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David Gregory vs. Glenn Greenwald. Who is the Journalist?

Yellow journalism, a form of one sided sensationalist propaganda that was popular in the late 19th century and used as a tool to sell the imperial concept of Manifest Destiny is back, and today it is selling something just as insidious; lets call it Manifest Destiny’s Child. Manifest Destiny’s Child is the prevailing, rarely questioned narrative that the American empire can do no wrong, that the terror plots against the country that holds itself up as a beacon of democracy and freedom that spring up like wacky-a-moles are born from anything other than the human instincts that trend towards self defense and/or revenge for the disproportionate rape and plunder of land, resources and human life, committed or supported by the United States- and that anyone who questions the right and might of the American Empire to do whatever it deems necessary to expand its imperial reach will be justifiably crushed.

It is in this context that we should consider the exchange between Glenn Greenwald and David Gregory on Meet The Press yesterday. Of all of the questions David Gregory could have asked Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who broke the story of whistleblower Edward Snowden and the biggest leak in NSA history, that in fact the United States government was collecting phone records on an ongoing, daily basis of millions upon millions (if not all) of its citizens, Gregory choose to ask Greenwald this dozy: “to the extent that you have aided and abetted Snowden, even in his current movement, why should you Mr. Greenwald be charged with a crime?”

The question, Greenwald’s response, and Gregory’s rebuttal, like a boxer stuck in a corner waiting for the bell to end the round and save him, are worth closer examination.

During the entire segment, David Gregory pursued a line of questioning that one might expect of a Department of Justice thug, or a stenographer for the White House, but certainly not of a journalist dealing with a breaking news story that has among it the following urgent questions that should be answered- or at least asked:

1. Does the gathering of phone records, without cause, of US Citizens, violate the 4th amendment against illegal search and seizures?

2. Why has the Obama administration used the espionage act to pursue the criminal conviction of whistleblowers more than two times more often than every other administration before him, combined?

3. Why are there a gaping hole between the transparency candidate Obama promised and the Orwellian nature of the world this conditional scholar now supports?

4. In covering up what the government is doing, how is Obama different than the Straussian, noble liars that preceded him such as -Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, and all of subscribers to the worldview put forth by the project for a new American century who justify the concept of the noble lie, in other words, telling you me and just about everyone we know one thing- a lie- because that lie supports a so called greater truth?

Conceived by the Project for a new American century and born from the ashes of the Twin Towers, Manifest Destiny’s Child has grown up into the most dangerous bully on the world playground. David Gregory and the overwhelming majority people who call themselves journalists working in the mainstream media are enablers of Manifest Destiny’s Child, yellow journalists that deserve ridicule, not an hour with which to shape the narrative for the malleable masses.

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