Rock Sioux and other indigenous nations.”

You can call TD Securities and tell them to stop funding DAPL at 212-827-7000.

You can directly support the NoDAPL Solidarity movement here.

The FANG Collective can receive funds to help defray legal costs here.