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Database And How-To On De-privatizing Public Services

Basic services like water, energy, health care and education build the foundation for healthy, just and sustainable communities. All over the world, citizens, public authorities and labour unions have been mobilising to bring these vital services and infrastructures back into public hands after a period of privatisation, where financial profit was put before social need and communities’ wealth. A new generation of public organisations is emerging to provide the basis for livelihoods in sustainable, democratic and affordable ways. This interactive database is a place for collecting and sharing knowledge on alternative public pathways to privatisation. Find out more about the changing trends, practices and dynamics of public ownership and contribute your own knowledge to enrich the global picture on our public futures.

Click here to access the map, database and statistics.

The data on this website is the result of the work of different organisations and people. It is openly accessible, free to use and licensed under Creative Commons

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